Longtime PTC Instructor Receives Award

Kathryn White, an adjunct instructor at Piedmont Technical College, has been awarded the first annual Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award.

White has been teaching in the horticulture department of Piedmont Tech for more than six years. During this time, in addition to her dynamic teaching, she has led internships, advised students, stepped in as the temporary coordinator of the program, completed grant proposals and helped expand the greenhouse.

White was one of 19 adjunct faculty members nominated for the award, which was presented at the annual Piedmont Tech Adjunct Expo. The winner was selected by a committee of full-time faculty based on the personal statement of the nominee, letters of recommendation and past student evaluations.

“We are honored to have Kathryn as a member of the horticulture faculty,” said Josh Murdock, program coordinator. “Her knowledge, experience and passion for the subject inspire the students to succeed.”