Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2014 Fall Semester

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2014 fall semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List includes:

Abbeville - Desarea S. Banks, Mirisha Coleman, Taylor R. Driver, Sonja D. Martin, Jennifer B. Maxwell, Brooke L. Smith, Jerri D. Smith and Thao T. Vu, all of Abbeville; Brandi R. Rudder, Jasmine L. Sanders, Jessica L. Sanders and Brittany L. Unkle, all of Calhoun Falls; Angelica S. Myshkovskiy and Francis H. Pressly, both of Due West; and Riann C. Harrison of Iva.

Anderson County - Brandon F. Smalley of Honea Path.    

Aiken County - Daniel L. Hartley, Brooke O. Sides and Lakin E. Wheat, all of Aiken; Thomas O. Adams of Ridge Spring and George H. Gallop of Wagener.

Dorchester County - Melissa L. Clarke of Ladson.

Edgefield County - Fred A. Hammond of Clarks Hill; Kesha S. Jones and Sandricka S. Rolland, both of Johnston.

Fairfield County - Reed A. Branham, Victoria G. Durham and Joseph D. Goldin, all of Winnsboro.

Fayetteville, N.C., - Kimberly Thomas.

Gowen, Mich., - Cassidy Barber.

Greenville County - James K. White of Simpsonville; and Kevin L. Morrison of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Alice M. Cook and Le-Nai’ L. Rowland, both of Bradley; Zach Akers, Shawn S. Anderson, Matthew A. Brewer, Susan M. Buchanan, Sumpter J. Carter, Phillip C. Caulder, Casilyn B. Chandler, Joseph W. Conte, Brandon M. Cowan, Rossana I. Cubillan, Jordan Culpepper, Sharon L. Davenport, James T. Davis, Christopher Driggers, Kelsey A. Duckett, Carly Flynn, Eric A. Gilchrist, Todd Harmon, Samantha N. Hill, Cory Holland, Martez J. Holmes, Madeline A. Hubbard, Tiara S. Johnson, Andrew K. Kang, Tammy M. Kullnat, Dewayne Lewis, Okiemute T. Lott, Carly A. Lovinggood, Cheryl A. Mackey, Christen A. Messer, Halee N. Moore, Brandon Parks, Amy R. Parsons, Timothy B. Powell, Christopher L. Revels, Moises Saavedra Olguin, Leslie Sargent, Amber M. Self, Miranda J. Shanholtzer, Brandon K. Sinclair, Brett M. Smith, Terry D. Stancil, Cody N. Tiller, Charles B. Todd, Luis A. Torres, Kevin Wang, Magan Williams, Thomas H. Wimmer and Matthew S. Zboran, all of Greenwood; Jason Brown, James E. Coursey, Joshua S. Hodges, Christian R. Loner and Kenneth L. Washington, all of Hodges; Amy M. Brooks, Cory A. Brooks, Tony R. Butler, Summer L. Clark, April M. Crisp, Michelle R. Emery, Bruce E. Fifer, Hannah G. Madden Tucker Threlkeld, Elora N. Turner and Mary A. Williams, all of Ninety Six; and Hannah L. Byerly of Troy.

Laurens County - Larry Alexander, Quinton K. Amick, Derric Gandee Lunsford, Breanna R. Mann, Jason M. Mann, Candi M. Pearson, Robert W. Strawhorn and Vickie N. Underwood, all of Clinton; Jeny A. Abercrombie, Courtney D. Booker, Bruce C. Dean, Corey B. Harkcom and Erica L. Mumford, all of Gray Court; Bryson H. Wilson of Joanna; Meredyth E. Campbell, Albert L. Davenport, Michael H. Elwood, Jessica N. Jenkins, Rochelle Nabors, Nisa Navarro, Jonathan A. Pavlovsky, Ann M. Strickland and Colbi E. Weaghington Watkins, all of Laurens; Amanda Corteville, Savoeun Lunn, Thomas B. Nixon and Daniel A. Shiflet, all of Mountville; Hannah G. Compton and Catherine Magaha, both of Ware Shoals; Dean Daugherty and Courtney L. Quinn, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Breanna E. Price of Gilbert; Zane A. Bedenbaugh of Leesville; David L. Barnes, Lucas R. Mckenzie, Brittanie D. Oxner, Sean S. South and Robert Waits, all of Lexington; and James Enlow of West Columbia.

McCormick County - Joel O. Boley, Darby R. Brown, Jasmine Callaham, Krystal N. Chambers, Brianna Collins, Danny Holmes, Bradley C. Jones, Zariya Lagroon, Kelly Martin, Zachary D. Morgan, Robert O’Briant and Wileisha Stevens, all of McCormick; Lee A. Dammon of Modoc; Mo’Neque Luchey of Mount Carmel; Kaitlyn E. Foster and Malaurie B. Hullings, both of Plum Branch.

New Port Richey, Fla., - Riley R. Peterson.

Newberry County - Justin C. Mccary of Chappells; Jason E. Osborne of Little Mountain; Eduardo Chavez, Shawana N. Gallman, Aja E. Gaulden, Darlene L. Leopard, Megan A. Long, Maximilien Lugh, Marcus Mcmorris, Ashley N. Moran, Jensen S. Moran, Steven S. Moran, Mary Jo M. Rikabi, Adam P. Sherron and Brandon L. Simon, all of Newberry; James L. Aiken and Tyler Ulch, both of Prosperity; Lacey B. Caldwell of Silverstreet; and Amy Andrews of Whitmire.

Oconee County - Joshua L. Hayes of Seneca.

Pickens County - Norville B. Spearman of Clemson.

Richland County - Matthew R. Driggers, Austen M. Fielitz and Allen N. Haynes, all of Columbia.

Saluda County - Katherine L. Dumont and Hannah C. Enlow, both of Batesburg; Heather B. Hydrick of Leesville; Breanna L. Burt of Ridge Spring; Evon R. Brooks, Michael B. Crumpton, Katrina W. Doubrava, Sarah Gunter, Mollie Hallback, Sasha L. Hernandez, Catherine R. Metts, Ashley Owens and Allison E. Robertson, all of Saluda; Seth P. Hartley and Larry D. Lange, both of Ward.

Union County - Samuel E. Fullbright and Devin Knowlton, both of Union.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List includes:

Abbeville County - Amanda D. Ethridge, Allison J. Fields, Tyler E. Mcmurtury, James I. McNatt, Dereeun Robinson, Jessica R. Walker and Lauryn A. Welborn, all of Abbeville; Briannan Brown and John R. Tutt, both of Calhoun Falls; Larry A. Overholt of Due West; Hunter A. Magaha and Elena Melnichenko, both of Honea Path; Kelsey N. New of Lowndesville; and Zackery N. McGee of Ware Shoals.

Augusta, Ga., - Jamie K. Peacher.

Edgefield County - Mary K. McKee of Edgefield; Lashundra S. Key and Morgan D. Spaulding, both of Johnston.

Greenville County - Erin E. Hassiotis of Greer.

Greenwood County - Donna L. Gore and Cynthia D. Tucker, both of Bradley; Linda K. Magaha of Donalds; Megan E. Bowen, Jessica M. Brown, Brandon E. Bundrick, Matthew N. Cawood, Christopher M. Day, Leslie D. Dobbins, Rachel M. Fenner, Kimberly J. Free, Glentavious X. Gaston, Francis P. Gresham, Melody C. Labounty, Richard A. Lentz, William J. Lott, Randy S. Lubich, Tabatha J. Malone, Bryan E. Martin, Ameka K. Mathis, Myrissa B. McLane, David B. Nicholson, Jacob P. Poore, Toni Quarles, Lauren E. Reed, Shannon Revels, Meghan K. Richardson, Kanya D. Smith, Moises A. Solis Mora, Marcus A. Tomas, Jason A. White, Hattie T. Williams and Robert A. Willingham, all of Greenwood; Monica L. Jay of Hodges; Peyton Bryan, Melinda B. Jones and Ben W. Rushton, all of Ninety Six; Aubrey L. Miller of Troy; and Ashlee C. Mccreight of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Michael L. Lee, Jessica R. Nelson and Victoria A. Roberts, all of Clinton; Willie J. Hill and Cameo N. Hollingsworth, both of Cross Hill; Lindsy L. Maness of Gray Court; Jenna S. Adams of Joanna; Emanuel T. Barksdale, Dustin Jackson, Christopher C. Pennington, Emma K. Pennington, Jeffrey A. Shelton and Kristie L. Vaughn, all of Laurens; Alexa R. Melton of Ware Shoals; Shelton H. Quarles and Duane J. Terry, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Georgine C. Gersdorff of Chapin; Katherine L. Berry of Gilbert; Clairessa D. Dinkins and Jacob A. Smith, both of Leesville.

Lincolnton, Ga., - Ariel L. King.

Lithonia, Ga., - Alanna D. Mitchell.

McCormick County - Britteny Britton and De’Marcus Moore, both of Clarks Hill; Grandell M. Adams, Glacia A. Anderson-Gaskin, Willie Brown and Joshua A. Landers, all of McCormick; Donna S. Wall and Margaret A. Wideman, both of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Dalton Chapman, Cannon J. Elliott, Christina Johns and Laken Riddle, all of Little Mountain; Andrew Ahrens, Cody Butler, Joseph D. Haney, Sam Johnson, Leslie Melko, Keishia L. Williams and Sheryl Wilson, all of Newberry; Taiyah Bookman and Rebekah L. Clevenger, both of Prosperity; and Cody E. Jeter of Whitmire.

Richland County - Katina B. Burtner of Blythewood; Thomas J. Sterling of Columbia; and David T. Campbell of Irmo.

Saluda County - Ashley M. Maricle of Leesville; Chelsea B. Berry, Crystal B. Gibson and Kayla L. Stephens, all of Saluda; and Brenton G. Gilliland of Ward.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Michael T. Anderson, Meredith R. Beiler, Ethelene J. Belcher, Bethany K. Bonds, Melissa J. Bowen, Jessica L. Bowie, Valorie Colvert, Tina L. Corcoran, Jordan N. Drafts, Ursula W. Jackson, Jotaun R. Jones, Kenneth J. Kurowski, Christian L. Lawton, Grace R. Nelson, Larissa A. Overholt, Alexander B. Palmer, Augustus M. Smith, Samantha H. Smith, Leigha J. Snipes, Kristi L. Starks, Hannah R. Stevenson, Candace L. Swartzentruber, Dessie C. Tate, James K. Taylor, Cammie L. Vivanco-Hernandez, Stephanie L. Wakefield, Rebecca Weaver, Crystal N. Wilson, Jonathan D. Wilson, Natalie B. Wilson and Patricia A. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Luellen Alewine, Angela M. Fields, James A. Hembree and Lela Johnson, all of Calhoun Falls; Lori W. Holbrooks, Kurstin F. Nabors and Zachary T. Queen, all of Donalds; Amanda G. Beverly and Sara E. Sears, both of Due West; Justin F. Taylor of Hodges; Ami R. Gambrell, Christopher D. Phillips and Haleigh G. Phillips, all of Honea Path; Danny H. Minnich and Gregory B. Sorrow, both of Iva; and Vickie N. Roach of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Jessica L. Stahl of Aiken; Branden C. Fox of Batesburg; and Susan H. Graham of Langley.

Anderson County - Barbara A. Fulmer of Anderson; Trey Moss of Belton; Karminisha L. Clement of Easley; Ciara K. Cooley, Carson T. Foster, Kristina N. Hill and Melissa R. Warner, all of Honea Path; Samantha N. Franklin of Pelzer; Brittany N. Carson of Pendleton; and Justin Q. Whelchel of Starr.

Augusta, Ga., - Calandra L. Harris.

Berkeley County - Sonny L. Brown of Goose Creek; and Stephanie Zinskie of Summerville.

Cherokee County - Amy R. King of Chesnee.

Cincinnati, Ohio - Laura D. Clifford.

Edgefield County - Shannon Agner, Leann Gibson, Micah E. Goforth, Gabriel L. Prescott, Kinsey M. Propst, Kallie L. Reeves and Noland B. Wakefield, all of Edgefield; Barbara A. Fulmer and Jennifer A. Leaptrotte, both of Johnston; Latashi Gilchrist and Nicole C. Jackson, both of Trenton.

Elberton, Ga., - Karen B. Hill.

Fairfield County - Elisabeth Resseguie of Ridgeway.

Greenville County - Marla R. Wise and Chris N. Athanasiou, both of Greenville. 

Greenwood County - Patricia J. Polattie of Bradley; Alexis L. Adams, Cirae D. Adams, Markeyvious E. Adams, John E. Alexander, Nakisha B. Anderson, Alexandria N. Arnold, Madison R. Ball, Richard N. Banks, Michala Barnum, Michael A. Beard, Hannah S. Beardsley, Stefanie Bernabe, Daniel E. Bien, Elizabeth R. Bishop, Taylor N. Botts, Erica J. Bowers, Rachel M. Bowick, Kaitlyn E. Bowie, Kennedy N. Britt, Olivia A. Brooks, Meredith I. Brown, Michael A. Brown, Aylah Burton, Cindy R. Bustamante, Rashadrick J. Carroll, Shantelle T. Carter, Michael C. Clarke, Trevor M. Clary, Kimberly J. Cogdill, Hannah K. Collins, Darcy M. Compton, Sarah K. Cooper, Jordan C. Cornelius, Madeline Coyle, Maritere Cureno, Juan A. De Leon Hernandez, Jimiyah O. Dean, Carley T. Deloach, Clayton N. Dezurik, Sterling F. Dove, John C. Dunlap, John O. Edwards, Roy Galvan, Nicholas L. Gibert, Juanita Gilchrist, Jarron A. Gravley, Derek Hall, Iquashia Hall, Leanna H. Hall, Summer R. Hamlett, Matt Hammond, Anna M. Haupfear, Emily Hawthorne, Adam J. Hicks, Lauren E. Hobbs, Samantha N. Hollingsworth, David M. Humphries, Damon A. Hylton, Kanisha C. Jimerson, Dorreen E. Johnson, Jesse A. Johnson, Liam C. Kelley, Kathryn L. Kemp, Linda D. Lagroon, Amber C. Lee, Courtney A. Lee, Anastasia G. Livaditis, Haley E. Loggins, Linda Lopez, Christopher R. Mancuyas, Melissa D. Marsh, Cicely J. Martin, James G. Matthews, William P. Meredith, Andrew N. Merritt, Willie U. Miles, Autumn G. Montgomery, Michelle F. Moorhead, Brandy M. Morton, Stephanie N. Morton, Anthony J. Moss, James R. Neel, Cindy N. Nelson, Gary T. Norman, Shaquille N. Oliver, Sarah K. O’Quinn, Mari C. Ouzts, Allison H. Patterson, Tamara L. Perdue, Lenteague K. Peterson, Roland G. Peterson, Breunna Y. Phelps, Leah G. Pippin, Maxie C. Powell, Danton Quarles, Michael W. Quarles, Melissa J. Raugh, Sarah E. Reagin, Mckenzie J. Reid, Zoe E. Rhodes, Michael A. Ridge, Sydney A. Roberts, Taylor E. Roberts, Antonio Rodriguez, Payton M. Rogers, Carolyn M. Roundtree, Courtney A. Shearer, Michael C. Shenal, Sue E. Simmons, Kia D. Singletary, Laqwanzaa D. Smith, Timothy D. Smith, Donivan N. Spearman, Walter G. Stevens, Colby W. Stone, Dexter L. Syrkett, Alfreda Thomas, David N. Thompson, Merredith C. Upton, Sara N. Walenceus, Victoria Walker, Amanda N. Wideman, Susan Wienshienk, John M. Williams, Michael F. Willis and Kyla Yates, all of Greenwood; Kristie D. Byrd, Lourdes C. Corona, Rodney D. Free, Debra Judd, William J. Sellew, Anna Marie Tullis and Kimberly D. Wilson, all of Hodges; Jabria L. Brown, Ashlyn D. Calliham, Christian B. Calliham, Cady Collins, Sydnee M. Day, Nicholas A. Foster, Ashlee L. Hart, Anna G. Jenkins, Kurtland A. Keeter, John H. Martin, Adrian L. Mccarty, Karl D. Mingo, Brandi L. Rachels, Lisa E. Roberts and Taylor A. Sweezy, all of Ninety Six; Sarah A. Floyd and Kaci A. Shirley, both of Troy; Bonnie M. Brown, Meaghan S. McCall, Echo Nelson and Ashleigh B. Yearwood, all of Ware Shoals.

Hephzibah, Ga., - Andrew L. Bridges.

Horry County - Donna Eckert of Myrtle Beach.

Kershaw County - Stacey L. Gunter of Lugoff.

Laurens County - Lillie R. Calwise of Chappells; David Allman, Windy K. Asbill, Ashley C. Braman-Mathison, Joyce L. Campbell, Devin J. Francis, Kenneth Francis, Marshall D. Fulmer, Emma L. Graham, Maria E. Lindley, Annie L. McGee, Jason S. Nelson, Patricia H. Patterson, James R. Robinson, Whitney D. Scott, Branderius S. Simpson, Shandrea T. Todd, Matthew W. Ward and Susan Wyatt, all of Clinton; Steven J. Brown, Margaret C. Smith and Gail E. Williams, all of Cross Hill; Ashley Frantz of Fountain Inn; Kristen A. Avery, Deon L. Byrd, Dylan L. Davenport, Lavonna Y. Garrett, Braxton Michels, Bryan E. Patterson, Deborah J. Rankin and Hayley A. Turner, all of Gray Court; Kelly A. Eaton of Kinards; Cynthia D. Anderson, Kason T. Brown, Myriam D. Castaneda and Margie J. Edmonds, all of Joanna; Kevin M. Butler, Allen Clayton, Amber A. Dees, Robert M. Haggard, Heather N. Hellams, Avaious D. James, Jammie P. King, Phillip McClintock, Nicole A. McKinney, Chad A. Phillips, Yoni Reynoso, Crystal D. Shelton, Carly M. Smith, Nicole L. Tavenner, Crystal N. Turner, Genna R. Weathers and Sandra D. Williams, all of Laurens; Destiny P. Davis, Christopher L. Fox and Kathy S. Lowman, all of Mountville; Melrose W. Brownlee, Natachia C. Evans, Taylor Hansen, Regan A. Mountz and Susan M. Tatham, all of Ware Shoals; Sandra L. Farmer, Fay Fletcher, Cory A. Green, Virginia C. Henderson, Paul E. Jordan and Mary E. Lee, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Kelly M. Arrington and Nicole S. Staley, both of Batesburg; Eric R. O’Dell of Cayce; Ezra A. Baghdady, Jenna Barnes, Dana C. Bernecky, Jason R. Elliott, Carol M. Lucas, Allison M. Mckelvey, Samantha Q. Saverance and Thomas C. Zobel, all of Chapin; Daniel Grant and Bailey A. Metz, both of Columbia; Mary T. Mccutchen and Grace A. West, both of Leesville; Mariah E. Gaughan of Lexington; Payton Frazier and Nichole Papinchak, both of West Columbia.

McCormick County - Megan K. Bowie, Brandon L. Bell, Thomas R. Browne, Carolyn K. Dennis, William M. Johnson, Steven M. Parsons, Michael L. Rhinehart, Corey A. Wall and Sheryl S. Walton, all of McCormick; Bonnie Noble of Modoc; Connor B. Hullings and Patricia L. Thew, both of Plum Branch; and Lana M. Warner of Troy.                   

Newberry County - Heather Childress and William T. Dickson, both of Chappells; Marylee R. Brehmer of Kinards; Hannah Brooks of Little Mountain; Leslie L. Andrews, Michelle H. Burns, Megan E. Clark, Cullen A. Cohoon, Bailey L. Doolittle, Kennedy Glasgow, Elizabeth A. Hedgepeth, Cassandra M. Jones, Savon H. Jones, Kely Koon, Taylor R. Livingston, Alejandra Martinez, William D. Morse, Cole P. Nichols, Kimberly L. O’Dell, Summer E. Parkman, Vanesa Ramos, Laytoia C. Salaam-Hill, Ruben Teran, Curtis Trapp, Grant C. Varnadore, Benjamin Werts and Victor E. Wicker, all of Newberry; William Amick, Danielle K. Bannister, Jasmine S. Bates, Verniea A. Robinson and Stephen M. Rumfelt, all of Pomaria; Joanna G. Bedenbaugh, Cody Cotney, Ashlyn Courtney, Casey D. Dawkins, Hunter D. Enlow, Rosette D. Gallman, Tyler D. Grubbs, Robert C. Hamm, David C. Harmon, Jarod Joiner, Robert A. Long, Savannah N. Murdock, Reagan E. Owens, Noah A. Shakkori, Jennifer Shealy, Asa M. Still, Aaron R. Stockman, Ashley Thanabouasy, Meagen Wise and Rheannan M. Wyandt, all of Prosperity; Sydney R. Diener and Kapresha L. Perry-Davis, both of Silverstreet; Jordan Baker, Alex Lominick, Brandon S. Mcdaniel, Blake J. Roche, Ricky E. Silvers and Audrey C. Wicker-McDaniel, all of Whitmire.

Oconee County - Curtis R. Skiles of Seneca.

Richland County - Andrea A. Almond of Blythewood; Debra M. Asbill of Columbia; Byron H. Coffin, Kimberly R. Combs, Glenda Currence and Cara King, all of Irmo; and Patrick D. Brunson of Little Mountain.

Saluda County - Bobby D. Blackmon, Clayton T. Shealy, Debra S. Shealy and William H. Shealy, all of Batesburg; Latonya Samuels and Wanda S. Shull, both of Johnston; William P. Corley of Leesville; Allison J. Price of Ridge Spring; Shelby Berry, Annette P. Corey, Hannah E. Corley, Patricia C. Griffith, Juan C. Hernandez, Janet M. Mack, Christy B. Mize, Rebekah L. Perry, Christy N. Purser-Taylor and Elizabeth G. Robertson, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Catherine Baker of Enoree; Tiffany V. Earle of Moore; and Ashley M. Polson of Woodruff.

Union County - David Jeter of Carlisle; and Marshall Worthy of Whitmire.