grace eaves

Abbeville Grad Readies for College with Dual Enrollment

October 27, 2017

Who wakes up one morning and decides they want to be a dentist?

That’s a question Grace Eaves gets asked a lot because that’s her goal. And she knows the dual enrollment classes she took through Piedmont Technical College will help her get there.

The 2017 Abbeville High School graduate enrolled at the University of Alabama this fall. Her goal is to complete her bachelor’s degree in biology before moving on to become a dentist.

“I decided to take dual enrollment because I wanted to get a head start on college credit hours,” Eaves said. “I was also very interested in the higher curriculum options because Abbeville doesn’t offer many AP classes.”

Eaves completed 13 hours while at Abbeville, taking two English and two math classes. She said the classes provided her with unique experiences that will make her transition to a four year university much easier.

“The classes helped me get used to the feel of what a college class feels like in comparison to a high school class,” Eaves said. “The instructor expects you to be more independent and do your work on your own.”

Eaves said her biggest concern once she reached college was that she was going to be on her own with no help from her professors. She found with her dual enrollment instructors that she had nothing to fear.

“The instructors were so willing to help when they could,” she said. “They care about you. They wouldn’t leave you to the wind with no information.”

Eaves said she would encourage anyone interested to try the dual enrollment classes because they are different and will prepare you for college.

“It’s a different learning experience,” she said. “It will help you learn how to be in a classroom environment in a real college setting.”

For more information, contact the Dual Enrollment Office at (864) 941-8352 or go to