Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2014 Summer Term

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2014 summer term have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List includes:

Abbeville - Brennan D. Ferguson and Cassaundra D. Geer, both of Abbeville; and Wesley T. Hayslette of Donalds.

Anderson County - Christopher R. Moss of Belton; and Diandrea L. Johnson of Honea Path.

Augusta, Ga., - Jamie K. Peacher.

Calhoun County - Torrie Arant of Saint Matthews.

Edgefield County - Kesha S. Jones of Johnston.

Greenville County - Audrey G. Callahan and Rochelle M. Williams, both of Greenville.

Greenwood County - Timothy B. Powell, Lenox L. Brathwaite, Ramon I. Butler, Phillip C. Caulder, Dustin I. Cooper, Adam J. Hicks, Bryan E. Martin, Christine B. Martin, James G. Matthews, Cheryl L. Morton, Stephanie M. Navey, William C. Nickles, Gary T. Norman, Moises Saavedra Olguin, Jason A. White, Hattie T. Williams, Charles K. Winston and Matthew S. Zboran, all of Greenwood; James E. Coursey and Dora A. Hodge, both of Hodges.

Horry County - Patricia King of Conway.

Laurens County - Zachary R. Bolter and Vaibhav R. Patel, both of Clinton; Corey B. Harkcom and Braxton Michels, both of Gray Court; Kelly A. Eaton of Kinards; Albert L. Davenport and Stephen M. Smith, both of Laurens; and Sandra L. Farmer of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Lauren Hundley of Columbia; and Sean S. South of Lexington.

McCormick County - Bonnie Noble of Modoc; and Malaurie B. Hullings of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Brandon L. Simon of Newberry.

Saluda County - Debra S. Shealy of Batesburg; Avery J. McGee of Leesville; and Michael B. Crumpton of Saluda.

York County - Judson N. Horner of Rock Hill.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Justin T. Mundy, Augustus M. Smith and David M. Willis, all of Abbeville; Riann C. Harrison of Iva; and Ian S. Strange of Ware Shoals.

Anderson County - Ashli E. Rasmussen of Honea Path; and Elizabeth Groves of Iva.

Berkeley County - Stephanie Zinskie of Summerville.

Edgefield County - Alexis L. Adams of Edgefield.

Greenwood County - Carolynn Dye of Bradley; Michael A. Brown, Gloria J. Holmes, Damon A. Hylton, Steven V. Le, Randy S. Lubich, Jacob McCravy, Willie U. Miles, David Nicholson, Christina Randall and Brett M. Smith, all of Greenwood; Jason Brown and Chery R. Garrett, both of Hodges; and Haylea N. Carter of Ninety Six.

Laurens County - Willie J. Hill of Cross Hill; and Duane J. Terry of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Dalton L. Holzheimer of Gilbert; and Charles C. Shaw of Leesville.

Newberry County - Rebecca E. Kinard of Newberry; Aaron R. Stockman of Prosperity; Pat Coleman, Donna B. Harris and Tiffany Norton, all of Whitmire.

Saluda County - Breanna L. Burt of Ridge Spring.

Sumter County - Debra Jackson of Sumter.

York County - Victoria Bailey of Rock Hill.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Ellis F. Belton, Celina Bond, James M. Bowman, Samuel W. Hull, Olivia B. New, William A. New, Pamela D. Ramey, Felicity I. Ray, Dustin L. Simmons, Ginnie L. Smith, Sharrie L. Smith, Remetrious T. Sutton, Heather L. Timmerman, Ashley M. Timms, Thao T. Vu, Rebecca Weaver, Odessa L. Williams and Pamela M. Williams, all of Abbeville; De Yanna D. Bell and Julian W. Hall, both of Calhoun Falls; Deborah L. Engler and Michelle Lund, both of Donalds; Whitney D. Lyerly and Mark A. McCullough, both of Due West; Meghan Malone of Hodges; Andrea Branyon and Jessica T. Magaha, both of Honea Path; Danny H. Minnich of Iva; Ricky W. Richey and Patricia R. Smithey, both of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County are Steven Gray of Monetta; Jacob McBeath of North Augusta and Daniel L. Hartley of Aiken.

Anderson County - Shawn Baucom and Kayla M. Fairchild, both of Iva; Samantha E. Rieser and Christopher M. Smith, both of Anderson; Ciara K. Cooley of Honea Path; and Carlos A. Sanchez of Liberty.

Augusta, Ga., - Catherine P. Mitchell.

Brunswick, Ga., - Shelley L. Griffis.

Barnwell County - William T. Burt and Ashley M. Still, both of Barnwell; and William G. Grubbs of Williston.

Berkeley County - Isabel Crespo of Goose Creek.

Cherokee County - Kristy B. Thompson of Gaffney.

Cincinnati, Ohio - Laura D. Clifford.

Dorchester County - Amanda S. Caceres of Summerville.

Edgefield County - Cassandra Cheatham, Robert L. Guess and Jessica D. Nash, all of Edgefield; Natalie F. Longobardo and Shannon D. Longobardo, both of Johnston; Lovelette M. Kenley and Ryan H. Thurmond, both of North Augusta; and Christian D. Newsome of Trenton.

Fairfield County - Lacrystal F. Coates of Blair.

Fayetteville, N.C., - Kimberly Thomas.

Florence County - Jennifer N. Welch of Pamplico.

Greenville County - Lakessiah X. Henderson, Irwin E. Garcia, Maria Hodsdon and Kelly Owens, all of Greenville; Ashley J. Scott of Mauldin; Andrew P. Conn of Pelzer; and Paige L. Lindquist of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Donna L. Gore, Bryan Johnson, Patricia J. Polattie and Catherine A. Richardson, all of Bradley; Jonathon Barrett, Crystal M. Bauer, Erica J. Bowers, Julius C. Bowie, Tina F. Brewer, Nathan Brown, Susan M. Buchanan, Kanisha M. Burch, Kim M. Bush, Gwendolyn M. Callaham, Walfre O. Carrillo, Matthew N. Cawood, Sharie A. Chiles, Michael C. Clarke, Matthew R. Cogburn, Rossana I. Cubillan, Sharon L. Davenport, Christian B. Dickey, Christina H. Dominick, Anna R. Dorn, Shawn M. Douglas, Cinthia Duran-Marin, Vince E. Gartrell, Tiffany T. Genwright, Jennifer E. Gilchrist, Jonathan Greer, Hyland C. Gresham, Shikina L. Griffin, James T. Grogan, Sonya Harter, Emily Hawthorne, Cory Holland, Elisa F. Horne, Corbin L. Huntley, Antonio J. Jackson, Ebony F. James, Andrew K. Kang, Joel H. Kingsland, Tammy M. Kullnat, Amber N. Lagrone, Linda D. Lagroon, Tiffany A. Lane, Letasha F. Logan, Cheryl A. Mackey, Tabatha J. Malone, Amanda K. Mayo, Barbara G. Medlin, Jessica L. Middleton, Sarah J. Miller, Michelle F. Moorhead, Edrick L. Morton, Cindy N. Nelson, Taylor L. Oliver, Melissa L. Oswald, Joshua S. Owens, Lauren N. Parker, Amy R. Parsons, Milap Patel, David R. Patterson, Jessica C. Peurifoy, Vincent A. Price, Alexica T. Quarles, Michael W. Quarles, Meagan E. Rains, Jessica L. Rice, Shannon M. Roberts, Lucas W. Roddy, Charles A. Scheirer, Randy J. Shulfer, Jamie M. Smith, Wessley S. Smith, Uma V. Sridharan, Barbara Strong, Lukas S. Suit, Catherine Sweitzer, Jeanie A. Tiller, Marcus A. Tomas, Keenan D. Turner, Kevin Wang, James R. Williams, John M. Williams, Allison A. Willis, Michael F. Willis, Dean E. Wilson, Kara N. Yassney and Thanayut Yawah, all of Greenwood; Braden M. Bright, Matthew R. Harvey and Kenneth L. Washington, all of Hodges; Shawn S. Anderson, Tony R. Butler, Chuck Camp, Shelby Christophel, Sydnee M. Day, Amanda R. Ellenburg, Elizabeth C. Hepler, Hannah G. Madden, Jennifer L. Ouzts, Katherine B. Vaughn and Christopher S. Williams, all of Ninety Six; Dixie L. Campbell, Andrew P. Leiby, Meaghan S. McCall and Brittni Robinson, all of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Lillie R. Calwise of Chappells; Skylar A. Braman-Mathison, James J. Fruehwirth, Marshall D. Fulmer, Sara E. Gardner, Annette B. Iroka, Rebecca L. Jones, Kaitlyn N. Lollis, Jason M. Mann, Chad D. Maxon, Michael McKittrick and Patricia H. Patterson, all of Clinton; Ronald J. Aderhold of Cross Hill; Cassandra P. Burnside, Deon L. Byrd, Brandy F. Cummings, Lesley N. Tinsley and Whitney M. Wilson, all of Gray Court; Kason T. Brown of Joanna; Kevin M. Butler, Rebecca D. Connie, Amanda Corteville, Tony J. Cunningham, Elissa E. Field, Leeann Grainger, Kipakai I. Imaizumi, Barbara P. Killough, Richard Ladd, Caroline W. Miyares, Christopher C. Pennington, Marah Rykard, Crystal D. Shelton, Ann M. Strickland, Nicole L. Tavenner, Heather M. Ward and Benjamin L. Word, all of Laurens; Thomas B. Nixon of Mountville; Latitia M. Jones and Dean Daugherty, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Colton B. Hartley of Batesburg; Shaina Moore and Cassidy M. Jarrett, both of Chapin; Garett T. Kleckley of Leesville; William C. Black, Tyler J. Bray, Sidney A. Brock, Mariah E. Gaughan, Justin W. Kleckley and Parker Smith, all of Lexington.

McCormick County - Dustin J. Alsbrooks, Jasmine Callaham, Brianna Collins, Alexis Cooper, Clint G. Holloway, Valerie R. Houston, Bradley C. Jones, Zariya Lagroon, Kelly Martin, Zachary D. Morgan and Ashley S. Wakefield, all of McCormick; Lee A. Dammon of Modoc; Mo’Neque Luchey of Mount Carmel; Jasmine T. Durant and Steffon L. Linton, both of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Katie Delesandro of Chapin; Justin C. McCary, Virgil S. Sweat and Susan Wienshienk, all of Chappells; Julia Chapman, Christina Johns, Emily B. Lake and Vickie M. Stockman, all of Little Mountain; Manuel Barcelo, Shamekia Bell, Courtney L. Breaux, Michelle H. Burns, Stevonia J. Counts, Melissa L. Danielsen, Elizabeth E. Derrick, Christopher Driggers, Mark Fleming, Mary C. Glenn, Dustin Hatchell, Cassandra M. Jones, Brandon M. Kelly, Ayleah H. Lecote, Tammie Lominick, Megan A. Long, William D. Morse, Jordan M. Padgett, Jared A. Parnell, Alexander R. Rikabi, Mary Jo M. Rikabi, Laytoia C. Salaam, Jill E. Smith, English L. Sweat, and Lorenzo Vice, all of Newberry; Jessica Lopez of Pomaria; Richard A. Crumpton, Hunter A. Gibson, Evan B. Warren, Jeannette E. Williams-Koon, Trena T. Wise and Amber N. Worthy, all of Prosperity; Linda G. Anderson, Christopher S. Harris, Frederick L. Higgins, Blake J. Roche and Brianna Swain, all of Whitmire.

Oconee County - Curtis R. Skiles of Seneca.

Richland County - Debra M. Asbill and Vivian Sanders, both of Columbia; David T. Campbell and Elizabeth P. Lawson, both of Irmo.   

Saluda County - Harriett D. Evans and Rickey T. McCary, both of Batesburg; Wanda S. Shull of Johnston; John E. Matthews and Danielle T. Rhoad, both of Leesville; April C. Kinard of Ridge Spring; Keasha S. Burton, Justin D. Caughman, Katrina W. Doubrava, Erika G. Griffith, Justin L. Rodgers, Mark G. Rushton, Kayla L. Stephens, Adam L. Tuttle and Jessica L. Witt, all of Saluda; and Brenton G. Gilliland of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Kristy N. Stadalsky of Campobello.

Sumter County - Breanna M. Williams of Sumter.

Statesboro, Ga., - Sarah Schwartz.

Tignall, Ga., - Douglas B. Evans.

Vienna, Va., - Shayan Zolghadr.