Types of Aid & Scholarships

There are several types of aid available to students at Piedmont Technical College. Typically, students at PTC receive a mix of these types of aid. The mix you'll receive is determined by your financial need and the information you provide when you apply. Explore the information below to learn more.

Federal Aid »

Federal programs available to you include the Pell grant and the Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant. 

State Aid »

The state of South Carolina provides three types of aid to students: Lottery Tuition Assistance, the LIFE Scholarship, and the South Carolina Need-based Grant. »

Loans »

Several types of loans are available to PTC students to help supplement the state of federal aid you receive.

Scholarships »

PTC makes a wide variety of Scholarships available to students. Each has different eligibility requirements, so browse the information on this page to see which is a fit for you.

Federal Work Study Program »

In addition to the types of aid referred to above, we also have a Federal Work Study Program for students.