PTC Enrollment Center in Greenwood

Fall VIP Registration Now Underway at Piedmont Technical College

Strong relationships are grounded in trust, and as communities across the state tentatively return to “normal,” some individuals may be pondering the next steps toward their pre-pandemic dreams. Piedmont Technical College (PTC) has a track record for being a strong, trusted partner in helping individuals stay on course and achieve their goals. 

To help students go the distance, PTC staff work hard to remove barriers to attaining educational goals. With that in mind, students who register by June 29, the end of the VIP registration period, will get early access to courses and avoid the $25 registration fee. Taking that further, the college is also offering a $300 book voucher to any student who registers by July 15.  

“These financial incentives, plus the fact that PTC is already the best value for higher education in the region, position our students for maximum success,” said Missy Perry, PTC’s director of financial aid. “Many of our students are stunned to find out how many grants and scholarships they can qualify for to minimize their tuition cost.” 

First-time students and returning scholars alike can trust that PTC offers options consistent with a wide range of student needs. 

“Whether students choose to complete a short-term certification or a two-year degree that will place them immediately into a well-paying job, they should expect to be hired. That is a PTC guarantee! If they would like to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher, they should expect to save thousands of dollars toward reaching that goal,” PTC President Dr. Hope E. Rivers said. “We are equipped to shepherd students along the path of their choice while delivering flexible and affordable program options.”

Most programs across the college’s seven-county service area will return to in-person classes this fall, and PTC still offers plentiful options in hybrid and online courses to support a wide variety of very specific student work/life needs. Approximately 62% of our students attend part-time, many in the evenings.

“After admirably navigating the challenges of teaching online during the 2020 quarantine, our instructors have learned to turn on a dime as the need dictates,” said Dr. Keli Fewox, PTC’s vice president for academic affairs. “They are among the most flexible and qualified faculty in the region. In fact, I confidently compare them with the best professors anywhere in the entire country.” 

The full-term fall semester runs from August 23 to Dec. 10, 2021. To get started, students are invited to apply online for the fall semester at, or they can contact admissions at 855-682-7094 to set up an appointment.