Stay Connected

On this page, you'll find links to resources such as PTC Pathway, D2L, the PTC Mobile app and more. These resources will help you stay connected with events and important dates. You'll also learn how to easily connect with faculty and staff. And, you'll learn more about the benefits you can receive when participating in campus events. 

Staying Connected

First, let's look at a few platforms that can help you stay connected with college resources, your courses and important dates. 

PTC Pathway

PTC Pathway is your gateway to online college services and allows you to access important information as well as a number of college services. 

Get Started

Find My PTC ID

You should have received a PTC ID via letter from Admissions and when you met with your New Student Advisor. The letter P followed by eight numerical digits, your PTC ID replaces your social security number for all PTC services. Your PTC ID will also be used in the Campus Shop and Library. Memorize your PTC ID. Don’t forget it; write it down! If you don’t know your PTC ID, you can look it up online:

Brightspace (D2L)

Students use D2L to submit assignments, take quizzes and collaborate with instructors and classmates. Once registered for a course, students will be added to their D2L courses. 

To log in to Brightspace (D2L), navigate to PTC Pathway and click the D2L icon at the top of the page. 

Important Dates and Events

Keeping up with important dates and events at PTC has never been easier. To stay in the know, you can use any of the above resources; Pathway, D2L and the Mobile App. We also have one other way for you to engage with this information. If you use outlook to maintain your personal calendar, you can also add our calendar feed and overlay that information with you main calendar information. 

Follow These Instructions to Add The Calendar Feed

College Directory

The college directory is the best place to start if you would like to contact a faculty or staff member. You can also access contact information for your instructors via Brightspace (D2L). 

Visit the Directory

Piedmont Points

Piedmont PointsStudents can also receive points for attending certain college events. These points can be exchanged for fun gifts. 

How it Works

  1. Attend Student Live-sponsored events and sign in when you arrive. you must scan your ID or enter your P# to receive points. 
  2. Continue attending events throughout the year to rack up points. 
  3. To check your balance, please visit the Student tab on Pathway. 
  4. Email to schedule a time to pick up prizes. 

How to Find

Find a list of eligible events online through Pathway. Points will be displayed beside check-in for events and on event flyers. 

Points expire at the end of each academic year (August) and are only valid if student is currently enrolled. 


Please contact Kendra LaGreca at (864) 941-8698 or email