Spring 2019 Academic Honor Students Recognized

June 3, 2019

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2019 Spring Semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn A Term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

            President’s List students include:

            Abbeville County - Brittany N. Able, Tara N. Greeson, William Hall, Lavoda V. Jeffery, Nichole E. Simpson, Alyssa B. Williams and Sandra D. Williams-Allen, all of Abbeville; Alayjah Davis, Diana Fetters and Robert D. James, all of Calhoun Falls; Melissa A. Billey and Stephanie M. West, both of Donalds; Kara J. Hershberger of Due West; Meghan E. Malone of Hodges; and Isis M. Cromwell of Iva.

            Aiken County - Rice A. Washington of Aiken; and Savannah R. Poole of Salley.

            Anderson County - Patrick Olsen of Anderson; Jordan D. Treadwell and Jeffrey B. Lee, both of Honea Path; and Amanda J. Barrow of Starr.

            Edgefield County - Antonia D. Adams, Timothy M. Jones and Mark S. Jebens, all of Edgefield; Steve Hutcherson and Madison H. Derrick, both of Johnston.

            Florence County - Hunter Long of Florence.

            Greenville County - Janessa K. Wright of Fountain Inn; and Chelsea N. Hendrix of Greenville.

            Greenwood County - Corey M. Boyter of Donalds; Heather E. Arnold, Hannah S. Beardsley, Jamison E. Cox, Johnathan G. Dillard, Bianca S. Earl, Beth Fahs, Adam Frosceno, Brett N. Hart, Nicole K. Herbert, Dorothy Holmes, Abigail Johnson, Noel Johnson, Daniel C. Johnson, Kevin A. Jones, Erica S. Kuusela, Tasha S. Lancaster, Walter Lawlor, Wesley M. Love, Claire H. Manuel, Shandra S. Martin, Brandon L. Martinez, Wendy R. Quarles, Jacob M. Reynolds, Brandon G. Rikard, Bradley S. Scott, Grayson Skidmore, Anne F. Sugden, Crystal Tepetate Hernandez, Andrew Waldron, Michaela Weeks and Elena Worthing, all of Greenwood; Gregory L. Hughes Jr., Haylea B. Jones, Kristen N. Robinson and Kim Rosa, all of Hodges; Robert L. Maxey, Sandra Smith and Jasmine N. Williams, all of Ninety Six; Lana M. Warner of Troy; Alexa L. DeMonte, Joseph D. Ellinger II and William J. Free, all of Ware Shoals.

            Kershaw County - Laveshia Yarborough-Wall of Camden.

            Laurens County - Cameron M. Felker, Bryden T. Gibbs, Brandon G. McWatters, Jeremy L. Simmons, Sammy R. Smiley, Justin A. Snead and Christopher W. Worthy, all of Clinton; Tiffany H. Huffman, Cameron S. Smith, both of Gray Court;  Landon K. Banks Adams, Andrew Baughn, Karen D. Carroll, Heavenly A. Hernandez, Cole L. Lanier Jr., Christopher Miller Jr., Jason P. Osborne, John W. Porter and Joshua Wilson F. Waterman, all of Laurens; Tyler J. Kelly of Mountville; Anagrace H. Crawford and Christa G. Ross, both of Ware Shoals; Diane H. Cape, Thomas H. Maroney and Benny Sullivan, all of Waterloo.

            Lexington County - Catherine S. Jenkins, Bradley Niehe and Meredith D. Sharpe, all of Chapin; William A. Dukes of Columbia; Amber N. Clamp and Charlotte G. Drafts, both of Gilbert; Kimberly E. Ornduff and Taylor Piorkowski, both of Lexington; and Artavis R. Boyd of West Columbia.

            McCormick County - T’Laysha C. Creswell, Willie C. Hill Jr., James J. Mather and Aaron S. Mullins, all of McCormick; Noah H. Ladousier of Plum Branch; and Dennis Price of Troy.

            Newberry County - Hunter S. Hill of Little Mountain; Judith C. Caldwell, Rokeisha M. Crooks, Trachari Davis, Sarah G. Dominick, Jacob A. Epting, Crystal L. Gilmore, Natalie E. Mallow, Chelsea R. Smith and William H. Waldrop, all of Newberry; Dawn M. Morris, Samuel A. Morris and Sarah Grace Powell, all of Pomaria; Mario A. Cardenas, Madison D. Epting, Tiffany L. Goodman and Victoria A. Kunkle, all of Prosperity.

            Pickens County - Donald P. Dewar of Easley.

            Richland County - Alyssa K. Behme of Blythewood.

            Saluda County - Cody R. Salter of Leesville; Sean P. Burri of Prosperity; Anthony Ramirez, Caleb Fincannon and Javier Delafuente, all of Saluda.

            Spartanburg County - Joshua Childs of Spartanburg.

            Sumter County - Cole Nelson of Dalzell.

            York County - Olivia J. Sharp and Richard C. Gregory, both of Rock Hill.

            Acworth, Georgia - Sean Pacheco.

            Demorest, Georgia - Mason D. Roberts.

            Evans, Georgia - Samuel R. Williams.

            Loganville, Georgia - Brian Mills.

            To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

            Dean’s List students include:

            Abbeville County - Daisy Aviles, Timothy B. Collins Jr., Robert Hughes and Mason A. Johnson, all of Abbeville; and Britney N. Kelly of Honea Path.

            Aiken County - Marisa R. Romero of Batesburg.

            Anderson County - Karasten Farmer-Kinard of Central.

            Charleston County - William E. Hughes of Mount Pleasant.

            Chesterfield County - Rachel E. Kiser of Cheraw.

            Edgefield County - Aaliyah T. Bush of Edgefield; and Tyler L. Thompson of Johnston.

            Greenville County - Lindsey R. Baldree of Greenville.

            Greenwood County - Michaela C. Rowland of Bradley; Anna C. Ballenger, Alyssa G. Blosser, William D. Cates, Tiffany Chandler, Michelle Q. Collins, Nicholas J. Darrah, Takeisha R. Davis, Claude K. Devore Jr., Keenon L. Glenn, Hewson I. Gravley, Abigail L. Hemann, Tyler Kagan, Lauryn E. Leblanc, Sheyla Y. Martinez-Quiterio, Téyanna E. Mathis, Bobbi A. Meadows, Hannah E. Simmons, Allison E. Snelling, Kristina J. Sosby, Donivan N. Spearman, Joseph Urbanic, Deanna M. Vess, Carey P. Wash and John Wienshienk, all of Greenwood; Hannah M. Adams, Christian Brown and Benjamin T. McIntyre, all of Hodges; and Barbara L. Banks of Ninety Six.

            Lancaster County - Kameron P. Ghent of Lancaster.

            Laurens County - Jose R. Morales Hernandez of Clinton; Candice Crocker, Andre R. Singleton Jr. and Frankie D. Williams, all of Gray Court; Antwan J. Clark of Honea Path; Brent M. Balcome, Amber Coker, Andrew MacPhail, Katlin E. Owens, Amanda Owens and Gill P. Stone, all of Laurens; Sarah E. Foster and Rave E. O’Dell, both of Ware Shoals; and Nathan Long of Waterloo.

            Lexington County - Ashley M. Maricle of Columbia; Edgar L. Nelson III of Gilbert; and Juan C. Lozano of West Columbia.

            McCormick County - Kaitlyn V. Blakes of McCormick; Lucinda E. Glassburn and Eternity J. Wilridge, both of Plum Branch.

            Newberry County - Kiersten Murphy of Little Mountain; Caleb D. Bickley, Hunter M. Hawkins, John Koshy, Bryson W. Longshore, Nicole H. Marchant, Martin-Ray Snelgrove and Charlie B. York, all of Newberry; Elizabeth G. Holmes of Peak; Leah C. Winningham of Pomaria; Robert W. Boland and Lauren E. Shealy, both Prosperity; and Ivy Y. Henderson of Whitmire.

            Pickens County - Joseph White of Easley.

            Saluda County - Austin W. Bell of Batesburg; Zachary D. Hall of Leesville; and Gregory P. Winters of Saluda.

            Spartanburg County - Kortney D. Bush of Chesnee; and Bryce Coggins of Moore.

            The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

            Merit List students include:

            Abbeville County - Meg E. Botts, Marymarshall Buzhardt, Brenda L. Cook, Anna B. Cowan, Jacob R. Gray, Noah M. Guire, Nicholas L. Manley, Savannah M. Overholt, Suzie V. Pace, Mary C. Price, Amber Smith, Hailey E. Stoll and Hope L. Swaney, all of Abbeville; James A. Hembree Jr. and Norma Ramos, both of Calhoun Falls; Andrew T. Queen and Tanley E. Sorensen, both of Donalds; Leland R. Beaudrot of Due West; Carley J. Bannister of Honea Path; and Colton D. Smith of Iva.

            Aiken County - Noah M. Murphy of Aiken; Scottie D. McAbee of Gloverville; and Katy Neal Day of North Augusta.

            Anderson County - Casey M. Norris of Anderson; Angela M. Perry of Easley; Addison T. Smith of Honea Path; Summer N. King and Briana Paull, both of Iva.

            Charleston County - Zoe B. James of Charleston.

             Edgefield County - Amber Burckhalter, Reagan Creasy, Melissa D. Houser, Sara F. Miller and Tiffany Z. Sibert, all of Edgefield; Linda S. Butler and Darnette L. Wiggins, both of Johnston; Quinzavious M. Phillips of McCormick; Lauren D. Caines of North Augusta; Shedricka Langford, Alexis L. Quarles and Elizabeth K. Ruth, all of Trenton.

            Greenville County - Chinyere G. Uwakwe of Simpsonville.

            Greenwood County - Katelyn E. Latham and Nolan T. McCutcheon, both of Bradley; Lexi H. Butler and Karly M. Strawhorne, both of Donalds; Jake Abernathy, Kortney T. Allison, Lucia S. Almazan, Lisa D. Arnold, Kelcey O. Baten, Ariel H. Bishop, Christopher C. Blumer, James A. Borders, Joseph C. Bowen, Morgan R. Bratcher, Edward W. Brooks, Lacy L. Brown, Miranda B. Burton, Zy’Tawn Childs, Ieshia M. Chisholm, Keona Z. Collins, Ernestine M. Colson, Jason R. Corbin, Fabiola Corona, Summer A. Coxe, Tiffany L. Craddock, Patrick A. Craven, James K. Crawford, Sherman A. Culbertson, Caroline E. Culbertson, Mckenzie Daniels, Andrew S Darby Jr., Jobeth Darby, Marie E. Darnell, Kathryn P. Davis, Christina R. Davis, Jessica A. Davis, Markeisha C. Day, Meredith P. Denning, Katherine H. Dorn, Samantha L. Dove, Adam B. Ellenberg, Ethan Ellenberg, Eleanor R. Emerson, Bradlee C. Farmer, Rosemary G. Flick, Justin Ford, Aimee N. Gambrell, Courtney L. Gantt, Jennifer A. Garcia Orosco, Latisia C. Gilchrist, Mary S. Graham, Sonja L. Gray, Christopher S. Guire Jr., Joshua P. Hadd, Kelton M. Harbin, Gregory V. Harris, Hayden E. Harrison, Sammy B. Harvley, Halle S. Harwood, Savannah R. Huskey, Olivia Grace Jones, Lendora P. Keenon, Hailey A. Landreth, Flor E. Leonardo, Johnathan D. Leopard, Gregory M. Lewis, Jennifer Logeais, Ryan D. Luepke, Mary G. Martin, Margaret R. Masters, Morgan E. Minor, Laila M. Monda, Reed Monson, Thomas O. Moran, Lauren E. Mountz, Gloria G. Murray, Anna E. Nelson, Robert F. Nelson III, Hannah Newton, Sophie B. Nickles, Elizabeth Nix, Alexis D. Norris, Shana N. Ouzts, Jeremy R. Phillips, Justin M. Phillips, Ashley N. Polattie, Betty W. Richards, Adrian S. Richardson, Ashlee A. Riley, John A. Roberson, Lisa E. Robinson, Da’Vidria A. Robinson, Tyler S. Rodgers, Brooke K. Ruhoff, Abbey T. Russ, Simon Saavedra Olguin, Shelby-Anne E. Scruggs, Melissa A. Seabolt, Allison Shealy, Keegan R. Smith, Jennifer E. Sorrow, Lindsay M. Stevens, Barbara R. Stokes, Madison E. Syswerda, Shakeryhia R. Terry, Rebecca E. Thornton, Amber R. Todd, Adam Weinschenker, Rose E. Whitt, Sakai T. Williams, Len'naja B. Wright, Sara G. Young, all of Greenwood; Addie R. Anderson, Lauren J. Fingar, Chelsea Hatcher, Corley B. Lyle, Joseph N. McCoy, Sarah N. Rogers, William J. Sellew Jr., Gracie L. Stone and Allie Watts, all of Hodges; Robert P. Banks, Mckenzy J. Butler, Eugene C. Canfield, Haley M. Cleveland, Jeffery B. Crisp, James F. Ford Jr., Johnathon R. Hasting, Alexander B. Hester, Kerry S. Knepley, Brittany R. Mangum, Jonathan B. Moore, Gracen Price, Anna G. Sprouse and Shelby L. Turner, all of Ninety Six; Wendy M. Carrillo and Brandon J. Heinz, both of Troy; Phillip D. Cline, Lindsey R. Livingston and Melanie Parks, all of Ware Shoals.

            Horry County - Cynthia Cline of Little River; and Frances C. Laughlin of North Myrtle Beach.

            Lancaster County - Taylor Short of Heath Springs.

            Laurens County - Danielle Bell, Ashley R. Cohen, Kristina Dwyer, Sharon C. Fuller, Temple S. Jennings, Hunter P. Odom, Horace D. Payne III, Albertina Thompson and Peyton S. Wilkes, all of Clinton; Dacoda B. Crisp and Joshua A. Tollison, both of Cross Hill; Michelle Brown of Fountain Inn; Cassandra P. Burnside, Susey Cruz Soto, Jasmine R. Irby, Kyle J. Kresch, Christopher D. Meetze, Johnathan D. Patterson, Hollie Smith and Star L. Thompson, all of Gray Court; Sha’Bella N. Anderson, Tomas Andres, James C. Coleman Jr., Mary Cooper, Landon L. Ford, Ashley W. King, Patricia J. Ligon, Kenyada D. Luchie, Lisa Polson, Charles D. Prince Jr., Javarious M. Richey, Johnlin Savage and Colby Walden, all of Laurens; Kendall B. Long of Mountville; Mary Bunting, Dalton Haynes, Katherine D. Haynes and Christopher R. Rousey, all of Ware Shoals; Heather L. Case, Christopher J. Hyman, Chloe L. Lamborne and Lucky J. Maroney, all of Waterloo.

            Lexington County - Christa G. Jones and Sydney E. Sanders, both of Batesburg; Madison N. McAfee, Tung H. Pham and Thomas C. Zobel Jr., all of Chapin; Michael Ballard of Columbia; Kimberly S. Burkett and Caleb Fink, both of Gilbert; Whitney O. Baker, Angelica R. Boatwright and Ethan W. Oswald, all of Leesville; William A. Lynch and Taylor A. Welch, both of Lexington.

            McCormick County - Xavier Middleton and Laquincy Nelson, both of McCormick; Justin P. Reed and Zachary T. Smith, both of Parksville; and X’Zavion Z. Burns of Plum Branch.

            Newberry County - James C. Davis and Tyler D. Tucker, both of Kinards; Lylah J. Brooks, Kerry M. Faglie, Precious I. Mayers, Jacob A. Riddle, Georgia E. Summer, Kyndal L. White and Kelsey S. Wise, all of Little Mountain; Sydney N. Breaux, Calista J. Brogdon, Mallorie A. Jaeger, Benjamin D. Jennings, Nanci Licea, Mallory S. Matthews, Victor M. Mendoza, Chelsey Mills, Belecia L. Moore, Jose A. Mora, Carter L. Moze Jr., William A. Murray, Edward W. Musgrove Jr., Alexander R. Rikabi, Whitney N. Ruff, Tushobia M. Suber and Shandrea J. Williams, all of Newberry; Kaleb S. Boland, Ryan A. Bouknight, Jacob K. Shealy, Scarlet L. Shull and Emily T. Terry, all of Pomaria; Jenifer M. Brokob, Jordan M. Cary, Justin C. Caudill, Kathleen M. Crotwell, Sidney L. Dozier, Caleb A. Harold, Natalie L. Shealy, Evan C. Thornhill, Ashlyn Whitley and Jacob W. Wicker, all of Prosperity; Amya J. Holley, Haylee R. Rikard and Bernadette M. Sanders, all of Whitmire.

            Oconee County - Katherine A. Clayton of Walhalla.

            Pickens County - Tammy H. McGee of Easley.

            Richland County - Garrett B. Porter of Ballentine.

            Saluda County - Kaylee M. Long of Batesburg; William N. Corley of Chappells; Matthew T. Bailey and Baylee A. Shealy, both of Leesville; Noah T. Bell of Prosperity; William K. Bedenbaugh III, Annelle B. Bosket, Lily R. Cleveland, Stephanie R. Crouch, Cade R. Gentry, Alberto M. Gomez, Kristine E. Griffith, Jose T. Leyva-Nava, Clara Lopez, Craig McMillan, Grace E. Moore, Matthew D. Perry, April D. Ringer, Anakaren Robles, Keren S. Santos-Vicente, Ximena Sorcia-Herrera and Courtney E. Wertz, all of Saluda; and Annalee G. Rogers of Ward.

            Spartanburg County - Brianna Milligan of Boiling Springs; April D. Bishop of Duncan; and Amber Young of Woodruff.

            Sumter County - Jill N. Binion of Dalzell.

            York County - William Harper of Fort Mill.

            Appling, Georgia - Aubrey S. Buck.

            Bowman, Georgia - Leann B. Allen.

            Hartwell, Georgia - Matthew A. Strickland.

            Lincolnton, Georgia - Natalie N. Wynn.

            Thomson, Georgia - Yolanda Moore.

            Newman, North Carolina - Ian W. Thompson.