Student Technology

Student Technology

What if I don’t have the internet at home or available to me for my online classes?

Each campus has Wi-Fi in the parking lots. We ask that you remain in your vehicle while utilizing this resource. 

  • Greenwood Campus: Lots 2 and 3 (border North Emerald at K and H buildings) and Lot 7 (between E building and South Emerald)
  • Newberry Campus: Looking at main entrance right side parking lot (side of the parking lot without the PTC sign)
  • Laurens Campus: All parking lots
  • LCAM: Front parking lot
  • Abbeville Campus: All parking lots
  • McCormick Campus: Front parking lot
  • Saluda Campus: All parking lots
  • Edgefield Campus: Front parking lot
What if I don’t have Microsoft Office installed on my personal computer?

All PTC students get a copy of Microsoft Office for free – instructions for how to install are located here:

What if I don’t have a computer at home or available to me for my online classes?

PTC students may request a laptop through the library. Be advised, we have a limited number of laptops available and all requests may not be fulfilled. 

Do Chromebooks, Android Tablets, iPads, Smart Phones or Macs work for my courses at PTC?

We do not recommend any of the devices listed above as they may not be compatible with all the software required for your major. If you are a dual enrollment student, we work to accommodate Chromebooks as they may be provided by many high schools. 

How can I purchase a webcam, laptop, flash drives, or other peripherals? 

The college bookstore has webcams, laptops, and flash drives for purchase.

What software may be required for my online classes?

There are program-specific software applications based on your chosen major. Most if not all classes will require Google Chrome browser with internet access to complete work in D2L. Other applications that may be required: Office 365, Webex, Respondus lockdown browser, Honorlock Chrome Extension, and Adobe Reader. Your instructor can provide this information during class. 

What app can I use to scan paperwork to send to my instructor or upload to D2L?

Simply taking a photo with your smartphone camera will do but if you want to use a specific app, we recommend Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan