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PTC IPEDS Graduation Rate: 28%

The Piedmont Technical College graduation rate for first-time freshmen who entered the college in a full-time, degree-seeking status in Fall 2019 and graduated within 150 percent of program time was 28 percent. Graduation data rate by gender and race/ethnicity is provided below:


Male 31%
Female 25%


American Indian or Alaska Native  0.16%;  
Asian  0.16%;  
Black or African American  4.21%;  
Hispanic/Latina  2.81%;  
White  19.97%;  
Two or More Races  0.48%;  
Race/Ethnicity Unknown  0%

Transfer-Out Rate: 15%

Sixteen percent of students who entered PTC in Fall 2019 transferred out to another college within 150 percent of normal time to complete their program of study.

Persistence/Success Rate: 51%

Of the entering cohort of first-time freshmen students in Fall 2019, 28 percent graduated, 15 percent transferred-out to another institution, and 8 percent were continuing their education at PTC when rates were calculated at 150 percent of the time for normal program completion. Therefore, the overall persistence/success rate of the entering 2019 cohort of students who graduated, transferred or continued their enrollment within 150 percent of their program time is 51 percent. Students who stopped their enrollment to obtain employment or who persisted beyond 150 percent of the normal time to complete their degree/diploma/certificate are not included in this 49 percent.

Student Retention Rate: 61%  Full-time Students and 41% Part-time Students

The Piedmont Technical College annual student retention rate is calculated based on the percentage of the first-time freshmen who entered the college in Fall 2020 and were still enrolled in Fall 2021. Data is presented for both full-time and part-time entering cohorts.

Job Placement Rate of Graduates: 94%

The Piedmont Technical College Job Placement Rate is calculated based on 1602 graduates in 2021-22, with 617 reported working on a job in their field and 889 continuing their education. Students who could not be contacted or who were documented as employed outside of their field of study at PTC do not count positively in the Job Placement Rate of Graduates.

Student Graduation and Retention data is taken from college IPEDS data and state reports. Job Placement Data is reported from the college’s Annual Program Evaluation Report of the SC Technical College System.