Achieve More in Math

Exciting changes are coming to the Math Department at Piedmont Technical College! We're thrilled to introduce AchieveMore Math - a comprehensive redesign of our math courses tailored to enhance your learning experience.

Achieve More

The AchieveMore Math Initiative

Our project has been meticulously planned to ensure you benefit in these key ways:

Streamlined & Simplified Process: We're streamlining the math sequence, placement, and registration process to make it simpler and more efficient for you.

Expanded Placement Measures: We're using multiple measures for placement to better align courses with your abilities and needs.

Increased Completion Rates: We're enhancing your chance of completing a college-level math course in just 1 year!

Unified Culture: We're fostering a unified culture within the Math Department focused on student success.

Revamped Math Courses

The approach of the math changes is to remove traditional developmental math courses. Instead, we're starting as many students as possible in a curriculum course. If you need more support, you'll enroll in a corequisite course for additional review and support - all without extra semesters, time, or cost. These changes are based on national research and best practices.

Teamwork and Collaboration

All decisions are made with a cross-campus team of stakeholders that meet regularly. Special meetings with technical faculty and faculty from other disciplines ensure all perspectives are considered. We're addressing advising and registration issues with every decision.

Customized Support

We're moving from one-size-fits-all use of MAT 032 to customized support courses for key college math courses. This means more focused and effective help, right when you need it:

  • 1 credit versions of support courses for MAT 122, 155, 170
  • 3 credit versions of support courses for MAT 110, 120
  • MAT 101 (beginning algebra) is available for MAT 110 students who qualify for an extra semester of support

At Piedmont Technical College, we believe in empowering you to Achieve More. Our goal is to enhance your success and efficiency. With AchieveMore Math, we're streamlining your path to completing a college-level math course, possibly within your first year!

We're excited about these changes and we believe you will be too. So get ready to Expect More, Achieve More, and redefine your math journey with us.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to us.