Students Praise PTC Faculty During Quarantine

July 9, 2020

While classes go on during the quarantine months at Piedmont Technical College (PTC), some students are taking a moment to correspond with college officials on how it’s going for them. They had high praise for advisors and instructors who kept communication lines open throughout the online transition and beyond.

Nursing student Bridget Clemons, for example, gave a shout-out to her advisors via email and online messaging. 

“I just thought I would let you know that I aced my test yesterday, and I have all A’s. I worked so hard this semester,” she wrote. “Thanks so much for everything!”

In another online message, nursing student Katherine Mackin wanted to recognize her instructor, Elizabeth Wilson.

“During the transition from in-class to home learning, Mrs. Wilson sent frequent updates by email and explained to us what we were going to do in the next class. She did a number of case studies to help us with the material, posted lecture captures and also did online appointments for test review. Her transition was seamless. It was as if she were planning to do this all along,” Mackin wrote. “… Mrs. Wilson did a phenomenal job, and I just felt that it should be recognized. I am very thankful that she was my teacher during the pandemic. I know that this time has not been easy for any teachers or students, but she made it as easy as she could, and I have no doubt that I am well-prepared in the curriculum she taught.”

Donovan Taylor, who is working toward his Embalmer’s Certificate in the Funeral Service Program, has high praise for one of his instructors, Lynette Thompson.

“I am convinced that Professor Thompson should set a model for all professors who endeavor to lead online courses,” he said. “With Professor Thompson, you knew how to study for quizzes, tests and all other assignments. Professor Thompson did not leave me to guess and never advised students just to ‘study your textbooks.’ Professor Thompson gave extensive study guides. The homework was geared toward preparing students for tests, and the study guides were geared toward preparing students for major exams.”

Another student, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed gratitude to PTC faculty and staff who helped her find resources during the stay-at-home orders. “Thank you so much for recommending the SOS (Saving Our Students) Fund,” the student posted. “They actually paid a whole month of my rent, which has really helped the stress of the situation!”

“When we’re gauging our performance as a college, honest, unsolicited feedback from our students is invaluable,” PTC President Dr. L. Ray Brooks said. “I’ve always been proud of our faculty and staff, and hearing comments like these reinforces my faith in their dedication.”