PTC Student Finds Calling at Home

brandonandrewsBrandon Andrews has tried on many hats since graduating from high school. It wasn’t until he enrolled in the Building Construction Technology (BCT) program at Piedmont Technical College that he found the right fit.
Upon graduation in 2004, the Johnston resident did what many high school graduates do – he entered a four-year university.

“Before I came to PTC, I attended Francis Marion University for a year,” Andrews said. “I was young and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.”

College life wasn’t for him, so he entered the work world. After a year and a half working in a mill, Andrews knew that wasn’t for him, either. He knew he needed to go back to school to find a career that was right for him. Then, inspiration came.

“I was out of work for 10 months. During the last two, I helped a man remodel houses, showing me what I feel I was destined to do,” he said. “God showed me the light and began to open doors for me.”

Through the One Stop Workforce Center in Edgefield, Andrews enrolled in the BCT program. And he says he’s found the perfect fit for him. He credits much of his success to his instructors, Bobby Roche and Chad Teague.

“Going through the BCT program has enhanced my leadership skills,” said Andrews. “Bobby and Chad also teach us discipline, teamwork and how to have a sense of pride about yourself and what you do.”

After a successful two years at PTC, he’s now pursuing a Construction Management degree at Clemson.

“I got plenty of hands-on experience at Piedmont Tech out on the job site,” Brandon says. “Having to think for myself to come up with solutions meant that when I graduated from PTC, I had all the tools necessary to work for myself or run a company.”