Dual Enrollment

To enroll in Dual Enrollment courses, you must be a high school junior or senior.

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All students will be subject to the college's rules and regulations. Provisional credit will be granted for work completed satisfactorily. Credit that is applicable toward a degree will be granted after high school graduation.

Enrollment Checklist

1. Apply for Admission to Piedmont Technical College

Obtain the necessary registration forms from your guidance counselor or:

2. Submit a Dual Enrollment Form

Financial Aid: 

Students will receive lottery tuition assistance if they take two (2) classes or six (6) credit hours within the same semester. Bills will be sent out several weeks after classes begin.

3. Complete the Placement Test

If you have already earned appropriate scores on the SAT (510 Verbal and 510 Math) or the ACT (20 English and Reading and 19 Math), then you will not have to take Piedmont Tech's placement test. Otherwise, please select one of the following testing methods:

  • See your counselor to make plans to test at your high school.
  • Contact our Admissions Office at (864) 941-8369 to make plans to take the test at the Greenwood Campus
  • Contact your local campus to take the test.

4. Register for Classes

Register for classes at your high school with your guidance counselor. For summer classes, online courses, or PTC classes, register through Piedmont Tech's Dual Enrollment Office by calling (864) 941-8352.

Not all PTC courses are open to dual enrollment students due to special program requirements.  For example, PTC limited-enrollment health care programs have special entry requirements, including a minimum age limit of 18.

Please note: Because high school calendars may not match the Piedmont Technical College calendar, if you register to take dual enrollment classes taught at a PTC site, you may be required to attend classes at PTC on days that classes are not scheduled to be held at your high school (example: Spring Break).

5. Obtain Your PTC Pathway Account Information

PTC Pathway allows you to go online to access your course schedule, grades, academic records, tuition balance, financial statements, and certain student services. At the time of enrollment, the college will assign you a random PTC ID (P#) that is used to log into your PTC Pathway account. Your date of birth (MMDDYY) will be your temporary password.

6. Purchase Textbooks

If textbooks are necessary, check with your high school guidance counselor for purchase information. Also, check out the online bookstore.