Transient Students

You are a "transient student" if you are pursuing a degree at another college or university but you choose to take some approved classes at Piedmont Tech. Transient students are not seeking degrees at Piedmont Tech and cannot receive financial aid. 

International Transient Students should click here for more information.

Apply for Admission

For timely processing of your enrollment, you MUST submit an online application and choose the Transient Student application option.

Complete and Submit a Transient Approval Form

Download the Transient Approval form here or submit your home institution's approval form.

You and your advisor must ensure that you have met prerequisites for the Piedmont Tech courses for which you will register. This approval is only valid for one semester and is your assurance that your home institution will accept the Piedmont Tech courses for credit.  Please email the completed form to or fax to (864) 941-8537, Attn: Admissions Office.

Transient International Students pursuing a degree at another college or university but choose to take approved classes at PTC, must complete Step 1, submit the International Transient Coursework Approval Form signed by the Registrar and International Advisor, and provide a copy of your I-20.

Log Into Pathway

PTC Pathway allows you to go online to access your course schedule, grades, academic records, tuition balance, financial statements, and certain student services. At the time of enrollment, the college will assign you a random PTC ID (P#) that is used to log into your PTC Pathway account. The password is the first and second letters of your last name (lower case), a period, and your birthdate formatted as MMDDYY. Example: John Smith was born October 5, 1980. His password is sm.100580.

Register for Classes

Within 24-48 hours (except weekends) of submitting the form, you'll be able to use the information found in your acceptance letter to log into your Pathway account and complete the registration process. For assistance, contact the Admissions Office at (864) 941-8369. Visit the links below for more information:

Pay Tuition

After you register, you can view information regarding your schedule and tuition by accessing your Pathway account.  Visit for details regarding tuition and other potential fees. Note: Transient students are not eligible for financial aid at PTC. You may also be able to use financial aid from your home institution. Please contact your home institution's financial aid office and ask if they participate in consortium agreements.

Online classes require at least one proctored assignment or exam to be completed. Electing to have the exam proctored by an institution other than PTC may result in additional charges with that institution. 

Request Transcripts

All official transcripts must be requested and obtained through the Student Records Office.

Order your transcript today at

Be sure to select the after grades are processed option if ordering before your PTC courses are complete.


Need help?

Stop by any of our seven campus locations, or just give us a call. The main admissions office is located on the Greenwood Campus.

Room 101B, Greenwood CampusPhone: (864) 941-8369

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