Become a Tutor

Anyone who wishes to become a tutor will first need to apply online at, and follow up with letter of interest to Tamatha Sells at

Who May Tutor?

Peer tutors should have taken the course and passed with an "A" or "B" grade. In certain circumstances, with the recommendation of the instructor, a peer tutor may be enrolled in the course he/she is tutoring. Proficient knowledge of the subject area is mandatory.

Persons in the community are also welcome to become tutors. Once again, proficient knowledge of the material being tutored is mandatory.


The Rewards of Tutoring

Tutors are paid for their services. Peer tutors find tutoring not only helps other students but it also keeps their own skills sharp. In addition, working as a tutor is a good resume enhancer for area businesses. Of course, the most rewarding aspect of being a tutor is in helping others succeed.


The Purpose of Tutoring

Remember that tutoring is a HELPING HAND to help steer a student through a difficult course. Tutors DO NOT do the work for the student. The goal of tutoring is to guide the student to the point of NOT needing a tutor.