Finance Office

The Finance Office handles the day to day operations of the college relating to budgeting, accounts payable, allocations of funds, and reimbursement requests for all kinds of expenditures. College employees must be familiar with practices and procedures relevant to the handling of operational funds and expenditures.

Our Purpose

The daily transactions in the financial area of the college are handled through the efforts of this office solely. All payments are generated herein and all accounting functions are processed within local, state and federal regulations. All auditing functions are performed within generally accepted accounting procedures as set forth by the SBTCE and State Budget and Control Board of South Carolina.

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Policies and Procedures

Purchase Orders

Procedures for all purchases are found in Procurement Procedure (7-8-1012.1). Purchase orders are processed by the Procurement Officer. Any and all procurement problems will be directed to that officer. All change orders are submitted to the Procurement Officer also. 

Check Requests

Must be prepared for all purchases over $50 but less than $500. Must have order form or receipt attached along with any other necessary documentation. Appropriate approvals must be obtained from Department Heads, Vice Presidents or Budget Managers prior to submitting to the VP of Business and Finance. Checks are routinely written once a week on Wednesday.

Out of State Travel Approvals

Approvals must be obtained from Department Heads, Vice Presidents, Budget Managers and then submitted to the President’s Office for final approval before submitting with any travel documentation. A copy will be forwarded to the Finance Office to keep on file for all reimbursement requests. Reimbursement requests must have a copy attached for documentation.

Travel Reimbursements

Must be completed and approval signatures obtained prior to submitting to the Finance Office. Checks are processed once a week on Wednesday.


Must be submitted to Accounts Payable, along with any necessary documentation, for the processing of a payment. Invoices are paid when all items are received and complete. Partial invoices may be paid only when all items on the invoice are received and approved.

Petty Cash Reimbursements

There are instances where employees are allowed to purchase office supplies and other items that are small in value and receive petty cash for reimbursement. The Business Office is responsible for any petty cash reimbursements. However, all requests for cash are done after the fact and must have an original receipt that has been signed by the appropriate budget officer and must have the index and account number where the item will be charged. Receiver must sign a petty cash slip authorizing that money was received.