Testing Center

The Testing Center at Piedmont Technical College is responsible for student placement testing. The Center also serves students and faculty by proctoring other types of tests such as make-up testing, testing for Distance Learning students and retests.

Placement Testing 

Piedmont Technical College’s placement test is administered through Desire2Learn (D2L), the College’s learning management system. The test measures skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to help determine which classes will be best for you. There is no time limit set for any of the sections. 

Testing is available 24/7/365 and requires an Internet connection, a webcam, microphone, photo ID, and the use of the Google Chrome web browser. For more information on Hardware/Software requirements, see the Resources section below.  


We're just a phone call or email away. 
Testing Center  
Location: Building (B), Room 148; Greenwood Campus. 
Phone: 864.941.8435 
Hours: By appointment 
Email: graham.b@ptc.edu

Due to COVID-19, the Testing Center is currently closed. We do, however, work with students who are not able to take the test remotely.   

Prepare to Take the Placement Test

The test is designed to help you and the college determine placement into college courses. The test is not timed and should not be stressful.  You should, however, prepare to take the test, and you should take the test(s) seriously.   

The reading portion of the placement test consists of 50 questions that assess vocabulary, reading comprehension, and inferencing skills.

The English placement test consists of 50 questions that are primarily multiple-choice or matching.  The test covers basic grammar, parts of speech, modes of rhetorical writing, and steps in the writing process.

Math: The math test is a 55-question, multiple-choice assessment that covers various levels of math from basic math (such as whole numbers, fractions, percents, decimals) to more complex topics (such as quadratic expressions, equations, functions and graphs).

For information about how to take proctored tests like make-up tests, testing for Online learning students and retests, click here.

Accommodation Requests

If you have a documented disability and wish to request accommodations for testing, please reach out to Counseling and Support Services, prior to testing. 

Contact Information: Brenda Dailey, dailey.b@ptc.edu, 864.941.8378 


Consideration will be given to students in the event they are unable to test remotely. For questions regarding in-person testing, please contact the Testing Center Coordinator, Bonnie Graham, by phone or email at (864) 941-8435 or graham.b@ptc.edu.  


HonorLock Hardware/Software Requirements 
How to Access the Placement Test(s) in D2L 
Admissions Office  (https://www.ptc.edu/admissions)
Academic Advising  (https://www.ptc.edu/academics/advising)
CarePlan Advising (for HealthCare Majors) -- https://www.ptc.edu/college-resources/special-initiatives/care-plan
Office of Dual Enrollment – https://www.ptc.edu/academics/dual-enrollment
Testing Center  -- https://www.ptc.edu/college-resources/academic-resources/testing-center

Learn more about placement testing.

Proctored Testing

For information about how to take proctored tests like make-up tests, testing for Online learning students and retests, click here.

Testing Alternatives for Distance Learning Students

Distance learning students needing test administration services at locations away from PTC's Greenwood campus might want to research this website for alternative testing locations: http://www.ncta-testing.org/cctc or complete a request form below:

» Proctor Form for Non-PTC Campuses

» Approved Proctor List

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