Piedmont Technical College logo

Piedmont Tech Rolls Out New Logo

This month, Piedmont Technical College’s (PTC) award-winning marketing department is unveiling a redesigned logo. The new logo reflects the modern, vibrant organization the college has grown into over its more than five-decade history.

“Piedmont Tech has continued to innovate and expand since we opened our doors in 1966,” said Russell Martin, PTC director of marketing and public relations. “Throughout our evolution, we have continued to embrace emerging technologies while also building stronger relationships with the business community, with K-12 and postsecondary institutions, and with the seven counties we serve.”

“We do this to ensure residents in our region have the resources they need to succeed,” Martin added. “In that regard, and as our new logo suggests, we are lighting a clearer path to countless career and educational opportunities.”

Starting in February and over the coming year, PTC is slowly introducing the new logo, which features a bright torch in front of a shield. The shield is symbolic as well, alluding to the security, success and respect generally afforded to one who applies their higher education degree strategically. The torch and shield symbol is also at the heart of the college seal, which was designed by the late Dr. Lex Walters, PTC president from 1968 to 2008.

“With this updated logo, we are honoring the history of the college. We are also communicating the conversion of energy into light and knowledge into enlightenment, which are the cornerstones of higher education,” said Martin.

The timing for this change is apt, because February is national Career and Technical Education Month®.

“This is a great time to celebrate our workforce development efforts throughout the region as well as our immensely successful dual enrollment partnerships with high schools and career centers,” Martin added. “The availability of quality technical education and clear transfer

pathways for those seeking a bachelor’s degree are key components in growing local economies and attaining a competitive workforce.”

The logo’s shining torch is reminiscent of the Olympic torch, which traditionally is carried by runners through myriad landscapes and cities into the Olympic stadium of the host country. In that vein, the torch can symbolize a similar relay of knowledge among the seven counties PTC serves.

“It’s important to continue moving forward and to keep things fresh,” Martin said. “This new logo was inspired by the remarkable students and supporters of Piedmont Tech who light the way for others who seek to explore where the newest knowledge can take them.”

The new design has already started to appear on digital platforms such as the college’s website, www.ptc.edu. Community members can expect to see the new logo in more places in the coming months.