Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2016 spring Semester

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2016 spring semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Marva P. Burnside, Timothy A. Cann, Jeremy J. Chrisley, Jorge D. Ortega and Jerri D. Smith, all of Abbeville; and Davis J. Dickey of Donalds.

Aiken County - Mariya Hawks of Aiken; and Susan H. Graham of Langley.

Anderson County - Broch E. Travis of Anderson; Jared Chapman, Andrew B. Smalley and James H. Smith, all of Honea Path.

Augusta, Georgia - Laura A. Owen.

Calhoun County - Chad J. Halstead of Saint Matthews.

Charleston County - Alicia Bolden of Charleston.

Cherokee County - Julian C. Harrison of Gaffney.

Grand Junction, Colorado - Garrett Wachtel.

Greenville County - Scott M. Hughes of Greenville; and Ashley J. Scott of Mauldin.

Greenwood County - Tyler M. Burnette and Le-Nai’ L. Rowland, both of Bradley; Charles R. Clinemyer of Donalds; Charleston M. Aiello, Zach Akers, Tyler J. Coates, Kimberly J. Cogdill, Sarah B. Driscoll, Jonathan Ellis, Joshua B. Enlow, Sterling W. Epps, Claudine Feussi, Lyndsey R. Gammons, Eleni D. Geoly, Tara T. Godfrey, Stacy D. Gray, Kellan J. Hamrick, Brandon T. Hawthorne, Samuel Hernandez Moreno, Carlos D. Hill, Samantha N. Hollingsworth, Felicia B. Humphrey, Sheryl L. Hutchinson, Kelly L. Janus, Kelly D. Jenkins, Okiemute T. Lott, Randy S. Lubich, Tucker G. Mathews, Katie L. McCarty, Martavious D. Moates, Austin C. Morris, Cynthia Palmerin, Dakota M. Potts, Brandon M. Parks, Toni Quarles, Sharon G. Raines, Salcha Rambo, Debra K. Robinson, Reginald Q. Rucker, Timothy D. Smith, Jimmy R. Sweezy, Adero S. Thomas, Kortney A. Timms, Hannah L. Williams and Allison A. Willis, all of Greenwood; Amy B. Allen, Taylor Barnett, Chandler R. Godfrey and Keller W. Goldman, all of Hodges; William A. Avery, John L. Barton, Virginia G. Cannon, Katie L. Partain, Mitchell C. Stiles and Hailey A. Walker, all of Ninety Six; Aubrey L. Miller of Troy; and Yasmin Aviles of Ware Shoals.

Laurens County - Isiah S. Jillson, John A. Mccormick, Tammy H. Smith, Collin L. Sparkman, Robert W. Strawhorn, Vickie N. Underwood and Matthew J. Urwick, all of Clinton; Stephanie M. Bohland, Alan B. Guevara-Gonzalez, Anayeli Juan Santiago, Eloisa G. Santiago Lopez and Tinslie D. Wagler, all of Cross Hill; Caleb Faulkner of Gray Court; Jorgana R. Bridges of Joanna; Faith R. Caton, Zachery D. Chandler, Marilyn P. Copeland, Bryson C. Davis, Samantha B. Deshields, Shaunna L. Donnelly, Reginald C. Fuller, Timothy G. Gibson, Daniel H. Ngov, Anna D. Phillips, Betty T. Rysavy, Jeffrey A. Shelton, Ashley P. Shepheard and Amanda R. Wilson, all of Laurens; Taylor Hansen of Ware Shoals; Gary Anderson, Christopher L. Fox, Tracy M. Green and Sara F. Pinson, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Breanna E. Price of Gilbert; Madison L. Ringer of Leesville; Lewis Welch of West Columbia; and Tina R. Martin of Cayce.

McCormick County - Bradley C. Jones of McCormick; Lee A Dammon of Modoc; Leah A. Anthony and Mo’Neque Luchey, both of Mount Carmel.

Newberry County - Marylee R. Brehmer of Kinards; Jason E. Osborne of Little Mountain; Cody Butler, Christopher H. Driggers, Aja E. Gaulden, Johnnetta G. Harris, Manuela Lopez, Taylor N. Reid and Sierra R. Snelgrove, all of Newberry; Taylor V. Caldwell, Larry Danielsen, Rosette D. Gallman, Michael S. Hunter and Taylor M. Smith, all of Prosperity; Cody E. Jeter and James K. Mcdaniel, both of Whitmire.

Pickens County - Anthony Simmons of Easley.

Pleasant Hill, Missouri - Austin M. Heflin.

Richland County - Nicole V. Lawrence of Little Mountain.

Saluda County - Jared B. Matthews and William H. Shealy, both of Batesburg; Hannah R. Sudduth of Chappells; Erin L. Gilliland of Johnston; Patricia L. Ackerman, Samantha K. Adams, Evon R. Brooks, Phylis A. Etheredge, Dulce M. Gantt, Mollie Hallback, Tina M. Magnussen, Christy B. Mize, Andrew M. Owens, Ashley Owens, Brandon I. Vasquez and Sharee Watts, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Clayton A. Threlkeld of Boiling Springs; and Jacky C. Middlebrooks of Spartanburg.

Union County - Kandice B. Blackwood and Hannah L. Wright, both of Union.

Winter Park, Florida - Samuel A. Anderson.

York County - Anthony Packer of Rock Hill.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Dean’s List students include:

Abbeville County - Richard A. Coleman, Dessie C. Tate, Brianna M. Timms and Breana M. Voyles, all of Abbeville; Shelby L. Devenney, Jason C. Manning and Clint C. Richey, all of Calhoun Falls.

Anderson County - Haley N. Brown of Starr.

Edgefield County - William B. Cheatham and Ataya N. Williams, both of Edgefield; Kendre Pooser of North Augusta; and Nery B. Hernandez of Johnston.

Greenville County - Robert W. Griffith, Tracey Maddix and Audrey McKnight, all of Greenville; Lisa Ashby of Greer; and Kevin L. Morrison of Taylors.

Greenwood County - Cynthia D. Tucker of Bradley; Lauren A. Hodges of Donalds; Jessica D. Bice, James T. Davis, Thomas J. Fender, Melissa F. Homovich, Lashondra Hurley, Tammy M. Kullnat, Deanna N. Odom, Kristie L. Phillips, Kayla B. Stewart, Asher B. White, Jason A. White, Johnson Wooten and Evan B. Zimmerman, all of Greenwood; Rodney D. Free of Hodges; Zachary M. Allison, Timothy G. Mccall, Robert G. Reynolds, Zachary T. Simmons, Tucker Threlkeld, Walter Wall, Renee L. Wheeler and David C. Whitcomb, all of Ninety Six.

Horry County - Melissa L. Tressler of Little River.

Laurens County - Brett L. Burton, Jacob S. King, Karen Martin and Brandon S. Tinsley, all of Clinton; Kristen A. Avery and Mark D. Franks, both of Gray Court; Stanley L. Smaltz and Rachel L. Young, both of Kinards; Tiffany M. Bercume, Brenda D. Brewster, David B. Childress and Estefany M. Reynoso, all of Laurens; Justin M. Whelchel of Mountville; Virginia A. Kratz and Brantley L. Pressley, both of Ware Shoals; Diamond S. Barker, Shelby E. Layman, Adam W. Magaha and Desiree G. Price, all of Waterloo.

Lexington County - William M. Bostic of Gilbert; and Ronald Berry of Pelion.

McCormick County - Brianna Collins and Robin Harris, both of McCormick; and Donna S. Wall of Plum Branch.

Newberry County - Kayla Rion of Little Mountain; Markevis J. Baxter, Dana R. Cornejo, Austin Lanier, Kelsi L. Metts, James A. Miller, Joshua Neiger, Abraham J. Rikabi, Kevin Sanchez and Alicia R. Wallace, all of Newberry; Harper T. Graham of Pomaria; Stefanie Glenn and Adam T. Lawson, both of Prosperity; and Joseph L. Jones of Whitmire.

Orangeburg County - Venice N. Spears of Orangeburg.

Pickens County - Javier Arambul-Rea of Central.

Richland County - Hannah R. Miller of Irmo.

Saluda County - April C. Kinard of Ridge Spring; Joseph C. Williams of Johnston; Timothy A. Lybrand and Gabriel W. Mulkey, both of Leesville; Rachel P. Coleman, Juan C. Hernandez and Josue Sanchez-Munoz, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Jaclyn Howell of Boiling Springs; Shalonie R. Sullivan of Lyman; and Terrell R. Gist of Spartanburg.

The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

Merit List students include:

Abbeville County - Teresa P. Davis, Matthew W. Ergle, Denise N. Fields, Hattie R. Ford, Darlene A. Gilmer, Tokoyo B. Gray, Vanessa M. Gray, James Jones, Darlene H. Maffett, Jacob G. Mcmahan, Donna E. Shockley, Cynthia Sutherland, Margorie A. Trotter and Patricia W. Williams, all of Abbeville; Norma Ramos of Calhoun Falls; Courtney A. Ashley, Zachary Combs, Michelle Lund and Zachary T. Queen, all of Donalds; Jordan N. Black, David A. Brickle, Fonda P. Martin, Danny H. Minnich, Gregory B. Sorrow and Tanna G. Wiley, all of Iva; and Ashley Hartline of Ware Shoals.

Aiken County - Gloria I. Bratton and Sarah M. Hollingsworth, both of Aiken; and Kaylee A. Black of Batesburg.

Anderson County - Clarissa K. Gaines of Anderson; Megan E. Sams of Belton; Angel R. Gambrell, Brandon C. Kelley and Dawn H. Shuler, all of Honea Path; Brandi L. Burdette and Rebecca L. Shaw, both of Starr.

Athens, Georgia - Whitney G. Burkhalter.

Edgefield County - Sherry S. Johnson and Jonathan D. Thomas, both of Edgefield; Linda S. Butler of Johnston; Amber Burckhalter of North Augusta; Harmon Blanding and Sandra Davis-Richardson, both of Trenton.

Greenville County - Kaitlyn E. Moore of Greenville; and Terri L. Holloway of Simpsonville.

Greenwood County - Camren L. Johnson of Bradley; Michael E. Able, Jan Acewicz, Mary M. Adams, Christopher Amey, Shawn S. Anderson, Kristen M. Andrews, Olivia G. Ashley, Joseph J. Bartanus, Vincent S. Bell, Heather M. Benshoof, Brandon A. Bertolini, Logan Bishop, Erica J. Bowers, Dustin D. Boyd, Tyra P. Brewster, Nytevia S. Brooks, Alexander D. Brown, Buck F. Brown, Sandra C. Calvo Juarez, Blake Campbell, Nicholas B. Cobb, Andre L. Collier, Jody M. Connor, Allie M. Cooper, Alexa M. Cowan, Summer A. Coxe, Madeline G. Coyle, Michelle Dalrymple, Rachel C. Darby, Dean Daugherty, Audra Deloach, Akash Desai, Ashley N. Devore, Makenzie L. Dotson, Sterling F. Dove, Amanda J. Duff, Jabbarius N. Ervin, Eljielyn Espiritu, Kevin B. Galindo, Sahsheen D. Giacomel, Nicholas L. Gibert, Destiny B. Gilchrist, Eric A. Gilchrist, Helen E. Gillion, Mathew E. Gottlieb, Debre’ L. Gray, Tanner J. Gurley, Alex P. Harlow, Haley N. Hepler, George C. Hill, Kevin L. Hinson, Adam K. Hitt, Lauren E. Hobbs, Isreal R. Hodges, Alfreda Jackson, Chenelle Johns, Jacob A. Johnson, William R. Johnson, Matthew K. Jones, Cody Jordan, Makayla E. Laign, Christian M. Lee, Courtney A. Lee, Emma K. Lee, Dylan D. Lever, Matthew J. Lights, Nicholas R. Long, James H. Marcengill, Nicholas J. Marshall, Michael T. Martin, Amy L. Masters, Jenna L. Mccombs, Corrie D. Mccoy, Elizabeth Mccurry, Carson J. Mcfarland, Britney N. Mcgovern, Anthony J. Moss, Rayshawn A. Moss, Moises Saavedra Olguin, Elijah W. Ouzts, Joshua S. Owens, Darynn Gayle C. Paragas, Allison P. Parker, Leah G. Pippin, Patricia J. Polattie, Lendora M. Proctor, Michael W. Quarles, Jennifer B. Quzts, Melissa J. Raugh, Carter Rhodes, Gentry Ridgeway, Sanquantra M. Robinson, Gwendolyn C. Ross, Precious N. Roundtree, Ashley T. Rutherford, Andrew Sargent, Hannah B. Sayer, Jacob R. Scruggs, Bryanna F. Sims, Camryn A. Sprowl, Jerry R. Sprowl, Julie Stevens, Barbara Strong, Sydney M. Thompson, Georganna M. Tidwell, Nicklaus G. Touchstone, Jeffrey H. Townsend, James J. Walker, Abigail S. Waters, Jonathan T. White, Kaylee White, Miranda N. White, Sarah H. Whittington, Carla Williams, Melvin I. Williams, Allison L. Williamson, Nykeria K. Willis and Kyu Yeldell, all of Greenwood; Vicki L. Cain, Natachia C. Evans, Andrea E. Hayes, Jasmine Mckee, William J. Sellew, David Turman, Elora N. Turner and Janet F. Turner, all of Hodges; Heather D. Evans, Bri’Ana D. Gilliam, Amanda Y. Gonzalez, Jairus A. Goode, Alexander B. Hester, John Jordan, Jr., John H. Martin, Dylan L. Mccary, Dylan L. Morrison, April C. Prater, Adrian T. Warren and Tammy M. Wood, all of Ninety Six; and Lana M. Warner of Troy.

Laurens County - Yolanda M. Attaway, Karrame R. Campbell, Stephanie R. Gruber, Jeramie S. Horton, Carey P. Pitts, Jeremy W. Poole, Candace E. Scott, Melissa A. Scott and Jessica N. Woody, all of Clinton; Megan M. Bohland, Robdiquez L. Lindsay and Andrew Weaver, all of Cross Hill; Scottie Hall, Larry D. Hiebert, Deborah J. Rankin and Julia C. Roach, all of Gray Court; Myriam D. Castaneda and John L. Wooten, both of Joanna; Kevin M. Butler, Conswalla Fuller, Krista L. Hartman, Stephanie A. Jeter, Luke R. Kellett, Joseph R. Milner, Michaela S. Thomason, Robert D. Thomason, Kathy D. Torres, Hannah C. Tumblin, Elwood M. Watts, James R. Wells, Sandra D. Williams and Laterian D. Wilson, all of Laurens; Michael O. Madden and Christa G. Ross, both of Ware Shoals; Cory A. Green and Katherine D. Ross, both of Waterloo.

Lexington County - Kelly Lybrand of Batesburg; Danielle S. Burkett, Jason R. Elliott and Brent E. Fordham, all of Chapin; Garett T. Kleckley of Gilbert; Brandi D. Grandy, Justin W. Kleckley and Sean S. South, all of Lexington.

Lincolnton, Georgia - Natalie N. Wynn.

Marion County - Denise O’Neal of Marion.

McCormick County - Thomas R. Browne, Carolyn K. Dennis and Heather L. McNally, all of McCormick; and Malaurie B. Hullings of Plum Branch.

Morganton, North Carolina - Jenelyn B. Pittillo.

New Port Richey, Florida - Riley R. Peterson.

Newberry County - Haley C. Hughes and Latosha N. Johnson, both of Kinards; Rachel M. Richardson of Little Mountain; Tisha M. Abrams, Leslie L. Andrews, George H. Attaway, Anishia L. Boozer, Kimberly A. Breaux, Megan E. Clark, Sarah E. Davis, Diana Diaz-Flores, Juquetta F. Dodson, Kennedy Glasgow, Christopher C. Graddick, Emily B. Gray, Alia G. Hunter, Alecia Jackson, Parker Kinard, Rosa Langford, Adriana Lopez, Gwendella Lyles, Alejandra Martinez, William D. Morse, Cole P. Nichols, Shanon Pizano, Mary Jo M. Rikabi, Fred W. Tucker and Marylane Wilkerson, all of Newberry; Elizabeth G. Holmes of Peak; Laurie A. Bass, Callie M. Blanchard, Abigail B. Stiver, Ryan J. Stoudemire and Tammi J. Wessinger, all of Pomaria; James L. Aiken, Grace M. Alger, Brandy R. Babb, Kendell E. Cantrell, Hannah C. Caudill, Mary K. Corley, Charles W. Dragoon, Sandra L. Garbart, Sherri K. Gentry, Tranisha D. Hardy, Rebecca H. Hogan, Stephanie A. Johnson, Stephanie R. Jonkers, Andy M. Lopez Soberano, Anya E. Mundell, Reagan E. Owens, Jayden R. Peel, Whitney M. Roberts, Lisa M. SanFilippo, Chris G. Shealy, Aaron R. Stockman, Daniel A. Watson and Heather M. Whiting, all of Prosperity; Sydney R. Diener of Silverstreet; Madison Brock, Raymond Chick and Michaela M. Knox, all of Whitmire.

Richland County - Robert G. Dubose of Chapin; and Adam K. Newton of Columbia.    

Saluda County - Alex G. Aull, Mary Kay Barstow, Emily Dumont, Elaina (Laney) G. Edwards, Adam D. Matthews, Samantha Matthews, Samantha Nichols and Jacob L. Shealy, all of Batesburg; Kennedy N. Hudson, Madison Price and Sarah E. Williams-Shealy, all of Leesville; Christian Shroup of Prosperity; Willette Wright of Ridge Spring; Robert C. Addy, Shelby Berry, Daniel L. Bowers, Lorraine H. Calhoun, Veronica Contreras, Kaitlin G. Courtnay, Martin Diaz, Jonathan P. Griffith, Micah D. Griffith, Katie M. Hall, Jennifer S. Holcombe, Gideon G. Kirkland, Salvatore Pellegrino, Jackson W. Pou, Jacob L. Smith, Sasha L. Hernandez and Saul O. Moro-Hernandez, all of Saluda.

Spartanburg County - Sarah E. Strickland and Stella Strickland, both of Enoree; Jennifer Libby of Spartanburg; Odislen Bomar of Wellford; and Micah Regnier of Woodruff.

Union County - Russell S. Dietz and Aneekia Jeter, both of Union; Marshall Worthy of Whitmire; and Angela Washington of Carlisle.

York County - Sheena L. Jones of Rock Hill