Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2016 Fall Semester

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2016 fall semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - James E. Allison, II, Jessica L. Bowie, Timothy A. Cann, Nicholas L. Manley and Jorge D. Ortega, all of Abbeville; and Shelby L. Devenney of Calhoun Falls.

Anderson County - Ariel L. Burton, Chemise R. Parker and Broch E. Travis, all of Anderson; and Brandon C. Kelley of Honea Path.

Berkeley County - Anastasia Belk of Goose Creek.

Cherokee County - Julian C. Harrison of Gaffney.

Crestview, Florida - Bennett Wicker.

Edgefield County - Melissa D. Houser and Rachael A. Young, both of Edgefield; Correy S. Cunningham of McCormick; and Kendre Pooser of North Augusta.

Grand Junction, Colorado - Garrett C. Wachtel.

Greenwood County - Airen A. Devlin of Bradley; Kosovare Bela, Jessica D. Bice, Buck F. Brown, III, Thomas M. Budreau, William A. Buchanan, James Childress, Tyler J. Coates, Dontavious Cooper, Jonah P. Cooper, Cameron T. Cox, Ashley N. Devore, Sarah B. Driscoll, Rodger T. England, Joshua B. Enlow, Peggy Foulkes, Eleni D. Geoly, Grayson Grady, Micah C. Gray, Zachary T. Hemann, Samuel Hernandez Moreno, Samantha N. Hill, Breanne N. Hinson, Caroline M. Holubek, Kelly D. Jenkins, Vanessa A. Jennings, Linda D. Lagroon, Heaven A. Lee, Peisan F. Lee, Benjamin J. Luke, Tucker G. Mathews, Katie L. McCarty, Amaan Monda, Cynthia Palmerin, Robert D. Peterson, Debra K. Robinson, Atari K. Roundtree, Tipton J. Russell, John R. Scott, Jr., Michael A. Smathers, Georganna M. Tidwell, Amber R. Todd,  Jason A. White, Miranda N. White and Matthew T. Woodyard, all of Greenwood; Ashley Skinner and Elora N. Turner, both of Hodges; John M. Avery, Virginia G. Cannon, Autumn G. Fuller, Tyler B. Gibert, Timothy G. McCall and Stephen A. Vickery, all of Ninety Six.

Laurens County - Ashley V. Alewine and Melissa W. Wright, both of Clinton; Megan M. Bohland, Clifton Boyd, Alan B. Guevara-Gonzalez, Eloisa G. Santiago Lopez and Christopher L. Wooldridge, all of Cross Hill; Shasta L. Dill of Fountain Inn; Jonathan Ellis, Brendan Golding and Tyler Murdock, all of Gray Court; Erica N. Lewis, Stanley L. Smaltz and Rachel L. Young, all of Kinards; Tiffany M. Bercume, Biaget F. Brewster-Young, Ashley E. Brown, Pamela D. Dendy, Timothy G. Gibson, Stephanie A. Jeter, Eric Reynoso and Jacob Smith, all of Laurens; Gary Anderson, Sandy J. Eustace, Angel M. Lothridge, Lucky J. Maroney and Dillon M. Qualls, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Joseph A. Newbern of Leesville; Dalton L. George and Sean S. South, both of Lexington; and Ronald Berry of Pelion.

McCormick County - Denise N. Freeman of Abbeville; Gloria Broadwater of Clarks Hill; Jalen K. Freeman-Leverette, Landarius S. Houston, Nathaniel Mason, Tyrhea Mason and Toniyah Wideman, all of McCormick; Leah A. Anthony of Mount Carmel; and Luke E. Seigler of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Joanna H. Arnsmeyer of Chappells; Christina Johns of Little Mountain; Cody Butler, Aja E. Gaulden, Sierra R. Koon, Kevin Y. Maldonado-Hernandez, Janneth Morfin, Joshua Neiger, Woodrow A. Padgett, Alicia R. Wallace, Abigail E. Webster, Leanna M. White and Kelly M. Wise, all of Newberry; Benjamin L. Nichols and Alisa L. Rogers, both of Pomaria; Grace M. Alger, Emily Dozier, Stefanie Glenn, Michael S. Hunter, Gotardo Luviano and Joseph D. Moran, all of Prosperity; James K. McDaniel and Chasidy Watson, both of Whitmire.

Richland County - Robert G. Dubose of Chapin.

Saluda County - Adam D. Matthews, Jared B. Matthews, Anna V. Shealy and William H. Shealy, all of Batesburg; Timothy A. Lybrand and Mahalia K. Russell, both of Leesville; Bryce M. Brazel of Ninety Six; James P. Livingston of Ridge Spring; Rachel P. Coleman, Dulce M. Gantt, Sandra L. Herlong, Trey R. Ridlehoover and Brandon I. Vasquez, all of Saluda; and Brandon Tarlton of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Kristin J. Mauldin of Greer; and Jacky C. Middlebrooks of Spartanburg.

Union County - Kandice B. Blackwood of Union.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Kara N. Kuenzer, Crystal M. Lamb, Moriah Z. Paul, Venus M. Rodgers and Amber Smith, all of Abbeville; Brianna M. Timms of Calhoun Falls; Jonathan L. Hagood, III, of Donalds; Tyler S. Brown of Greenwood; and Jordan N. Black of Iva.

Aiken County - Hunter Buff of Salley.

Anderson County - Alisa Y. Frazier of Anderson; Jesse L. Smith of Belton; Melissa R. Warner of Honea Path; and Rusty M. Burton of Iva.

Dorchester County - Brandi A. Mims of North Charleston.

Greenville County - Stephen W. Ford of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Michaela C. Rowland of Bradley; Charles R. Clinemyer, Jr. and Lauren A. Hodges, both of Donalds; Presley M. Black, Octavious T. Blair, Amairani G. Correa-Orozco, Jon M. Crouch, Jimiyah O. Donaldson, Ceirra P. Dunlap, Christine E. Evans, Cassandra D. Fouse, Brianna M. Getsinger, Liszet Hernandez, Samantha N. Hollingsworth, Melissa F. Homovich, Tammy G. Jones, Sarah B. Kirby, Dylan D. Lever, Jared I. Lopez, Karla S. Lopez, Nicholas J. Marshall, Melissa M. Mayo, Haley E. McLaughlin, Kalo M. Nance, Jr., Joshir A. Norman, Gloria J. Peterson, Juan C. Ramirez, Deanna N. Tuck, Tyler Turman, Rustin W. Wallace, Carla Williams and Amber M. Woods, all of Greenwood; Taylor N. Barnett and Morgan D. Calvert, both of Hodges; Christopher G. Goodman, Heather M. Jackson and Renee L. Wheeler, all of Ninety Six; Daniel Z. Todd of Troy; Chad A. Smallwood and Ashleigh B. Yearwood, both of Ware Shoals.

Hartford, Connecticut - Jessica Cardona.

Jasper County - Hannah C. O’Quinn of Ridgeland.

Laurens County - Brett L. Burton and Kristopher S. Knight, both of Clinton; Shavis K. Edwards of Cross Hill; Jared K. Morgan of Enoree; Denise A. Tribble of Fountain Inn; Caleb Faulkner, Mark D. Franks and Michaela A. Sipes, all of Gray Court; Diana J. Contreras Hernandez and Hannah K. Honeycutt, both of Joanna; Taylor B. Boulware, Shaunna L. Donnelly, Kalah S. Gary, Victoria E. Griffin, Sarah C. Hunt, Michelle Izaguirre, Ana K. Ramirez and Zoltan M. Szabo, all of Laurens; Rumike G. Dendy and Taylor N. Sherfield, both of Mountville; Annabelle Kratz, Virginia A. Kratz and Brantley L. Pressley, all of Ware Shoals; Collin A. Clarke and Adam W. Magaha, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Justin A. Dodd, Tarra D. Gallman and Francis McNall, III, all of Chapin; Breanna E. Price of Gilbert; and Dylan W. Williamson of Pelion.

McCormick County - Robin Harris and Da’Dra Mack, both of McCormick.

Morganton, North Carolina - Sheena L. Jones.

Morristown, Tennessee - Ashley K. Howe.

Newberry County are Kevin H. Delesandro of Chapin; Kayla Rion of Little Mountain; George H. Attaway, Blake A. Culbertson, Alecia Jackson, Jesus A. Reyes, Abraham J. Rikabi, Ruben Teran and Jo Walker, all of Newberry; Leah McCullough and Tyquan D. Williams, both of Prosperity; and Wallace M. Crumpton, Jr. of Whitmire.

Saluda County - Samantha K. Adams, Rosadelia Flores, Micah D. Griffith, Kristie L. Phillips and Emilie A. Upchurch, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Stella Strickland of Enoree; and Clayton A. Threlkeld of Boiling Springs.

Union County - Acquanetta Washington of Carlisle.

York County - Caitlyn Brooks of York.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Aimee E. Brock, Jordan R. Broome, Robert J. Counts, II, Vanessa M. Gray, Karen J. Martin, Jacob G. McMahan, Olivia B. New, Jean W. Overholt, Anna K. Rhodes, Thomas Robison, Krystal R. Simpson, Michael Tarrant, Jacob T. Whitt and Natalie B. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Hannah G. Johnson of Calhoun Falls; Zachary Combs, Tony F. King, Sr. and Janice N. Loughner, all of Donalds; Paige Calkins, Jessie K. Estep, Pamela Hershberger and Hannah N. Taylor, all of Due West; Ashley K. Anderson, Marcus M. Bannister, Ciara C. Buege, Kerah M. Phillips, Allison W. Sullivan and Amanda H. Vest, all of Honea Path; Keaton Flowers, Danny H. Minnich, Jr., Gregory B. Sorrow and Tanna G. Wiley, all of Iva; and Ashley Hartline of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Jessie A. Alston, Mariya Hawks and Matthew J. Linder, all of Aiken; Kristina Cave of Batesburg; Hunter B. Dubose of Monetta; and Kate E. Lynn of North Augusta.

Anderson County - Marc R. Rhodes of Belton; Dawn H. Shuler of Honea Path; Summer N. King of Iva; and Tyler C. Hilley of Starr.

Athens, Georgia - Whitney G. Burkhalter.

Atlanta, Georgia - Harvey Watt, III.

Charleston County - Alicia Bolden of Charleston.

Dorchester County - Nancy Britt-Stevens of Saint George.

Edgefield County - Christopher P. Armstrong, Jr., Sabrina Chinn and Sherry S. Johnson, all of Edgefield; Renada S. Key of Johnston; Lillie R. Prince of McCormick; Brittany D. Rollins of North Augusta; Gracie E. Herrin of Ridge Spring; and Briana R. Drumming of Trenton.

Fairfield County - Jonathan Martin of Jenkinsville.

Greenville County - Brandi R. Foster of Honea Path; and Terri L. Holloway of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Tyler M. Burnette of Bradley; Kristen M. Andrews, Olivia G. Ashley, Yashara S. Avery, Heather M. Benshoof, Rachel T. Bishop, Savana C. Bishop, Stephanie S. Bolton, Callaham Brock, Kayla G. Bullard, Ronald G. Bullman, Samantha A. Butler, Angela V. Calhoun, Mary K. Chandler, Kendall Chitwood, Kayla D. Clark, Angel B. Cline, Nicholas B. Cobb, Jody M. Connor, Emily A. Corriher, Thomas J. Dalton, Krystal M. Dandy, Rachel C. Darby, Kenya M. DeLeon, Jimmy E. Dean, Fallon L. Derrick, Charity J. Dotson, Anna K. Eaddy, Hannah K. Elmore, Claudine Feussi, Charlene Floyd, Jennifer A. Garcia Orosco, Nicholas L. Gibert, Latisia C. Gilchrist, Austin G. Hamlett, Alfreda Harrison, Lisa G. Harrison, Holland S. Harwood, Tyler M. Hembree, George C. Hill, III, Adam K. Hitt, Kelly L. Janus, Victoria I. Jester, Thomas D. Kirkland, Makayla E. Laign, Walter Lawlor, Emma K. Lee, Powers M. Lucas, Kevin L. Mahler, Amy L. Masters, Jacob T. McLaughlin, Sarah J. Merritt, Jacob J. Miller, Whitney D. Moore, Derek A. Murray, Deanna N. Odom, Adeline C. Orcutt, Jennifer E. Ouzts, Nigel R. Ouzts, Mcclaine R. Piontek, Lendora M. Proctor, Salcha Rambo, Elizabeth C. Reese, Catherine F. Rimsky, Chris F. Robertson, Mattie E. Rogers, Reginal Q. Rucker, Vivianne B. Sebastian, Staci G. Setzler, Christopher J. Shirland, Cynthia D. Slappy, Keegan R. Smith, Anthony Speaks, Camryn A. Sprowl, Bailey E. Stanfill, Brian P. States, Halie B. Steele, Julie Stevens, Keenan W. Tallent, II, Carless M. Terry, Garrett D. Terry, Lisa L. Terry, Shakeryhia R. Terry, Austin L. Thibeault, Adero S. Thomas, Sydney M. Thompson, Angela H. Tinsley, Jacqueline M. White, Taylor N. Wiley, Katelyn Willard, Stephanie S. Williams and Richard M. Young, all of Greenwood; Tyrone L. Anderson, Alfred E. Andrews, III, Victoria P. Barnett, Jasmine McKee, Jennifer L. Wakefield and Adriann L. Williams, all of Hodges; John L. Barton, Catherine H. Brooks, Heather D. Evans, Gregory D. Griffin, Cooper O. Kelly, Gabriel M. Kelly, John H. Martin, III, Sean C. McAlister, Dylan L. McCary, Dylan L. Morrison, Jaclyn E. Myers, Lauren A. Rhodes, Stephen K. Turner and Jordan E. Wall, all of Ninety Six; Christine A. Cornetto of Troy; Courtney Coffey, Sean T. Farris, Ethan D. Hewell, Caleb J. McCall and Melanie Parks, all of Ware Shoals.

Kershaw County - Laura Branham of Elgin.

Laurens County - William F. Amick, Danielle Bell, James L. Campbell, Daniel A. Delong, Christopher M. Floyd, Marshall D. Fulmer, Heather M. Goins, Ray L. Gossett, III, Stephanie R. Gruber, Jeramie S. Horton, Isiah S. Jillson, Shanna W. Jones, Jacob S. King, Kelsie Leindecker, Karen Martin, Hunter D. Nabors, Noah T. Riser, Tammy H. Smith and Angela V. Trammell, all of Clinton; Malachi C. Dressel and Anayeli Juan Santiago, both of Cross Hill; Joshua Abrams, Larry D. Hiebert and Frankie D. Williams, all of Gray Court; Logan B. Hall of Honea Path; Myriam D. Castaneda and Darrel W. Shockley, both of Joanna; Kevin M. Butler, Joseph E. George, Jr., Michael D. Kennedy, Jammie P. King, Kirsten N. Maness, Joseph R. Milner, Sharon Neely, Heather N. Sams, Heather R. Sanders, Kathy D. Torres, Jamie L. Walden, Genna R. Weathers, James R. Wells and Travis Wilbanks, all of Laurens; Heather M. Whelchel of Mountville; Jewel M. Jessee and Michael O. Madden, both of Ware Shoals; Katherine D. Ross and Audrey W. Winters, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Kelly Lybrand of Batesburg; Kira F. Horn of Chapin; Ariel W. Owen and Robert G. Shealy, both of Leesville; and Tionna Washington of West Columbia.

McCormick County - Glacia A. Anderson-Gaskin, Topeka N. Jennings and Rontavius T. Morton, all of McCormick; and Lee A. Dammon of Modoc.

Newberry County - Grayson C. Brown of Chappells; Danielle Wills of Cross Hill; Haley C. Hughes of Kinards; Emma R. Fellers, Meghan E. Lake, Rachel M. Richardson and Larry E. Smith, II, all of Little Mountain; Hunter J. Adams, Juan J. Aranda Almaguer, Kimberly Bartley, Kimberly A. Breaux, Andra M. Coleman, Litronda T. Flemon, Alithia C. Griffin, Suzanne A. Hatcher, James E. Leopard, Jr., Janeva M. Lindler, Jackson S. Lominick, Destin M. Long, Jorge Martinez-Fernandez, William D. Morse, Edward W. Musgrove, Jr., Christian Pizano, Marylane Wilkerson and Valerie N. Williams, all of Newberry; Callie M. Blanchard, Sarah K. Connelly, Tysheim K. Mendenhall and Hailey D. Mills, all of Pomaria; Drew J. Babb, Colin Capell, William W. Collins, III, Mary K. Corley, Ivy L. Crumpton, Charles W. Dragoon, III, Ashley R. Dykema, Hunter D. Enlow, Kimberly R. Farr, Abbie K. Grooms, Kathren A. Hamby, Savannah P. Harmon, Zoiee A. Jamison, Stephanie A. Johnson, Julie A. Kinard, James A. Lovette, Ethan A. McCullough, Dexter Peacock, Claudia E. Pollard, Julia R. Roach, Ryan E. Shealy, Catherine C. Taylor, Robert G. Whiting and Morgan T. Wise, all of Prosperity; Faith A. Sheppard and Lauren E. Yoder, both of Silverstreet; Tammy D. Brown, Michaela M. Knox, Lisa E. Taylor and Lea S. Toby, all of Whitmire.

Oconee County - Rachel L. Hendrix of Walhalla.   

Richland County - James L. Davoll, Jr., Betty Fischer and Adam K. Newton, all of Columbia; and Laura Hollamon of Irmo.

Saluda County - Texanna L. Miller and Erin Rowe, both of Batesburg; Wanda S. Shull of Johnston; Madison J. Long and Bailey Will, both of Leesville; Morgan T. Price and Willette Wright, both of Ridge Spring; Patricia L. Ackerman, Robert C. Addy, Darkia S. Barnes, Julie N. Boone, Benjamin M. Buzhardt, Lorraine H. Calhoun, Joshua L. Cobbler, Grant C. Collins, Allison L. Deloache, Allison L. Devore, Martin Diaz, Caleb E. Griffith, Anna Hipp, Gideon G. Kirkland, Allison M. Lake, Micah A. Metts, Hector D. Ortiz, Everette T. Ouzts, Andrew M. Owens, Karson A. Powell, Adam Robertson, Carter A. Smith and Carrie R. Trotter, all of Saluda; and Jessica L. Buck of Ward.

Spartanburg County - Jessie Stephens of Campobello; Shakeena L. Fowler of Duncan; Erika Lamb and Shalonie R. Sullivan, both of Lyman; Damien E. Williams-Cohen of Startex; and Kacie Nelson of Woodruff.

Sumter County - Johnny L. Porter of Pinewood.

Union County - Zachary Pettit of Union.