Piedmont Technical College Job-Ready Guarantee

PTC Board Approves Job-Ready Guarantee

The Piedmont Technical College (PTC) Area Commission approved a new “Job-Ready Guarantee” policy at its April 16th meeting. The guarantee pledges that graduates will enter the workforce fully able to perform job-related skills learned as a part of their programs of study.

The Job-Ready Guarantee represents PTC's commitment to the quality of its technical education programs. It assures employers that graduates of its Associate in Applied Science degree programs and completers of credit-bearing diploma programs and technical certificates have the knowledge and skill sets needed to successfully perform today’s job functions.

“It is critical to me personally to ensure that Piedmont Technical College stands behind the quality of the education we provide, and it’s critical for our students to know that what they’re learning is directly tied to the needs of employers,” PTC President Dr. L. Ray Brooks said. “Many of our students are deferring income or taking time away from family to attend. This guarantee is our promise to students that pursuing a college education is worth it.”

Good for one year after a student’s graduation date, the Job-Ready Guarantee covers retraining at no cost to the graduate or employer if graduates are not able to demonstrate specified competencies detailed in the outcomes and course objectives for their completed programs. A claim against the guarantee may be filed by an employer in conjunction with a graduate. For those filing a claim, following eligibility verification, a retraining plan will be established in coordination with the student, employer, and the college.

The Area Commission voted to make the policy effective beginning with the May 2019 graduating class.

“For those graduates where deficiencies are identified, we will retrain them up to the standard identified in each program. These graduates will not need to re-enroll or pay any additional tuition,” Brooks said.

The Job-Ready Guarantee demonstrates the college’s longstanding commitment to providing students in technical programs with the right training for today’s jobs. This way, students can be confident they can enter the workforce with the right skill set to succeed on the job from day one.

“I have no reservations about implementing this new policy,” Brooks said. “This guarantee is our PTC ‘Mark of Excellence.’”

For more information about the PTC Job-Ready Guarantee, please visit www.ptc.edu/guarantee.