Photocopy & Fax Services

The Information Commons offers visitors a coin-operated photocopier and inexpensive fax services.


A coin-operated photocopier is located on the right when entering the main entrance of the Information Commons. You will be charged 10¢ for each copy; the copier accepts change and $1 bills. The photocopier can make letter-sized copies and double-sided copies. It has a zoom feature and the ability to lighten or darken a copy. Note: Double-sided copies will cost 20¢ per page. Color copies are 50¢ each.

Fax Delivery Service

The Information Commons Fax Number is (864) 941-8558. To send a fax, contact a staff member during regular library hours. The following charges will apply:

To Domestic Fax Numbers
$1.00 per page

College employees may use the fax service free of charge for college-related business only.