Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: June 21, 2019

Organization: Sustaining Way

Location: Greenville Area

City: Greenville

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Job Type: Full Time

Wages/Salary: COMPENSATION: Total compensation equals approximately $24,000 annually. Coordinators receive a monthly living stipend that starts at $1,100 a month and is negotiable based on experience and need. Additional stipend amounts are available to cover costs such as healthcare. Coordinators may also receive annual performance increases and bonuses. Coordinators receive an additional bonus upon completion of the program (minimum 2 years). Coordinator will be provided significant Non-monetary compensation, including: • Housing: Private bedroom with shared bathroom and living spaces; • Utilities: While living in Sustaining Way Housing, all utilities will be provided to coordinators, including heating, air, water, gas, and an on-site telephone; • Internet: Internet will be provided at all SW Housing facilities; • Produce: Coordinators may have first access to produce grown in the Annie’s House garden; • Vehicular Access: Coordinators have access to the company car and may use for work related purposes; • Time off: 10 company holidays and 10 paid vacation days annually; and • Personal and Professional Development: trainings, conferences, mentors, etc. Non-monetary compensation is a part of the total compensation provided to Coordinators and may be valued as high as $1,000 a month per coordinator.



·         Degree or equivalent experience in sustainable gardening;

·         Willing to live and work on-site resulting in work and personal time being comingled; willing to work nights/weekends;

·         Good fit for Nicholtown neighborhood (low-income/minority neighborhood);

·         Good organizational and time management skills; proactive and self-motivated;

·         Would benefit from a developmental role; desire and potential to develop into a community leader;

·         Well aligned to Sustaining Way’s Mission and Values;

·         Ability and desire to live and demonstrate how to live a simpler more sustainable life;

·         Physically capable of performing construction and landscaping tasks;

·         Right to work in the U.S.; and

·         No Pets Allowed (Genesis Homes Requirement).

Job Description:

POSITION DESCRIPTION: The Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator works with Sustaining Way staff, our various partners, and the surrounding community to carry out Sustaining Way’s mission of empowering individuals and communities to bring about a sustainable and equitable future. The coordinator serves as the staff expert for sustainable agriculture while having primary responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the garden and landscape, at Annie’s House, our demonstration site. Through this work and our development program, the coordinator develops the skills and confidence necessary to leave the program and go out to serve as a leader within the community.


POSITION DURATION: The position is a paid full-time development position that is based out of our demonstration site, Annie’s House, located in Greenville, SC and spans 2 to 3 years.


·      Responsible for the development, maintenance, and upkeep of the garden and landscape at Annie's House

·      Host on-site tours and educational programming for general public, including open houses and special events; educate visitors and volunteers about sustainable agriculture;

·      Support the Sustainability Coordinator in execution of the Steward Youth education program including all of its on-site and off-site activities;

·      Plan and organize volunteer events and coordinate volunteer activities for Service Days

·      Help develop and facilitate distribution of food grown and raised on site with a goal of developing this as a revenue source for Sustaining Way;

·      Develop personal expertise in sustainability including various sustainable practices (gardening, health/diet, energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc.) in order to serve as a resource for the local community;

·      Establish, develop, and strengthen connections/partnerships with other local non-profits, businesses, schools, faith/interfaith organizations, and other groups to further Sustaining Way’s Mission;

·      Model a simple sustainable lifestyle.

Immersive experience that will result in some nights and weekend work.
Contact Name:
Patricia Carson
Contact Phone Number: 8432769313
Application Process:
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31 Lockwood Ave
Greenville, SC 29607
United States