PTC Counselor Selected Innovative Educator

pleshetteelmoreaward1111Pleshette Elmore, director of Student Support Services at Piedmont Technical College, was recently selected as the Innovative Educator of the Month by Cengage Learning. A 1990 graduate of Lander University, Elmore spent four years at Self Regional Healthcare before becoming a caseworker and the coordinator at GLEAMNS. She came to Piedmont Tech as an early childhood development student and graduated in 1999. Five years later, Elmore returned to Piedmont Technical College to join the TRIO program in the Academic Advantage area. Enjoying student assistance, she became the nursing support counselor serving as an intermediary for nursing students and faculty before moving on to her current position. Elmore was recognized for designing the Student Support Services Leadership Retreat, a weekend-long leadership retreat for students in PTC’s TRIO program that was created to help students learn the value of trust and perseverance and build relationships with their peers through a series of team-orientated group activities.