Parking Information

Vehicle Registration & Decals

According to South Carolina law, all vehicles operated on a college campus must be registered with the college's public safety office.  This allows us to monitor the parking lots, ensuring your safety by identifying registered vehicles and vehicles that may be operated by perpetrators of illegal activities. You may register your vehicle when getting your student ID at the Library (see campus map). If you intend to park a vehicle on campus, please remember to ask for a free decal.  Please display your decal on the front of your car.

Only vehicles approved under laws of South Carolina will be registered.  You must present a valid S.C. operator's permit, state registration card and proof of liability insurance.  If the state registration is in someone else's name, a written permit from the registered owner is required.  

Visitor Parking

Free visitor parking is located near the clock tower on North Emerald Road.  Visitor parking may not be used by students or college employees.

Student & Employee Parking

Parking lots 4 and 9 (see campus map) are for the exclusive use of faculty, staff and college vehicles.  Students are strictly prohibited from parking in these faculty areas. 

All other undesignated parking lots are for the use of students, faculty, staff and other authorized vehicles.

Extra Parking is available in Parking Lot #15 on the south side of campus at the greenhouse.

Disabled Parking

Handicapped parking is stringently enforced.  Persons parking in these zones should display appropriate placards.

Yellow Zones

Students, faculty and staff are strictly prohibited from parking in yellow zones, including curbs, except in emergency situations.

Temporary Parking Permits

If you cannot register your vehicle at the the appropriate time, you may obtain a temporary parking permit, which will be valid for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days.  All temporary parking permits must be displayed in the lower left windshield.  These permits are available from the Campus Police and Security, Business and Continuing Education Offices.

Parking & Traffic Violations

Traffic violation tickets will be issued for any violation of the traffic laws of South Carolina and violations of Piedmont's traffic regulations. During the first five days of a semester, only warnings will be issued for minor violations.  However, serious violations that present immediate actions will result in a fine and/or towing at the owner's expense. Fines will be assessed in accordance with Piedmont Procedure Number 4-8-1020.1 and will be stringently enforced.

Students who fail to pay traffic citations will not be allowed to register for classes, obtain a transcript of grades or receive a diploma. Parking and traffic citations may be appealed by meeting with the director of Campus Police and Security within five days or by following the procedures set forth in Piedmont Procedure Number 4-8-1020.1.  (Please see the Campus Police and Security Office for details on this directive.)

Vehicle Security

Although we continuously watch for suspicious activities, we can not always be certain such activities will be observed.  Please do not leave valuables in sight.  Piedmont does not guarantee the safety of parked motor vehicles or their contents and is not responsible for the loss or damage to any parked vehicle or its contents.

The Campus Police and Security staff is here for your benefit and safety. We are available to assist you, such as provide escorts to vehicles as manpower permits.