The SC Workforce and Industrial Needs Scholarship (SC WINS) covers any remaining tuition, fees and required course-related expenses left after applying all other scholarships or grants. 


A student must pursue a professional certificate, industry-recognized credential (IRC), diploma or degree from one of the SC Technical College System's 16 colleges. Students can receive the SC WINS for only one certificate, diploma or degree unless the additional certificate, diploma or degree constitutes progress in the same field of student. NOTE: All majors eligible except AA/AS: 24.0101 and 24.0102.


Qualifying students must:

  • Be a South Carolina resident
  • Be enrolled in an eligible program
  • Students must complete the required SC WINS Affidavit form located in Pathway.
  • Meet one of the following criteria:
    • Be employed,
    • Take a financial literacy course offered at the technical college, or
    • Complete 100 hours of voluntary time contributing to a nonprofit or public service organization

GPA/Continued Eligibility

All credit-seeking students must maintain a 2.0 GPA each academic year. Eligibility is for three years (9 terms max) on associate degrees, and two years (6 terms max) on certificates or diplomas.

Changing Majors

Changing majors is allowed within the acceptable disciplines in workforce program areas.

Covered Expenses

Recipients can receive up to $5,000 per academic year after applying all other scholarships or grants. The scholarship may cover the cost of tuition, fees and course-related expenses.

Course-related expenses are defined as required books and the following program supplies:

  • Welding Kits
  • Respiratory Bags
  • Automotive Program Uniforms
  • Horticulture Kits
  • Program Required Polos (EMT, Paramedic, CRJ, HUS, ECD)
  • TI84 Calculators


Contact Financial Aid at or 864-941-8365.

Additionally, SC WINS is available to high school students who are taking classes at Piedmont Tech as part of the college’s Dual Enrollment program and meet one of the above criteria. This scholarship is built into the Dual Enrollment pricing