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Piedmont Technical College Procurement Policy and Procedures: 7-8-1012.1 Procurement

Notice to Vendors: All vendors MUST be registered with the State of South Carolina (Click here for more information).

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Current Solicitations



Notice of Intent to Sole Source:

SS-24012: Rad Source X-Ray Systems

SS-24011: Gaumard Scientific Manikins

SS-24010: Ellucian

SS-24009: Lightcast EIS

SS-24008: Anatomage, Inc./3D Virtual Dissection Table

SS-24007: L3 Harris/Truck Driver Training Simulator

SS-24006: Carolina Training Associates, Inc.

SS-24005: Technical Training Aids





SS-23019: Haas/Phillips UR5e Cobot Robots

SS-23015: Go1 Quadruped A1 Robot


SS-21018: Labor, Delivery, & Newborn Patient Simulators

SS-21016: Patient Training Simulators 

SS-21015: Respiratory Care Equipment

SS-21014: Cath Lab Simulator

SS-21013: Renishaw, Inc., Educational Equator 300 - Special Educational Package

SS-21012: Carolina Training Associates: FESTO Trainer

SS-20002: Siemens PLC Trainer Packages, peripherals, cables, power supplies, & software licenses

SS-20001: Acurite & Newell Digital Readouts & Installation

SS-19009: Clausing Lathes/SHARP Vertical Mill

SS-19008: HAAS Lathe/Mini Mill

SS-19007: ABB Robots/FlexTrainers

SS-19006: MSSC 95-MSB1 Skill Boss Trainers (2)

SS-19005: EM-140 G4FD Engine Performance Trainer

SS-19004: Hamilton - G5 Model Ventilator

SS-19003: HeartWorks/BodyWorks Ultrasound Package

SS-19002: Mitutoyo Metrology Equipment

SS-19001: FESTO Mechanical Training Systems

Solicitation Awards/Intent to Award:

PTC-327 Janitorial Services Intent to Award

PTC-332 Intent to Award

PTC-336 Portable CVT Ultrasound System

PTC-334 Portable CVT Ultrasound System - NO AWARD

PTC-331 Security Services

PTC-333 Intent to Award

PTC-325 Plant Beds_Trees - Gwd

PTC-326 Plant Beds_Trees - County Campuses

PTC-328 Grass Only - Gwd

PTC-329 Grass Only - Nby

PTC-330 Grass Only - Edf

PTC-324 ERC Statement of Award

PTC-323 CVT Ultrasound Statement of Award

PTC-322/ERC - Employee Retention Tax Credit Consulting Services - NO AWARD

PTC-315 SAP Services - MMO Solicitation#: 5400020530

PTC-314 PTC Kitchen/Cafe Equipment

PTC-313 PTC Grounds Maintenance - MMO Solicitation#: 5400020416

PTC-312 Vending/Food Services - MMO Solicitation#: 5400019234

PTC-311 Bookstore Services - MMO Solicitation#: 5400019281

PTC-309 EAP Services - MMO Solicitation#: 5400019132

PTC-310: Gunsmithing Tooling Equipment Tool Kits

PTC-308: Used (2010 or newer) Class 8 Tractor Truck

PTC-307: Used (2010 or newer) Class 8 Tractor Truck - No Award

PTC-306 - ERP Financial Reporting Software

PTC-305 Auditing Services - StateTech Solicitation

PTC-304 Student Transportation Service

PTC-303: Web-based Academic Catalog Management Solution - StateTech Solicitation 

PTC-302 Ultra Sound - StateTech Solicitation

TC-301 Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses - RENEWAL

PTC-300 Tethered DR X-Ray System for Veterinary Technology Program

PTC-299 Market Research and Enrollment Management Services

PTC-298 Re-Bid Used Dump Truck-Cancelled 

PTC-297 Re-Bid Used Tractor Truck (Class 8)

PTC-296 Used Dump Truck - Cancelled

PTC-295 Used Tractor Truck (Class 8) - Cancelled

PTC-294 Tuition PP&CardProcessing

PTC-293 GSM Tool Box Kits

PTC-292 Automated Medication Dispensing System

PTC-290 Adobe Creative Cloud Device Licenses - Renewal

PTC-289 Laser Engraver / Cutter

PTC-288 Spectrum Analyzer

PTC-285 Clausing Lathe 8026J 

PTC-284 Wacom Intuos Pro Tablets

PTC-283 5014-ET Iron Worker

PTC-282 Refuse Collection and Disposal

PTC-280 Elevator Maintenance & Repair