Student Nurses' Association

Student Nurses' Association

What is the Student Nurses' Association (SNA)?

SNA is a professional organization for nursing students that allows them to get involved professionally in the nursing field. It offers students the opportunity to develop the leadership skills that will help them throughout their career as a nurse. Students will be empowered to address a number of important issues in nursing by participating in a variety of student meetings and events such as community health, breakthrough to nursing and political involvement projects.

There are three levels that students can take part in. There is the local level at the school where school and community events are held; the state level where the SNA State Board meets monthly throughout the year to plan statewide activities, conventions and includes similar leadership positions as those found at the local school level; and the national level where NSNA has the same student-leadership positions offered at the state and school level. However, NSNA has a mid-year and annual convention that involves a House of Delegates and other professional enrichment programs.

The opportunities and benefits of membership in the professional SNA organization is unlimited. Students are encouraged to ask questions, take on leadership roles and allow themselves time to enhance and expand their interests outside of studying.

Why join SNA?

Here are 10 Reasons:

  • As a member, students will learn how to prioritize, which is an essential skill in the nursing profession.
  • SNA students are able to have a voting voice at State and National Conventions.
  • Get valuable experience in project work and team building
  • Be more satisfied with your college experience
  • Feel a sense of connection
  • It is a place to meet with other student nurses, who experience the same things you do, outside of class and clinical to provide support and reassurance that you can be successful in the profession.
  • It gives you a feeling of identification and reinforcement of being part of a professional organization.
  • It gives students a chance to make professional contacts to give them access to new opportunities, friends, employment, and information.
  • SNA organizes fundraisers and is involved in community events.
  • SNA members can list their membership/involvement on a resume.  Employers like employees who can work with others, go beyond basic expectations, and complete projects.

Club Advisor

Jacqueline Stoller
(864) 941-8354


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