Students Named to PTC President’s, Dean’s & Merit Lists

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2010 fall term have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full-time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

President’s List students include:
Abbeville County - Zachary R. Bailey, Robin C. Claussen, Krystal L. Collins, Codi L. Crawford, Julie L. Fleming, Patrick C. Mulcahy, Punit H. Patel, Kaylyn B. Sparks, April R. Stone, Jesse T. Stone, Jessica G. Sutherland, Debra S. Tiller, Elisabeth K. Timmerman, Sheila A. Weitkamp and Semophia C. Williams, all of Abbeville; Irving C. Cowan, Elijah B. Hozey and Melanie R. Padner, all of Calhoun Falls; Bessie B. Darby of Donalds; Calandra M. Cobb, Justin M. Thompson and Victoria E. Thompson, all of Due West; and Bobby J. Suit of Honea Path.
Anderson County - Haley E. Greer of Belton; Ronnie D. Davis, Melissa D. Fullerton and Somer N. Keith, all of Honea Path; Travis J. Bombay and William F. Morgan, both of Iva.
Augusta, Ga. - Kathy L. Steele.
Chester County - Kelley R. Going of Chester.
Edgefield County - Gabriel M. Holsomback, Rachel L. Raines, Amy M. Williams and Lisa I. Winn, all of Edgefield; John W. Brown, Janet L. Johnson and Jode T. Robinson, all of Johnston; and Christine S. Burns of Trenton.
Greenville County - Carlton D. Coble of Greenville.
Greenwood County - Tammy R. Murphy and Aaron F. Walker, both of Bradley; Melany S. Atkins, Shindale Aull, Alene C. Brothers, Valerie R. Bunting, Guilford W. Cade III, Charles W. Camp, LaPorcha S. Cannady, Kerry L. Cannon, Alice N. Coats, Jessica L. Collins, Dennis J. Cox, Irvin L. Crawford, Shannon M. Crittendon, Terry Dawkins, Jessica A. Deal, Debra S. Dennin, Kavita K. Desai,Danielle N. Donaldson, Carlton S. Eustace, Allison C. Ficklin, Haley B. Floyd, Kelsey A. Gallman, Angela C. Gambrell, Ricky E. Gibson, Barbara Gilchrist, Jacob C. Goforth, Grace E. Goldman, Tony Gonce, Erin M. Gottlieb, Alex P. Harlow, William M. Head, Candida A. Hutchinson, Kelly L. Janus, LaZandra M. Johnson, Jennifer A. Joseph, Alisha M. Keathley, William D. King, Melissa B. Laughlin, Andrew B. Lay, Minnie F. Lights, Zachary R. Lindner, Misti M. Moon, Jose F. Ochoa, Craig D. Palmer, Brandon T. Patterson, Wes A. Patterson, Christopher L. Reeves, Katey Robinson, Linda J. Rucker, Angela M. Self, Alyssa M. Shearer, Jesse L. Sibert, William H. Snyder, Robert W. Spires, Andrea V. Thompson, Kala T. Thrasher, Doyle F. Timms, Ly K. Tran, Ronda Tumblin, Phillip M. Walker, Ashley K. Wall, Alison J. Willingham, Charles K. Winston, Robert M. Winter, Teddi E. Worrock, Kara N. Yassney, John H. Young and Kristin M. Young, all of Greenwood; Marquetta M. Carter, Velvet L. Dixon and Emily N. Walden, all of Hodges; Harla J. Anderson, Diane M. Carter, John J. Clark, Kristen T. Culbreath, Sally Dorn, Bruce E. Fifer, Teshana L. Hackett, William J. Harter, Patricia G. Lamb, Martha F. Leopard, Michelle A. Lewis, Kenneth W. Price, Bronwyn R. Shingler, Lauren A. Turner, Tammy C. Walker and Patrick F. Williamson, all of Ninety Six; Samuel A. Beauford of Troy; Phillip L. Calhoun, Alfonzo Rice, Joseph W. Smith and Brandon P. White, all of Ware Shoals.
Laurens County - Jessica A. Fowler, Aaron M. Hines, Floetta B. Irby, Michelle S. Lingerfelt, John B. Madden, Misty M. Mashburn, Mansi P. Patel, Dani J. Sherfield and Maranda A. Thacker, all of Clinton; Stephanie M. Bohland, Twanisha A. Cofield, Christie Garrett and Gail E. Williams, all of Cross Hill; Julia J. Hale of Fountain Inn; Rebecca L. Jones and Jacob Mullikin, both of Gray Court; Regina M. Boland, Joey J. Pittman and Abby L. Shealy, all of Joanna; Narmeen T. Abojamoos, Donna M. Brown, Bradley N. Cooper, Velma R. Dunaway, Judy Hunnicutt, Robert D. Johnston, Amanda R. Kommers, Joel G. Kuiper, Kaci C. Patton, James E. Starnes, Kevin A. Wheeler and Jason D. Williams, all of Laurens; Meneatrice A. Choice and Samuel F. Templeton, both of Mountville; Andrew H. Cooper and Vetta H. Webb, both of Ware Shoals; Troy D. Calliham, Anthony A. Culbertson, Turner M. Gambrell, Tabitha D. McAllister, William R. Smith, Wendy J. Talley and Michael L. Weathers, all of Waterloo; and Christine L. McBee of Woodruff.
Lexington County - Genene Bowers of Chapin; Kayla B. Hall and Rachel C. Willis, both of Leesville.
McCormick County - Quillette Elam, Hanna Wilkie, Leonard M. Mathys and Toneeka Y. Tate, all of McCormick; Jon P. Faulkner of Plum Branch; Pipatpong Daorueng and Ginna L. Weatherford, both of Troy.
Newberry County - Angela M. Childs and Larry D. Ward, both of Chappells; Kayla N. Fulmer and Juel S. Wessinger, both of Little Mountain; Logan L. Beard, Samantha R. Cook, Sumpter Cureton, Paula A. Dudley, Samantha R. Evans, Corey M. Graham, Glenda E. Gregory, Kimberly D. Hitch, Shanna M. Suber, Erika N. Tinsley, Bryan C. Waldrop, Porsha D. Williams and Drew M. Zuber, all of Newberry; Michael A. Berry and Jackson K. Graham, both of Pomaria; Tiffany A. Bloniarz, Mollie I. Connelly, Jessica L. Gosnell, Helen S. Martin, Jennie E. Moore, Daniel J. Parker, Neal J. Rawls, Angela L. Ross, Shari M. Warren and Sarah K. Wicker, all of Prosperity; Rebecca A. MacCormack of Silverstreet; George T. Alverson, Jessica N. Crumpton and Michael E. Gibson, all of Whitmire.
Orangeburg County - Charles Kilgus of Orangeburg.
Pickens County - Donna J. Lane of Pickens.
Saluda County - Joshua C. Shealy of Batesburg; Tammy M. Clark, Amy E. Conard and Wade L. Hipp, all of Saluda; and Seth P. Hartley of Ward.
Spartanburg County - James D. Cooley of Enoree; and Raymond P. Ridgeway of Wellford.

To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better. The Merit List recognizes students who are attending part-time and have earned a term GPA of 3.75 or better.

Dean’s List students include:
Abbeville County - Shauntara D. Brown, James E. Foster, Emily A. Guire, Melissa M. Hall, Lyndsey E. Hanke, Joseph L. James, William A. Jefferies, Tiffany A. Jones, Holly F. Leonard, Amanda M. Malone, Tonia D. O’Bannon and Dorothy L. Simpson, all of Abbeville; Miranda C. Alewine of Calhoun Falls; Kristi A. Satterfield, Michael J. Smith and Jamie J. Wardlaw, all of Donalds; Karlie D. Brady of Honea Path; and Porcha Y. Poulin of Iva.
Aiken County - Emily L. Workman of Aiken.
Anderson County - Robert C. Shore of Anderson; Jerry T. Goodwin of Belton; Matthew C. Going, Anthony I. Pounders and John J. Powell, all of Honea Path.
Edgefield County - Beverly P. Pride and Amie L. Schneider, both of Edgefield; Jackson Bush, Rebecca S. Langford and John W. Ryan, all of Johnston; Mary M. James of McCormick.
Greenville County - Brandon E. Sloan of Greenville; Michael L. Coker of Taylors; and Jimmie P. Gray of Tigerville.
Greenwood County - Mary C. Hunt, Matthew P. Kidd and George Rosema, all of Bradley; Alyssa J. Baer, Wesley B. Baughman, Detracuase D. Belcher, Joshua E. Best, Michael Blohm, Cynthia C. Boone, Rachel M. Bowick, Lacey A. Brown, William D. Brown, Karla M. Bryant, Kendra D. Busha, Jacob P. Cook, Jessica L. Dickerson, Jay D. Esposito, Hollie B. Ethridge, Valerie F. Fennell, Hannah L. Fitter, Kyle D. Ford, Johnathan P. Garrison, Jessica L. Glasby, Antonia G. Goode, Roger D. Gresham, Tamra M. Hughes, Ikira C. Jones, David H. Kirby, Christopher D. Lake, Connor T. Lee, Tobias A. Manley, Benjamin P. Milner, Miranda R. Oxner, Karl Palecki, Betina J. Quarles, Todd A. Raugh, Briana L. Ray, Kathy A. Richardson, Phillip T. Riddle, Darrell G. Seymour, Jerry C. Spearman, Eric L. Stevens, Stephanie N. Stewart, Robert D. Tompkins, Omar Torres, Davita L. Watkins, Natasha S. Wideman, David C. Wilkes, Brittany S. Williams, Jermiah M. Williams, Thomas A. Williams and Kaja M. Wilson, all of Greenwood; Chandler E. Balentine and Lauren J. Szortyka, both of Hodges; Lacey M. Berry, Mary S. Butler, Zachary S. Hendrix, Ryan D. Homme, Kaylynn L. Knight, Robert E. Miller, Kinsli A. Parkman, Edward A. Thompson, Keri Trull, Harrison J. Tucker and Heather M. Ward, all of Ninety Six; Brandon B. Brooks of Troy; and Meaghan S. McCall of Ware Shoals.
Laurens County - Jonathan M. Alcocer, Barry L. Boyce, Kathy M. Gaddis, Julie D. Hostetler, Brandon A. Neal and James R. Wellman, all of Clinton; Cassondra B. Sullivan of Cross Hill; Rachelle L. Ramsey of Gray Court; Kathryn R. Burrows and Charles A. Woodard, both of Joanna; James L. Bagwell, Christopher L. Cranford, Gritton T. Culbertson, Michael C. Flowers, Kristie C. Henry, Robert K. Hughes, Christopher C. Makla, David A. Moore and James Z. Sanders, all of Laurens; Savoeun Lun of Mountville; Kathryn J. Slentz of Ware Shoals; Brittany E. Abbott, Jason E. Allen, Samuel M. Meakim and Sara E. Trowbridge, all of Waterloo.
McCormick County - Angilica M. Dorn, Rachael A. Moss, Lindsay H. Daniels and Terence O. Kelly, all of McCormick; and Evan T. Warner of Troy.
Newberry County - Marlana F. Alvarez of Chappells; Cameron C. Fellers of Little Mountain; Jewel F. Bates, Dorine Booker, Linda C. Cannon, Zelma C. Dewalt, LeDonna R. Durrance, John D. Epting, Dustin J. Floyd, George W. Kinard, Byron D. Knight, Amanda J. Larsen, Syble R. Moon, Tina L. Palmer, Joshua B. Piersol, Stevie P. Sligh, Brenda R. Trapp, Jonathan G. Wicker and Taurean T. Williams, all of Newberry; Julia L. Floyd of Pomaria; Jeremy S. Steele and Caitlin D. Stockman, both of Prosperity; Jeffrey S. Burleson, Albert G. Caudill, Tammy R. Drew, Tiffany M. Foster, Emma B. Jeter, Daniel A. Lindler and Michael K. Shealy, all of Whitmire.
Saluda County - Keyenda H. Weaver of Johnston; Tabetha M. Davis, Alicia M. Dickey, Danielle L. Fulmer, Heber N. Padget and Richard L. Wertz, all of Saluda.
York County - Leslie Ferrell of Rock Hill.

Merit List students include:
Abbeville County - Valorie J. Aikens, Melody Bender, Sheree L. Boggs, Katie R. Bowie, Tracie S. Bowie, Sandra W. Burton, Brian D. Butler, Rodrequis S. Callaham, Joy E. Cain, Kimberly D. Cocchia, James C. Ellis, Veronica M. Enwright, Stacy L. Haddon, Stephen M. Henez, Christopher C. Herron, Lisa L. Hill, Eric B. Hudgens, Reagan M. Koschel, Courtney J. Lawton, Dawn B. Mobley, Jorge D. Ortega, Doris N. Power, Jennifer E. Pruitt, Amy M. Rodgers, Brandon E. Scott, Michelle S. Weeks, Daniel R. Weichmann and Charles F. Willis, all of Abbeville; Terri C. Hembree and Alzavious M. Simmons, both of Calhoun Falls; Mashario S. Morton of Donalds; Abigail D. Hershberger and Bonnie K. Lowery, both of Due West; Brandon C. Hedden of Greenwood; Elena Melnichenko of Honea Path; and Thomas N. Stone of Ware Shoals.
Aiken County - Wilma C. Becker and Sandra J. Meischen, both of Aiken; Lakisha R. Jennings of North Augusta; Paula J. Ortiz of Trenton; and Gwendolyn W. Jefferson of Windsor.
Anderson County - Julie E. Dixon, David E. Mcallister and Thomas Miles, all of Anderson; Julia L. Whitten of Belton; Deana L. Fleming, Jerry A. Grant, April Kelly and Kenneth A. Swartz, all of Honea Path; and Keila N. Burdette of Iva.
Berea, Ohio - Gayle W. Wolf.
Chesterfield County - Ryne C. Phillips of Cheraw.
Edgefield County - Renata D. Copeland, Clark A. Dickson, Elisabeth C. Thornton and Suzanne C. White, all of Edgefield; Edith M. Dinkins and Nancy C. Lapsley, both of Johnston; Miguel Garcia, Linda Garrett and Donna T. Hallman, all of North Augusta.
Greenville County - Stephanie K. Cook of Greenville; and Henry S. Axson of Mauldin.
Greenwood County - Brian A. Hammond, Deborah L. Newman and Mandi J. Pevey, all of Bradley; Chad L. Vickery of Donalds; Nakisha B. Anderson, Tina L. Anderson, Paige Archambault, Wright L. Austin, Alexander M. Barrett, Kelsey A. Barrett, Ashleigh M. Bethea, Kristen M. Bradfield, Holly D. Broome, Barry E. Brown, La’Quita S. Brown, Jeffrey T. Buffington, Rebecca H. Byington, Jason T. Carroll, V. Michele Carruth, Trakius Christian, Jessica D. Cobb, Christopher M. Cockrell, Betty A. Colon, Samantha H. Cook, Allie M. Cooper, Chris B. Crawford, Lisa S. Creswell, Amanda K. Darden, Kathy Darragh, Robin T. Davenport, Kayla R. Dennin, Rylee M. Dillard, Graham T. Doolittle, Talon M. Duffie, Julie C. Ferguson, Julie E. Fitzgibbons, Katelyn N. Fleming, Lori I. Flick, William S. Franks, Dalvin D. Gaines, Aimee N. Gambrell, Lonnie C. Gillespie, Melinda Grayson, Keith L. Griffin, Jacob N. Grooms, Amber Hammrich, Heather L. Hancock, Terence L. Harrison, Kara-Grace Higginbotham, Roland Hill, Laurel C. Hohenwarter, Paul E. Horne, Oanh G. Huynh, Leesa W. Inabinet, Jennifer A. Karel, Kathryn L. Kemp, Kayla S. Kerr, Rebecca M. Kilburn, Kyle C. Kwarsick, Valerie L. Lake, Hayes C. Lanford, Karen M. Lindley, Marisa T. Ling, Tiffany S. Lollis, Natasha N. Lomax, Hannah E. Martin, Wesley K. Martin, Bradley J. McCord, Theresa A. McDonald, Kathryn R. McGee, Jesse N. McLaughlin, Emily M. Milford, Carl Monson, Autumn G. Montgomery, Tammy L. Moore, Candice J. Morris, Anthony J. Moss, Vanesa S. Mountz, Jennifer C. Mull, Teran N. Nation, Cheryl L. Nicholson, Wade Nicholson, Robyn L. Owens, Wesley G. Patterson, Hannah Poe, Lauren A. Powell, Thomas M. Pritchard, Cody D. Read, Jennifer N. Rodgers, Emerald L. Salisbury, Latasha J. Sanders, Karla M. Sargent, Samantha C. Saxon, Lawrence A. Scarboro, Margaret K. Schnider, Sarah Schwartz, Richard A. Sellars, Kristin M. Seymour, Brittany Shephard, Vernon U. Sibert, Mabrey E. Smith, Alisha D. Solis Mora, Deborah Starks, Amelia F. Stockman, Chad P. Stroud, Leann T. Suttles, Mandi K. Tedards, Janice L. Terry, Angela M. Thompson, Robert J. Thompson, Marissa K. Timpson, Emnmika C. Tolbert, Justin C. Turner, Stephen Voiselle, Arlene Warmsley, Vernessia Wideman, Denise B. Wiley, Jorica J. Williams, Matthew L. Wilson, Matthew L. Wood, Robbie Wood and Ryan D. Young, all of Greenwood; Latonia Bostic, Robert Crosby, Candice Howell, Pauline N. Howell, Tonna M. Lee, Angela L. Miller, William P. Ray, Amanda C. Ricks, Christy M. Seawright, Christy M. Ward and Kaci R. Whitaker, all of Hodges; Susan L. Avery, Brian W. Bencebi, Jason D. Gonce, Steve D. Grigg, Audrey M. Haulbrook, Holly B. Jones, Lateefah L. Logan, Shannon S. Martin, Ginger Y. McCaleb, Brandon T. McKellar, Sharon R. Miller, Brooklyn L. Rhodes, Blake Rodgers, Kenneth S. Stargel, Jared J. Taylor and Corrie E. Turner, all of Ninety Six; Kaci A. Shirley of Troy; Shelly N. Calvert, Connie M. Culbertson, Jandy L. McCarson-Stephens and James O. Price, all of Ware Shoals.
Laurens County - Sharon R. Cromer, Sylvia L. Daniels, Kylee A. Evans, Rebecca A. Osborne, Charles J. Overstreet, Tammara S. Oyeneyin, Christopher J. Rhodes, Howard C. Senn, Melissa G. Simmons, Victoria G. Smith and Cassandra K. Young, all of Clinton; Peggy P. Saxon and Michael T. Wessel, both of Cross Hill; Lacy S. Robinson of Fountain Inn; Edward Evans, Frances M. Griffin, Mark E. Hamilton, Kimberly R. Hill, Ashley G. Lambert, Kathy D. Lang, Lindley A. Mahon, Kimberly F. Manley, Bethany M. Prescott and Erica L. Prescott, all of Gray Court; Sarah G. Brown, Bruce Clark and Matthew J. Frye, all of Joanna; Cindy K. Baker of Kinards; Jennifer R. Ashmore, Marie P. Bishop, Jami N. Burke, Linda Cox, Carol S. Davis, Sophia L. Dendy, Patti S. Ford, Tony L. Howell, Louise Irby, James C. Ladd, Charles M. Melton, Patricia L. Nabors, Judith A. Omalanowicz, Ptia S. Patterson, Christel A. Reeder, Shannon L. Riddle, Keith O. Shell, Lisa M. Sprouse, Kristen A. Stewart, Kathy D. Torres, Sandra D. Williams and Tabitha C. Young, all of Laurens; George A. Gantt and Emily V. Tingle, both of Mountville; Whitney R. Davis, Mary Ashton T. Lockard and Margaret P. Oxner, all of Ware Shoals; Frankie L. Elgin, Alex L. Hightower, Arnold N. Hine, Christopher V. Jones, Deborah A. Patrick, Angela M. Stewart and Wanda W. Vanderhoof, all of Waterloo.
Lexington County - Kayla N. Abnathey and Jacque P. Hebert, both of Chapin; Hannah M. Creech of Leesville; Copeland C. Haynes and Jesse L. Wright, both of Lexington; and Lavonya S. Sulton-Brown of Little Mountain.
Lincolnton, Ga. - Delando J. Clark and Jeanie G. Turnbull.
McCormick County - James C. Hardy, Eric C. Turman, Lee A. Boddie and Mallory L. Brown, all of McCormick.
Newberry County - Jennifer Devall and Alberta Robinson, both of Chappells; Jason L. Bigham and Latosha N. Johnson, both of Kinards; Meghan E. Lake, Frances W. Mcginn and Whitney K. Yongue, all of Little Mountain; Tamela L. Barrett, Courtney K. Berry, Michelle C. Brazell, Hannah L. Brown, Jordan L. Cannady, Latisha N. Chalmers, Laprincia L. Cromer, Meredith Leslie, James C. Moody, Jennifer L. Morris, Colt S. Moss, Patricia B. Seymore, April C. Smith, Allison N. Taylor and Bret L. West, all of Newberry; Alexander B. Dowd, Alicia D. Fulmer and Bryan T. Oseman, all of Pomaria; Bonnie S. Alger, Brandy R. Babb, Hunter G. Barnett, Chelsea S. Bouknight, Emma D. Brandt, Kristen N. Dominick, Leigha P. Faulkner, Kimberly L. Gary, Sandra R. Jones, Jamie B. Long, Zachary J. Long, Vivian N. Morris, Kayla M. Nichols, Rebekah J. Odum, Makesia L. Penny, Michael V. Renwick and Jill Thurman, all of Prosperity; Helen R. Arnold, Joshua K. Pressley, Kaley B. Pressley and Crystal K. Wallace, all of Whitmire.
Oconee County - Amy L. Evering of Seneca.
Richland County - Rose A. Walker of Blythewood; Mary A. Logan and Erin L. Weinzapfel, both of Columbia.
Saluda County - Kayla A. Abney, Emily M. Duncan, Ryan Rowe, Rhonda W. Salter and Kasey L. Spurlock, all of Batesburg; Deantha D. Dunning of Leesville; Kristina A. McCormick of Monetta; Curtis Berry, Suzanne L. Bird, Allison K. Bryan, Jennifer L. Bryan, Aaron A. Cameron, Alexander Coleman, Cassandra C. Gantt, Payton R. Gardner, Allison M. Lake, Rachel E. Perry, Ulyss K. Roesner, James R. West, Luther S. Wheeler and Jamin K. Wright, all of Saluda.
Spartanburg County - Caroline M. Toney of Duncan.
Union County - Alesia Henderson of Carlisle; Dennis T. Hardy and Kylin W. Hunter, both of Whitmire.
Wilson, N.C. - Joshua Wooten.