Campus Police and Security

Piedmont Tech's Campus Police and Security Department welcomes you to the campus.

Emergency Phone Number:  (864) 941-8000

Anonymous Tip Line:
(864) 941-8745

The Campus Police and Security team works hard to maintain a safe and secure campus for our students, employees and guests. Our office is located in the L Building on the Greenwood Campus.

Emergency Phone Number:  (864) 941-8000

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Emergency Phones

The Greenwood Campus has emergency phones in seven locations:

  • Between the Campus Shop and the E Building
  • Student parking lot #2 near the H Building
  • First floor F Building near 108F
  • Second floor F Building near 201F
  • Second floor H Building Breezeway
  • N building near front door
  • V Building near the door facing National Guard Armory

In case of an emergency, pick up receiver and the phone will dial 8000 (Campus Police and Security) automatically. In case of emergencies away from these phones, dial 8000 from any other phone on campus or 941-8000 from your cell phone.

Safety Escorts

The Piedmont Technical College Campus Police and Security Department will provide safety escorts. There is no need to walk alone and feel unsafe.  A Campus Police and Security escort is available at any time.

Call 941-8000 for safety escorts.

Accident Reports

Accidents requiring medical attention at a medical provider location off the campus of PTC such as a hospital, doctor's office, emergency care center, etc. will require completion of the Student Accident Claim Notification Form in order to process any student insurance claims for such an accident. The Campus Police and Security officer will direct the student to the appropriate office for this procedure and the signing of the claim form.

Campus Watch

Crime prevention is a job not only of law enforcement officers but also of students, faculty and staff.  If you witness any wrongdoing, please notify one of our officer's immediately.

  • Call one of the numbers listed on this page
  • Call the Anonymous Tip Line at 941-8745
  • Visit the Campus Police and Security Office
  • See a uniformed Campus Police and Security Officer

Use our anonymous online tip form.

Public Assembly

Piedmont Technical College has designated locations at each campus for public assembly. Persons who engage in these activities shall not disrupt, obstruct, or in any way interfere with the rights and safety of others or the pursuits of teaching, learning, campus activities or any other essential College process. Participants must complete the Public Assembly Form and submit it to the Campus Police and Security Office, Building L.

Locations for Public Assembly:

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