Dual Enrollment Student Resources

The tools and resources available here are specifically tailored to support your success as a dual enrollment student at Piedmont Technical College.

Students taking dual enrollment classes at their high school or career center will follow the academic calendar established by their school district.

NOTE: Students taking OnDECK and middle college classes are expected to follow the PTC schedule for spring break. Therefore, if a school district’s spring break dates do not match the PTC spring break dates, the students will be excused from PTC classes during the PTC spring break, and will be expected to attend their PTC classes during their district’s scheduled break.  It is not possible for PTC instructors to work around multiple break schedules and still have the required time to present course material, therefore the PTC schedule is followed.


Success Resources

Did you know that Dual Enrollment students can utilize the same college resources as other PTC students? Click here to find out more.

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Dual Enrollment FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about dual enrollment


Didn’t find what you needed?  Contact the Dual Enrollment Office by calling (864) 941-8315 or email dualenrollment@ptc.edu