Dual Enrollment

If you could earn college credit while you're still in high school, why wouldn't you? That's exactly what Piedmont Technical College's Dual Enrollment program allows students to do.

Unlike other advanced credit programs in which your college credits depend on how well you take a test, Dual Enrollment students can be sure their work will count toward their studies when they're ready to apply to college. Hundreds of high school and home school students all over the region are already taking advantage of the program to jumpstart their college careers.

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Class Formats

Piedmont Technical College offers Dual Enrollment classes in two formats:

Traditional Dual Enrollment Classes

Typical Dual Enrollment courses are taken at your high school with a high school instructor. Students may earn high school Carnegie Units and college credit, too. When students participate in 6 to 12 credit hours per semester, these classes are offered at no additional charge to the student after LTA is applied. For students taking more than 12 credit hours, an overload charge based on the number of additional credit hours will be applied.

OnDECK classes

OnDECK classes are designed for students to earn high school Carnegie Units and college credit at the same time, but are offered on a PTC campus. These classes are available to students in public, private or home school associations. OnDECK classes are offered at a reduced tuition rate to students enrolled in six or more credit hours per semester.  

Early Admission

Early admission is available for students looking to earn credit through PTC, but not through their high school.

Why Dual Enrollment?

Get a head start on college

Whether you're taking classes at your high school or on a Piedmont Technical College campus, you'll get both high school and college credit in PTC's Dual Enrollment classes. You can choose to just take a few courses—or, if you're really motivated, you can complete the full first two years of your bachelor's degree, then transfer into your college of choice at a dramatically reduced cost.

Cost savings

College tuition is getting more and more expensive these days. For the freshman and sophomore years, the costs at some of South Carolina's public colleges and universities can be over $20,000—just for tuition and fees. And that doesn't include room and board, spending money or any of the other costs associated with attending college.

So it's good to know there are options to make it more affordable. 

Build your academic profile

Admissions requirements get more and more competitive every year. Taking college courses while still in high school can show admissions officers how serious you are about your studies. Plus, if you choose to participate in our OnDECK program, you'll get the experience of taking classes on campus in a collegiate environment. So, you'll be more prepared to succeed at the college level when you enroll.