While advising is required for new students, all students at Piedmont Tech should consult an advisor before they register.

Otherwise, you might register for courses you don’t need, miss one that you need but that is offered only once a year, or have some unexpected consequences that affect financial aid.

An advisor can help you select the courses that are most appropriate for your program of study and help you make realistic decisions about your course load and delivery methods. An advisor is also a helpful resource for career and transfer information.

Registration time provides a good opportunity to meet with an advisor to discuss your progress toward your goals and any questions and issues you may have.

New Students

New students are required to meet with a New Student Advisor to discuss career goals and register for classes. Contact the New Student Advising Center or visit a campus near you. 

Current Students

If you're a current student, you've been assigned to an academic advisor within your major. Don't know who your advisor is?

Look up your advisor here.» 

After you've met with your advisor, you can log into PTC Pathway to select your courses and register for the semester. If you're unsure how to get started with PTC Pathway, your advisor is here to help you navigate the process.

Why should you meet with your advisor?

Students are urged to establish close relationships with their academic advisors, faculty or staff members who are assigned to help students set and reach academic and career goals. Your advisor can

  • Interpret college and career requirements.
  • Provide information about opportunities in your Area of Study, major, and intended career.
  • Acquaint you with campus resources and services.
  • Discuss academic problems or concerns.
  • Help you understand consequences of your academic decisions (Ex. the effect on financial aid of dropping or failing a course)
  • Clarify academic policies and procedures.
  • Monitor your progress toward graduation