Photocopy & Fax Services

The Information Commons offers visitors a coin-operated photocopier and inexpensive fax services.


A coin-operated photocopier is located on the right when entering the main entrance of the Information Commons. You will be charged 10¢ for each copy; the copier accepts change and $1 bills. The photocopier can make letter-sized copies and double-sided copies. It has a zoom feature and the ability to lighten or darken a copy. Note: Double-sided copies will cost 20¢ per page. Color copies are 50¢ each.

Fax Delivery Service

The Information Commons Fax Number is (864) 941-8558. To send a fax, contact a staff member during regular library hours. The following charges will apply:

    To Domestic Fax Numbers
$1.00 per page

Students who need to send job applications, resumes or other job-related items may use the services of the One Stop Workforce Center in the Administration building where the service is free of charge. College employees may use the fax service free of charge for college-related business only.