Student Success Coaching

Phone: (864) 941-8356
Visit: Greenwood Campus, Room 101-A.

Academic issues can come as a surprise to many students. Often times students have lost their skills, don’t realize it and believe the situation is beyond repair.  Students wonder what to do, where to go and if there is any way to get back on track. There are always choices to consider and ways to help reach goals. Staff from the Office of Student Success and Engagement is available to offer assistance to help you make the best choices for your situation.

Student Success Coaching is focused on helping to facilitate academic achievement. Services offered by Student Success Coaching include but not limited to:

  • Early alert intervention
  • Faculty/staff referral
  • College survival skills
  • How dropping/withdrawing from a class affects you

The Office of Student Success and Engagement (SSE) located on the Greenwood Campus in Room 101A can provide support and resources for you or someone you know deal effectively with the stresses of college life. To schedule an appointment, call 864-941-8356.


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