Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2015 Spring Semester

July 9, 2015

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2015 spring semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Mirisha Coleman, Justin W. Hudson, Jotaun R. Jones, Casey L. Mundy, Suzie V. Pace and Jerri D. Smith, all of Abbeville; John R. Tutt of Calhoun Falls; Larry A. Overholt and Francis H. Pressly, both of Due West; Elena Melnichenko of Honea Path; Riann C. Harrison of Iva; Zackery N. McGee, Ian S. Strange and Daniel L. Williamson, all of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Thomas O. Adams of Ridge Spring; and Daniel L. Hartley of Aiken.

Anderson County - Christopher M. Smith of Anderson; and Elizabeth Groves of Iva.

Edgefield County - Mason D. Holsonback and Jonathan D. Thomas, both of Edgefield; Kesha S. Jones and Morgan D. Spaulding, both of Johnston.

Fairfield County - Reed A. Branham, Victoria G. Durham and Joseph D. Goldin, all of Winnsboro.

Fayetteville, Tenn., - Benjamin White.

Greenville County - Amanda M. Church of Greer; James K. White of Simpsonville; and Kevin L. Morrison of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Airen A. Devlin, Patricia J. Polattie and Angelique M. Rowland, all of Bradley; Linda K. Magaha of Donalds; Shawn S. Anderson, Megan E. Bowen, Dustin D. Boyd, Lenox L. Brathwaite, Matthew A. Brewer, Michael A. Brown, Timothy A. Cadden, Joseph W. Conte, Charles J. Cooley, Rossana I. Cubillan, Peggy Foulkes, Nicholas L. Gibert, Eric A. Gilchrist, Hector D. Gonzalez, Stacy D. Gray, Francis P. Gresham, Alex P. Harlow, Cory Holland, Martez J. Holmes, Andrew K. Kang, Kathryn L. Kemp, Tammy M. Kullnat, Steven V. Le, William J. Lott, Bryan E. Martin, Christine B. Martin, Christen A. Messer, Jennifer C. Mull, Grayson D. Norville, Leslie Sargent, Katie M. Sears, Terry D. Stancil, Paul Thompson, Marcus A. Tomas, Luis A. Torres, Hattie T. Williams, Emma G. Wolfe and Matthew S. Zboran, all of Greenwood; Jason A. Brown, Lourdes C. Corona, James E. Coursey, Joshua S. Hodges, James K. Motes, Elora N. Turner and Kenneth L. Washington, all of Hodges; William A. Avery, Tony R. Butler, Amanda Y. Gonzalez, Paris D. Lantagne, Hannah G. Madden, Ben W. Rushton,  and Holden F. Smith, all of Ninety Six; Caleb J. McCall and Jonathan D. Riddle, both of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Quinton K. Amick, Ashley C. Braman-Mathison, Michael E. Holbert, Michael Mckittrick, Candi M. Pearson, Robert W. Strawhorn and Matthew J. Urwick, all of Clinton; Amanda D. Barcenas, Cameo N. Hollingsworth and Anthony P. Ricks, all of Cross Hill; Courtney D. Booker, Corey B. Harkcom and Erica L. Mumford, all of Gray Court; Kason T. Brown, Bryson H. Wilson and John L. Wooten, all of Joanna; Albert L. Davenport, Kalah S. Gary, Kipakai I. Imaizumi, Jessica N. Jenkins, Jonathan A. Pavlovsky, Ashley P. Shepheard, Stephanie M. Williams, Amanda R. Wilson and Benjamin L. Word, all of Laurens; Daniel A. Shiflet of Mountville; Catherine Magaha of Ware Shoals; Dean Daugherty, Virginia C. Henderson, Katherine D. Ross and Duane J. Terry, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Dylan A. Robertson of Batesburg; Garett T. Kleckley of Leesville; David L. Barnes, Justin W. Kleckley, Brittanie D. Oxner, Anju Rastogi and Sean S. South, all of Lexington; and James Enlow of West Columbia.

Lithonia, Ga., - Alanna D. Mitchell.

McCormick County - Bradley C. Jones of Greenwood; Grandell M. Adams, Joel O. Boley, Jasmine Callaham, Krystal N. Chambers, Zachary D. Morgan and Wileisha Stevens, all of McCormick; Karen A. Dammon and Lee A. Dammon, both of Modoc; Mo’Neque Luchey of Mount Carmel; Kaitlyn E. Foster and Malaurie B. Hullings, both of Plum Branch; and Lana M. Warner of Troy.

Newberry County - William N. Corley of Chappells; Dalton Chapman, Timothy R. Coleman and Jason E. Osborne, all of Little Mountain; Aja E. Gaulden, Michael A. Johnson, Rebecca E. Kinard, Mary Jo M. Rikabi, Laytoia C. Salaam-Hill, Adam P. Sherron, Brandon L. Simon and Sheryl Wilson, all of Newberry; Jennifer M. Morgan of Pomaria; James L. Aiken, Brandy R. Babb, Stephanie A. Johnson, Shawn S. Martin, Michael C. Montjoy and Rebecca H. Myers, all of Prosperity; Lacey B. Caldwell of Silverstreet; and Amy Andrews of Whitmire.

Pickens County - Norville B. Spearman of Clemson.

Richland County - David T. Campbell of Irmo.

Saluda County - Katherine L. Dumont and Debra S. Shealy, both of Batesburg; Ashley M. Maricle of Leesville; Evon R. Brooks, Michael B. Crumpton, Ben S. Dorn, Justin S. Edwards, Mollie Hallback, Gideon G. Kirkland, Jennifer Mera, Ashley Owens, Allison E. Robertson and Kayla L. Stephens, all of Saluda; Seth P. Hartley and Larry D. Lange, both of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Clayton A. Threlkeld.

Union County - Kandice B. Stanley, Daniel K. Crocker, Samuel E. Fullbright and Devin Knowlton, all of Union.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Elizabeth F. Anderson, Natalie K. Dunkman, Marquia S. Jones, Jon Eric C. Porter and Kendell J. Willis all of Abbeville; Brittany L. Unkle of Calhoun Falls; Thomas M. Caudle of Donalds; and Hunter A. Magaha of Honea Path.

Aiken County - Brooke O. Sides of Aiken; Susan H. Graham of Langley; and Michelle Dill of Wagener.

Anderson County - Falon V. Harris of Anderson; Wendell Vaughn of Belton and Brandon F. Smalley of Honea Path.

Barnwell County - Ashley M. Still of Barnwell.

Edgefield County - Samantha L. James of Edgefield.

Fayetteville, N.C., - Kimberly Thomas.

Greenville County - Charles B. Martin of Greenville; and Justin B. Cole of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Donna L. Gore, Casey A. Hitt and Le-Nai’ L. Rowland, all of Bradley; Zach Akers, Candice A. Arrowood, Jennifer D. Azzarano, Ruth D. Brown, Susan M. Buchanan, Matthew N. Cawood, James T. Davis, Johnny D. Elmore, Ismario A. Gonzalez, Jerome Green, Samantha N. Hill, Lauren E. Hobbs, Magan E. Jennings, Tiara S. Johnson, Emily M. Kellum, Ebony A. Kelly, Melody C. Labounty, Regis Lester, Cheryl A. Mackey, Tabatha J. Malone, Amy L. Masters, Saif A. Momin, Chery L. Morton, Brandon Parks, Alpaben S. Patel,  Preeti Patel, Anthony R. Powell, Timothy B. Powell, Reginald Q. Rucker, Miranda J. Shanholtzer, Rebecca S. Turnburke, John Ward,  and Jacqueline M. White, all of Greenwood; Monica L. Jay and Angela M. Wald, both of Hodges; Nicholas A. Foster, Tucker Threlkeld and Walter Wall, all of Ninety Six; Hannah L. Byerly of Troy; and Ashleigh B. Yearwood of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Ashley A. Brewington, Joyce L. Campbell, Stacy Jefferson, Isiah S. Jillson, Michael L. Lee, Vaibhav R. Patel, Mary A. Turner and Vickie N. Underwood, all of Clinton; Willie J. Hill of Cross Hill; Betty T. Johnson and Andrew G. Turner, both of Gray Court; Sha’Bella N. Anderson, Emanuel T. Barksdale, Brenda D. Brewster, David B. Childress, Bryson C. Davis, Alexander J. Dominick, Logan B. Hill, Nisa Navarro, Christopher C. Pennington, Chad A. Phillips, Joy A. Robinson, Ann M. Strickland and Steaven D. Williams, all of Laurens; and Tracy M. Green of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Georgine C. Gersdorff of Chapin; Nicole V. Lawrence of Columbia; Dalton L. Holzheimer of Gilbert; and Zane A. Bedenbaugh of Leesville.

McCormick County - Britteny Britton of Clarks Hill; Darby R. Brown, Brianna Collins, Zarhria Fuller, Danny Holmes, William M. Johnson, Joshua A. Landers and Markeisha Morgan, all of McCormick; Alana A. Gilchrist and Jimmy G. Gilchrist, both of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Justin C. Mccary of Chappells; Cannon J. Elliott of Little Mountain; Cody Butler, Christopher Driggers, Sam Johnson, Cassandra M. Jones, Megan A. Long, Ashley N. Moran, Kimberly L. O’Dell, Ariel I. Scott and Mckensey Turner, all of Newberry; Kallie E. Eargle, Adam T. Lawson and Andy M. Lopez Soberano, all of Prosperity; Peter G. Rambo of Silverstreet; Christopher B. Crumpton and Cody E. Jeter, both of Whitmire.

New Port Richey, Fla., - Riley R. Peterson.

Oconee County - April D. Sheriff of Seneca.

Richland County - Katina B. Burtner of Blythewood; and Cathleen E. Britt of Irmo.

Saluda County - Benjamin R. Harrison and Angel D. Zulueta-Ventura, both of Batesburg; Ethen Hipps of Johnston; Samantha K. Adams, Tabitha P. Adams, Annette M. Altamirano, Shelby Berry, Keasha S. Burton, Samuel L. Cobbler, Hannah E. Corley, Sarah Gunter, Sasha L. Hernandez, Dequilla M. Hill, Kelli A. Kneece, Shakeyla Mathis, Jessica A. Meredith-Davis, Michael A. Pridmore, Guadalupe Robles and Holly S. Wohlman, all of Saluda.

York County - Sheena L. Gregory of Rock Hill.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - James E. Allison, Madison B. Beiler, Ellis F. Belton, Melissa J. Bowen, Tina L. Corcoran, Cristiana F. Eby, Sonja D. Martin, Angela R. Marshall, Angela E. Mccallum, Ernest Mccallum, Joseph Mcneill, Larissa A. Overholt, Aaron J. Paul, Candace L. Swartzentruber and Rebecca Weaver, all of Abbeville; Luellen Alewine and Justin R. Dixon, both of Calhoun Falls; Luci E. Devore, Lida E. Johnson, Michelle Lund and Zachary T. Queen, all of Donalds; Justin F. Taylor of Hodges; Destiny L. Dean and Christopher D. Phillips, both of Honea Path; Danny H. Minnich and Gregory B. Sorrow, both of Iva; and Haley B. Gilmer of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Timothy D. Treger, Lakin E. Wheat and Brian D. Young, all of Aiken; Branden C. Fox of Batesburg; and Anthony Lee of Beech Island.

Anderson County - Alicia M. Kelley of Anderson; Ciara K. Cooley, Carson T. Foster and Kristina N. Hill, all of Honea Path; and Samantha N. Franklin of Pelzer.

Berkeley County - Marissa G. Craven of Bonneau.

Brunswick, Ga., - Shelley L. Griffis.

Cherokee County - Amy R. King of Chesnee.

Edgefield County - Fred A. Hammond of Clarks Hill; Lorenzo D. Calliham, Micah E. Goforth and Ryan K. Williams, all of Edgefield; James M. Foley of Johnston; and Amber Burckhalter of North Augusta.

Fairfield County - Kimberly M. Hunter of Ridgeway.

Greenville County - Lakessiah X. Henderson and Chris N. Athanasiou, both of Greenville; and Ashley J. Scott of Mauldin.   

Greenwood County - Michael W. Melton of Bradley; Ricky L. Wrenn of Donalds; Amira Abdelwahab, Jan Acewicz, Cirae D. Adams, John E. Alexander, Julian M. Assele, Kevin Babson, Madison R. Ball, Richard N. Banks, Michala Barnum, Gwendolence B. Belcher, Isabel B. Bley, Amy M. Bohler, Keyounda M. Bowman, Sydney L. Brown, Brandon E. Bundrick, Katherine A. Burns, Anna M. Campbell, Blake Campbell, Vivianna A. Cassandra, Jeremy Catoe, Casilyn B. Chandler, Hayden C. Chitwood, Michael C. Clarke, Trevor M. Clary, Kimberly J. Cogdill, Ashton Coker, Reginald F. Collins, Jon M. Crouch, Sharon L. Davenport, Christopher M. Day, Juan A. De Leon Hernandez, James P. Dimmette, Makenzie L. Dotson, Sterling F. Dove, John O. Edwards, Jabbarrius N. Ervin, Brooke H. Faulkner, Cameron T. Fisher, Rowdy J. Fitzpatrick, Joseph L. Fleming, Carly Flynn, Amanda L. Franklin, Zykeethia K. Freeman, Kolby W. Gantt, Nanci Garcia-Marquez, Elizabeth C. Gardner, Tyler M. Gary, Jamison C. Goldstein, Jarron A. Gravley, Heather L. Green, Miyaka Z. Greene, Akiba S. Griffin, Cecillia Hackett, Gary H. Hall, Stephen Halstead, Sky E. Heeg, Caleb W. Hinzman, Elizabeth G. Hollingsworth, David M. Humphries, Elondra R. Hurley, Joshua S. Jenkins, Chenelle Johns, Jacob A. Johnson, Resharia Keller, Rachael V. Knierim, Kaitlyn N. Knight, Linda D. Lagroon, James W. Logan, Linda Lopez, Ricardo A. Macias, Christopher R. Mancuyas, Melissa D. Marsh, Bella Z. Martinez, Sheyla Y. Martinez-Quiterio, Franklin R. Mathis, Kymberly S. Mccoppin, Carson J. Mcfarland, Schuyler H. Mcginnis, Kadiyh S. Mckee, Anna McLaughlin, Savannah T. Medford, Kathryn B. Meredith, Andrew N. Merritt, Vasiliki E. Migdalas, Michelle F. Moorhead, Maria F. Morales, Anthony J. Moss, Myron C. Mullet, James R. Neel, Cindy N. Nelson, Cathy A. Norman, Mari C. Ouzts, Joshua S. Owens, Crystal A. Parks, Allison H. Patterson, Briana R. Patton, Maria Perez Hernandez, Leah G. Pippin, Kimberly Price, Sharon G. Raines, Melissa J. Raugh, Neeley Z. Reagin, Mckenzie J. Reid, Christopher L. Revels, Shannon Revels, Zoe E. Rhodes, Leanna C. Riddle, Sanquantra M. Robinson, Carolyn M. Roundtree, Timothy B. Rushton, Ashley T. Rutherford, Moises Saavedra Olguin, Brandon K. Sinclair, Laqwanzaa D. Smith, Timothy D. Smith, Moises A. Solis Mora, Catherine D. Stokes, Tianna S. Swearinger, John G. Tarasidis, Michael L. Thompson, Charles B. Todd, Sara N. Walenceus, Della E. Waters, Brett S. Watkins, Asher B. White, Andrea R. Wideman, Vernessia Wideman, John Wienshienk, Susan Wienshienk, Brittany S. Williams. Helen R. Williams. Mamie R. Williams, Allison L. Williamson, Michael F. Willis, Matthew L. Wilson, Kyla Yates and Josee E. Young, all of Greenwood; Rodney D. Free, Michelle T. Horton, Debra Judd, William J. Sellew, Debbie M. Smith, Anna Marie Tullis and David Turman, all of Hodges; Susan L. Avery, Christian B. Calliham, Nikki D. Canfield, Jerry W. Crittendon, Lacey B. Griffin, John H. Martin, Sean C. Mcalister, Emily R. Pridmore, Eric G. Roberts, Stephanie N. Roche, Austin Rodgers and Taylor A. Sweezy, all of Ninety Six; Sarah A. Floyd and Aubrey L. Miller, both of Troy; Nicholas L. Gebo, Jennifer M. Johnson and Echo Nelson, all of Ware Shoals.

Hephzibah, Ga., - Octavia S. Bullock.

Laurens County - Lillie R. Calwise of Chappells; Tiffany L. Anderson, Windy K. Asbill, Yolanda M. Attaway, Barbara A. Caldwell, Jason L. Duncan, Kelly L. Estes, Amie N. Evans, Matthew S. Gault, Anthony P. Holka, Jeramie S. Horton, Eugena C. Lewis, Breanna R. Mann, Tenee’ L. Martin, Justin A. Moton, Jessica R. Nelson, Tammy J. Owens and Melissa A. Scott, all of Clinton; Jeny A. Abercrombie, Lavonna Y. Garrett, Scottie Hall, Larry D. Hiebert, Samantha P. Holliday and James T. Manley, all of Gray Court; Deanna A. Bluford, Margie J. Edmonds and Joel L. Johnson, all of Joanna; Dallas B. Bagwell, Austin J. Bailey, Kevin M. Butler, Andarres Q. Cromer, Amber A. Dees, Jammie P. King, Jennifer A. Madden, Brian K. Nelson, Sara L. Owens, Mary A. Scott, Brittney P. Simpson, Evelyn Smith and Heather M. Ward, all of Laurens; Savoeun Lun, Deidra L. Robertson and Sidney L. Speaks, all of Mountville; Brantley L. Pressley, Taylor Hansen and Ashlean S. Sweat, all of Ware Shoals; and Mallory L. Herman of Waterloo.

Lawrenceville, Ga., - Kevin L. Young.

Lexington County - Ezra A. Baghdady, Jason R. Elliott, Kira F. Horn, Carol M. Lucas and Alphonso Martin, all of Chapin; Bailey A. Metz and Mary K. Smith, both of Columbia; Georgia N. Chappell, Dewayne Davis, Mary T. Mccutchen and Grace A. West, all of Leesville; Mariah E. Gaughan, Shannon B. Hughes and Elizabeth R. Rhodus, all of Lexington; Deirdre Duley, Misty Shook and Cody W. Teeter, all of West Columbia.

Lincolnton, Ga., - Ariel L. King.

McCormick County - Constance N. Scott of Marion; Carolyn K. Dennis, Cary A. Griffin, Malinda N. Jackson, Rontavious T. Morton and Steven M. Parsons, all of McCormick.

Newberry County - William T. Dickson and Heather M. Ek, both of Chappells; Marylee R. Brehmer of Kinards; Harrison S. Sheely of Little Mountain; Leslie L. Andrews, George H. Attaway, Ashley E. Berry, Elizabeth C. Bratton, Michelle H. Burns, Megan E. Clark, Cullen A. Cohoon, Thomas C. Counts, Bethany Cromer, Pia V. Dolman, Bailey L. Doolittle, Kennedy Glasgow, Elizabeth A. Hedgepeth, Brittany D. Holden, Justin R. Holmes, Kiara M. Jackson, Taylor R. Livingston, Robert A. Long, Summer E. Parkman, Courtney L. Rawl, Emily H. Senn, Brenda R. Trapp, Curtis Trapp, Donna S. Vincent, Benjamin Werts and Brigitte D. Wheeler, all of Newberry; William Amick, Laurie A. Bass, Verniea A. Robinson and Stephen M. Rumfelt, all of Pomaria; Joanna G. Bedenbaugh, Kendell E. Cantrell, Ashlyn Courtney, Hunter D. Enlow, Erin N. Fallaw, Jason Frick, Rosette D. Gallman, Katie L. Grooms, Robert C. Hamm, Samantha M. Johnson, Jarod Joiner, Hailey Mundell, Jayden R. Peel, Chris G. Shealy, Jennifer Shealy, Kendrall D. Taylor and Tinayonna C. Wise, all of Prosperity; Sydney R. Diener of Silverstreet; Betsy M. Long, Mikaela L. Malpass and Blake J. Roche, all of Whitmire.

Pleasant Hill, Mo., - Austin M. Heflin.

Richland County - Darlene Isaac and Alexis B. Smith, both of Columbia; and Byron H. Coffin of Irmo.

Saluda County - Alex G. Aull, Elaina (Laney) G. Edwards, Samantha Matthews and William H. Shealy, all of Batesburg; Latonya Samuels and Wanda S. Shull, both of Johnston; William P. Corley of Leesville; Mary S. Drake of Prosperity; Samantha I. Day and Allison J. Price, both of Ridge Spring; Lori M. Able, John Abney, Mattie E. Black, Lorraine H. Calhoun, Katrina W. Doubrava, Charles E. Harmon, Christy B. Mize, Geoffrey Nordin, Rebekah L. Perry, Christy N. Purser-Taylor, Justin L. Rodgers, John M. Ruff, Katelyn N. Wheeler and Forrest D. Winn, all of Saluda; and Kristen M. Andrews of Ward.