Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2015 Fall Semester

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2015 fall semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List:

Abbeville County - Timothy A. Cann, Brandon M. Hall, Angela E. Mccallum and James I. McNatt, all of Abbeville; Brittany L. Unkle of Calhoun Falls; David A. Brickle of Iva; Rebecca L. Garrett of Honea Path.

Anderson County - Broch E. Travis of Anderson; Megan E. Sams of Belton; and Andrew B. Smalley of Honea Path.

Augusta, Ga. - Dylan Barnklau.

Dafter, Mich. - Dylan Lever.

Fayetteville, N.C. - Kimberly Thomas.

Greenville County - Robert W. Griffith of Greenville; Lisa Ashby of Greer; Kyle L. Lane and James K. White, both of Simpsonville; Kevin L. Morrison and Timothy B. Spencer, both of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Le-Nai’ L. Rowland and Cynthia D. Tucker, both of Bradley; Charles R. Clinemyer of Donalds; Zach Akers, Shawn S. Anderson, Daniel E. Bien, Isabel B. Bley, Clarella H. Cade, Kimberly J. Cogdill, Cameron T. Cox, Rachel C. Darby, Dean Daugherty, Sarah B. Driscoll, Joshua B. Enlow, Claudine  Feussi, James Fitzsimmons, Karl D. Fiske, Peggy Foulkes, Laterra K. Garlington, Eleni D. Geoly, Tara T. Godfrey, Brandon T. Hawthorne, Samuel Hernandez Moreno, Kevin L. Hinson, Lauren E. Hobbs, Katrina D. Holloway, Felicia B. Humphrey, Kelly L. Janus, Victoria I. Jester, Tammy M. Kullnat, Courtney A. Lee, Regis Lester, Okiemute T. Lott, Katie L. McCarter, Joshua S. Owens, Aubin M. Payne, Leah G. Pippin, Dakota M. Potts, Sharon G. Raines, Timothy D. Smith, Camryn A. Sprowl, Jessica L. Strutko, Harriet S. Ward, Jason A. White, Angelia R. Williams, Hannah L. Williams and John M. Williams, all of Greenwood; Kristie D. Byrd, Chandler R. Godfrey and Lauren B. Mastrangelo, all of Hodges; Zachary M. Allison, William A. Avery, Virginia G. Cannon, Jerry W. Crittendon, Sean C. Mcalister, Robert G. Reynolds and Renee L. Wheeler, all of Ninety Six; and Aubrey L. Miller of Troy.

Hiawassee, Ga. - Edward J. Noblet.

Kershaw County - Laura Branham of Elgin.

Laurens County - Larry Alexander, Ashley V. Alewine, Quinton K. Amick, Sabrina J. Callicutt, James J. Fruehwirth, Karen Martin, April C. Newton, Tammy H. Smith, Collin L. Sparkman, Robert W. Strawhorn, Brandon S. Tinsley and Vickie N. Underwood, all of Clinton; Stephanie M. Bohland, Alan B. Guevara-Gonzalez and Eloisa G. Santiago Lopez, all of Cross Hill; Daniel A. Mccoy, Erica L. Mumford and Matthew N. Page, all of Gray Court; Joshua D. Hopkins, Kipakai I. Imaizumi, Richard Ladd, Estefany M. Reynoso, Betty T. Rysavy and Ashley P. Shepheard, all of Laurens; Caleb G. Moss and James D. Rhodes; both of Ware Shoals; Cory A. Green, Desiree G. Price and Katherine D. Ross, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Lindsey E. New, Madison L. Ringer and Julie P. Rogers, all of Leesville; Taylor Smith and Sean S. South, both of Lexington; Ronald Berry of Pelion; and Lewis Welch of West Columbia.

McCormick County - Joel O. Boley, Keenan Q. Calhoun, Jalen K. Freeman-Leverette, Bradley C. Jones and Corey A. Wall, all of McCormick; Leah A. Anthony of Mount Carmel; Malaurie B. Hullings, Taylor D. Ringwell and Donna S. Wall, all of Plum Branch.

New Port Richey, Fla. - Riley R. Peterson.

Newberry County - Jason E. Osborne of Little Mountain; Aja E. Gaulden, Barry Heffner, Manuela Lopez, James A. Miller, Joshua Neiger and Summer E. Parkman, all of Newberry; Rosette D. Gallman, Sherri K. Gentry, Robert C. Hamm, Michael S. Hunter, Adam T. Lawson, Joseph D. Moran, Jayden R. Peel, Chris G. Shealy and Taylor M. Smith, all of Prosperity; Peter G. Rambo of Silverstreet; and James K. Mcdaniel of Whitmire.

Richland County - Dominique R. Bookman and Austen M. Fielitz, both of Columbia.

Saluda County - Lonnie J. Fulmer and William H. Shealy, both of Batesburg; Hannah R. Sudduth of Chappells; Ashley R. Strawbridge and Alyssa D. Easler, both of Leesville; Evon R. Brooks, Martin Diaz, William Easler, Rosadelia Flores, Tiffany M. Griffin, Mollie Hallback, Andrew M. Owens, Ashley Owens, Josue Sanchez-Munoz and Holly S. Wohlman, all of Saluda; and Brittany S. Herron of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Clayton A. Threlkeld of Boiling Springs; Stella Strickland of Enoree; and Shalonie R. Sullivan of Lyman.         

Tampa, Fla. - Delbert N. Murray.

Union County - Kandice B. Blackwood, Samuel E. Fullbright and Hannah L. Wright, all of Union.

York County - Jenelyn B. Pittillo of Rock Hill.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List:

Abbeville County - Amanda M. Belisle, Robert R. Fisher, Austin K. Knox, Austin C. Morris, Anna Marie Nelson, Jerri D. Smith and Kortney A. Timms, all of Abbeville; Gerald A. Burton, Savannah Lewis, Samquinten L. Lyons and Clint C. Richey, all of Calhoun Falls; Jessica A. Harrison of Iva; and Zackery N. McGee of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Brooke O. Sides of Aiken; Susan H. Graham of Langley; Kimberely Brown and Carl T. Ouzts, both of North Augusta.

Calhoun County - Chad J. Halstead of Saint Matthews.

Edgefield County - Tammy M. Kersey and Morgan D. Spaulding, both of Johnston; Tomaro L. Cohen of McCormick; and Nayeli Ojeda Garcia of Trenton.

Greenville County - Michael Mckibben of Fountain Inn; Chad A. Martin and Zachariah P. Martin, both of Greenville; and Zachary J. Landreth of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Rodnisha S. Howzell, Tyler M. Burnette and Airen A. Devlin, all of Bradley; Michael A. Beard, Patrick A. Becker, Michael A. Beeks, Matthew J. Carman, Walfre O. Carrillo, Mikal L. Crouch, Eric A. Gilchrist, Kiara N. Glenn, Stacy D. Gray, Rebecca E. Gurney, Alex P. Harlow, Richard E. Harrison, Stephen N. Hellman, Samantha N. Hill, Brittany L. Holcombe, Samantha N. Hollingsworth, Lashondra Hurley, Tiara S. Johnson, Cody Jordan, Anastasia G. Livaditis, Randy S. Lubich, Seth Martin, Christopher J. Mather, Kymberly S. Mccoppin, Joshir A. Norman, April D. Payton, Tipton J. Russell, Frank R. Sells, Brett M. Smith, Stephanie N. Stewart, Jimmy R. Sweezy, Marissa K. Timpson, Joshua C. Watson, Shantarh M. Watson and Jacqueline M. White, all of Greenwood; Taylor Barnett, Lourdes C. Corona, Keller W. Goldman and Janet F. Turner, all of Hodges; Jayde H. Brooks, Jennifer M. Cleveland, Amanda Y. Gonzalez, Christopher G. Goodman, Timothy G. Mccall, Ben W. Rushton and Tucker Threlkeld, all of Ninety Six.

Horry County - Brooks Davis of Longs.

Kershaw County - Stacey L. Gunter of Lugoff.

Lady Lake, Fla. - Gregory D’Elia.

Laurens County - Allen N. Haynes, Luis A. Hernandez, Michael E. Holbert, Isiah S. Jillson and Brenda A. Rhodes, all of Clinton; Brandon Dunlap, Anayeli Juan Santiago and Brandon L. Scarboro, all of Cross Hill; Michelle Hunter of Enoree; Denise A. Tribble of Fountain Inn; Courtney D. Booker, Willie Elmore and Heather N. Hellams, all of Gray Court; Kason T. Brown of Joanna; Austin C. Douglas, Stanley L. Smaltz and Rachel L. Young, all of Kinards; Faith R. Caton, David B. Childress, Marilyn P. Copeland, Shaunna L. Donnelly, Hailey A. Hastings, Rebecca S. Lohnes, Heather R. Sanders, Mary E. Santiago and James R. Wells, all of Laurens; Amber N. Taylor of Mountville; Brantley L. Pressley of Ware Shoals; Gary Anderson and Tracy M. Green, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Dylan A. Robertson of Batesburg; and Maghan Matthews of Gilbert.

Lincolnton, Ga. - Ariel L. King.

McCormick County - Gloria Broadwater of Clarks Hill; Glacia A. Anderson-Gaskin, Robin Harris, Talaiyah Jennings, Zariya Lagroon, Quiana S. Murphy and Toniyah Wideman, all of McCormick; Karen A. Dammon and Lee A. Dammon, both of Modoc; Mo’Neque Luchey of Mount Carmel; and Sarah L. Hicks of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Cody Butler, Shkima M. Chambers, Johnnetta G. Harris and Cadeedra S. Knuckles, all of Newberry; Ashley L. Livingston of Pomaria; Daniel A. Watson of Prosperity; Cody E. Jeter and Kathy L. Mcmurtury, both of Whitmire.

Richland County - David T. Campbell and Hannah R. Miller, both of Irmo.

Saluda County - Ebony A. Kelly of Chappells; Bryce M. Brazel of Ninety Six; John Abney, Tabitha P. Adams, Eric L. Brazil, Dulce M. Gantt, Sarah Gunter, Juan C. Hernandez, Brandon I. Vasquez and Saul O. Moro-Hernandez, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Terrell R. Gist of Spartanburg.

York County - Savannah Smith of York.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List:

Abbeville County - James E. Allison, Madison B. Beiler, Richard A. Coleman, Ezra R. Dawkins, Audrey G. Eaves, Matthew W. Ergle, Brantly R. Finley, Dalton H. Garner, Jonathan R. Geer, Vanessa M. Gray, Taylor T. Griffin, Ursula W. Jackson, Darlene H. Maffett, Megan L. Redding, Donna E. Shockley, Leigha J. Snipes, Michael Tarrant, Margorie A. Trotter, Jacob T. Whitt and Natalie B. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Courtney A. Ashley, David A. Branham, Lida E. Johnson and Ashley Nickles, all of Donalds; Sara E. Sears and Justin F. Taylor, both of Due West; Ami B. Gambrell, Elena Melnichenko, Haleigh G. Phillips, all of Honea Path; James T. Brown, Sommer N. Burton, Danny H. Minnich and Gregory B. Sorrow, all of Iva; and Ashley Hartline of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Kaylee A. Black of Batesburg; Cheryl Page of Monetta; Kate E. Lynn of North Augusta; and Lakesha R. Brown of Trenton.

Anderson County - Marc R. Rhodes, Jessica T. Beasley and Julia L. Whitten, all of Belton; Donna Ashley-Harouff, Angel R. Gambrell, Brandon C. Kelley, Devan S. King, Melissa R. Warner and Tianna L. Wooten, all of Honea Path; and Haley N. Brown of Starr.

Augusta, Ga. - Melinda Clark.

Bloomington, Ill. - Kelly A. Berryman.

Cary, N.C. - Darlene L. Leopard.

Edgefield County - Tannor A. Byrd, Sherry S. Johnson, Matthew J. Linder, Thomas T. Mims and Bailey N. Pedersen, all of Edgefield; Ranada C. Williams-Gilchrist of Johnston; Linda Garrett and Geddings Jhant, both of North Augusta.

Florence County - Rachel Brandis of Florence.

Greenville County - Christopher H. Boyd and Audrey McKnight, both of Greenville; and Lateish Hill of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Luke O. Mcalister of Bradley; Jan Acewicz, Cirae D. Adams, Christopher Amey, Jameena C. Anderson, Olivia G. Ashley, Julian M. Assele, Kosovare Bela, Vincent S. Bell, Heather M. Benshoof, Jessica D. Bice, Caleb Boatwright, Bryson Boggs, Nickolas H. Boswell, Dustin D. Boyd, Callaham Brock, Aylah Burton, Blake Campbell, Halley E. Capps, Vivianna A. Cassandra, Austin T. Christian, Tyler J. Coates, Stlina Y. Coleman, Travis L. Davis, Zachariah T. Davis, Juan A. De Leon Hernandez, Taylor G. Dillard, Makenzie L. Dotson, Rovanda S. Dunlap, Samantha J. Fair, Brianna M. Getsinger, Nicholas L. Gibert, Corinne E. Gillion, Helen E. Gillion, Mathew E. Gottlieb, Elizabeth L. Gray, Micah C. Gray, Isis K. Griffin, Alexander S. Guareschi, Joshua P. Hadd, Iquashia Hall, Merry Lu Han, Brooke L. Haynie, Isreal R. Hodges, Elizabeth G. Hollingsworth, Sheryl L. Hutchinson, Kelly D. Jenkins, Jacob A. Johnson, Katherine G. Karel, Henry Krajci, Linda D. Lagroon, Walter Lawlor, Ward M. Lawrence, Emma K. Lee, Tiffany S. Lindsay, James W. Logan, Carly A. Lovinggood, Samantha E. Manley, Abeni Marshall, Nicholas J. Marshall, Michael T. Martin, Martha E. Martinez Simon, Amy L. Masters, Carson J. Mcfarland, Haley E. Mclaughlin, Lynsey Miller, Michael T. Miller, Martavious D. Moates, Marcus C. Moeller, Eston G. Moore, Michelle F. Moorhead, Nancy L. Morrow, Kobie Morton, Anthony J. Moss, Tyra N. Moss, Myron C. Mullet, Thomas L. Newton, Destiny M. Nguyen, Timothy B. Nivens, Ariel K. Norris, Wayne E. Ouzts, Anthony Parks, Romina Perez, Roland G. Peterson, Patricia J. Polattie, Danton Quarles, Michael W. Quarles, Renisha S. Quarles, Savannah K. Quinn, Brandi L. Rachels, Tina Rapley, Melissa J. Raugh, Neeley Z. Reagin, Kaylen N. Rice, Debra K. Robinson, Reginald Q. Rucker, Kim Sansbury, Andrew Sargent, Charles H. Scoggins, John R. Scott, Eva N. Seymour, Alexandria D. Shelton, Tiffany M. Shiflet, Rondriekus M. Smith, Thomas C. Smithdeal, Lyndsey N. Stanfill, Halie B. Steele, Melissa C. Stephens, Rebecca L. Sugden, John G. Tarasidis, Austin L. Thibeault, Adero S. Thomas, Jonathan R. Urbanic, Jamir D. Watts, Hattie T. Williams, Madeline C. Williams, Shardajha C. Williams, Allison L. Williamson and Ashlea M. Willis, all of Greenwood; Olivia Adams, Sarah L. Coates, Viola M. Cohen, Debra L. Judd, Jasmine Mckee, William J. Sellew, Kyle Stahl and David Turman, all of Hodges; Susan L. Avery, John L. Barton, Rhonda H. Belk, Sterling F. Dove, Alexander B. Hester, John H. Martin, Dylan L. Mccary, Dylan L. Morrison, April C. Prater, Austin Rodgers, Taylor A. Sweezy, Ambria K. Thomas and David C. Whitcomb, all of Ninety Six; Steven G. Dixon, Sarah A. Floyd, Kaleb A. Lodge, James T. Young and Lana M. Warner, all of Troy; Malik R. Davis of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Lillie R. Calwise of Chappells; David Allman, Yolanda M. Attaway, Brett L. Burton, Christopher M. Floyd, Kayla D. Harris, Israel Hernandez Flores, Jeramie S. Horton, Zachary T. James, Michael L. Lee, Calvin H. Lynch, Robert J. Mcdonald, James A. Neel, Steven L. Parker, Wendy Polson, Augustus Ray, Hunter M. Snelgrove, Shandrea T. Todd, Levi A. Tollison, Jaykwon T. Walker, Matthew W. Ward, Cameron Watson, Wesley D. Wells, Justin C. Widener, Hunter Worthy and Jonathan T. Wright, all of Clinton; Megan M. Bohland, Bryson J. Forman, Jonathon G. Massey, Keandria M. Rhode and Jose L. Santiago-Martinez, all of Cross Hill; Jeny A. Abercrombie, Lavonna Y. Garrett, Larry D. Hiebert and Tammy E. Hiebert, all of Gray Court; Deanna A. Bluford, Myriam D. Castaneda, John A. Evans and Joel L. Johnson, all of Joanna; Zachary A. Bridges, Kevin M. Butler, Luke R. Kellett, Jammie P. King, Angela L. Lagroon, Candace W. Lothridge, Amber D. Merchant, Joseph J. Merchant, Joseph R. Milner, Daniel H. Ngov, Jason K. Pearson, Chad A. Phillips, Nicole L. Tavenner, Kathy D. Torres, Hannah C. Tumblin, Ashlee L. Vaughn, Elwood M. Watts, Travis Wilbanks and Sandra D. Williams, all of Laurens; Rumike G. Dendy and Thomas B. Nixon, both of Mountville; Natasha F. Bryant, Taylor Hansen, Preston R. Koschel and Michael O. Madden, all of Ware Shoals; Christina M. Haley, Heather N. Sams and Jamie M. Teague, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Tina R. Martin of Cayce; Jason R. Elliott and Malcolm S. Mcleod, both of Chapin; Sumona Brown and Karina Cazarez Sanchez, both of Columbia; Wyatt Mcdonald and Brianna E. Moorer, both of Leesville; Alison M. Baltzigar, Angelica C. Edmonds, Mariah E. Gaughan and Leanne M. Kyzer, all of Lexington; and Tionna Washington of West Columbia.          

Marion County - Denise O’Neal of Marion.

Newberry County - Justin C. Mccary and Jason R. Sanders, both of Chappells; Marylee R. Brehmer and Haley C. Hughes, both of Kinards; Zachary T. Baggott, William Dominick, Robert Gary, Rachel M. Richardson, Harrison S. Sheely and Kendrick S. Wise, all of Little Mountain; Tisha M. Abrams, Leslie L. Andrews, Juan J. Aranda Almaguer, George H. Attaway, Markevis J. Baxter, Tiara F. Bradburn, Megan E. Clark, Kennedy Glasgow, Elizabeth A. Hedgepeth, Alia G. Hunter, Kiara M. Jackson, Hakeem Johnson-Mitchell, Parker Kinard, Kevin Y. Maldonado-Hernandez, Johnny R. Mcjunkins, Cole P. Nichols, Andrea L. Peay, Mary Jo M. Rikabi, Jody G. Sawyer, Marylane Wilkerson and Taisha Williams, all of Newberry; Elizabeth G. Holmes of Peak; Callie M. Blanchard, Jesus Huichapa-Velazquez and Abigail B. Stiver, all of Pomaria; Bonnie S. Alger, Grace M. Alger, Taylor V. Caldwell, Hannah C. Caudill, Mary K. Corley, Kimberly R. Farr, Jason Frick, Sandra L. Garbart, Tranisha D. Hardy, Stephanie A. Johnson, Stephanie R. Jonkers, James A. Lovette, Anya E. Mundell, Rebecca H. Myers, Whitney M. Roberts, Aaron R. Stockman and Michaela D. Williams, all of Prosperity; Sydney R. Diener of Silverstreet; Nathan D. Baxley, Tammy D. Brown, Bradley Burleson, Alyssa C. Cranford, Sheena L. Jones, Michaela M. Knox and Alana M. Pressley, all of Whitmire.

Richland County - Robert G. Dubose of Chapin; and Byron H. Coffin of Irmo.  

Saluda County - Mary Kay Barstow, Emily Dumont, Elaina (Laney) G. Edwards, Endia C. Hare, Chelsea Kirkland, Adam D. Matthews and Samantha Matthews, all of Batesburg; Wanda S. Shull of Johnston, Kennedy N. Hudson and Madison Price, both of Leesville; Christian Shroup of Prosperity; Willette Wright of Ridge Spring; Shelby Berry, Mattie E. Black, Daniel L. Bowers, Rachel P. Coleman, Allison L. Deloache, Kayla N. Frye, Micah D. Griffith, Christian Gunter, Sasha L. Hernandez, Leason G. Horne, Gideon G. Kirkland, Joyce J. Lewis, Eboni A. Minick, Ricky D. Mitchell, Christy B. Mize, Michael A. Rikard, Tyler P. Riley, Vanessa L. Ritchie, Vicente J. Sorcia, Sergio A. Sum-Munoz and Christen V. Walker, all of Saluda; and Seth P. Hartley of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Kristen L. Gregory of Enoree; Angela Huggins of Pauline; and Tabitha Stevens of Wellford.

Union County - Acquanetta Washington of Carlisle; Russell S. Dietz and Devin Knowlton, both of Union; and Marshall Worthy of Whitmire.