Summer VIP Opens at Piedmont Tech

Officials at Piedmont Technical College are looking forward to a good turnout for the summer term as the VIP registration period draws near. 

Registration for the summer term begins April 1 and runs through April 30. Students who register during this period become “VIPs” and receive their first choice of classes and a $25 registration fee waiver.

 “We will have a wide array of offerings in all of our programs,” said Jennifer Wilbanks, interim vice president for academic affairs.

Wilbanks said the big push is to have students complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early. The FAFSA is available online and can be completed with relative ease. To be eligible for any financial aid, a student must complete the FAFSA. Students must apply each academic year at least 90 days prior to the date that funds are needed.

“A lot of individuals don’t realize how the process works,” said Missy Perry, director of financial aid. “We’re here to help.”

Once the FAFSA is completed, students are eligible for many different avenues of financial assistance.

“We offer several options, from federal grants and student loans to the South Carolina Life Scholarship and lottery assistance,” Perry said.

“Waiting on financial aid to come in before classes start can be very stressful on the students,” said Wilbanks. “If they take care of it now, there is plenty of time to take care of any problems they may encounter.”

Wilbanks also urges students enrolled in a four-year college or university to look at classes at Piedmont Tech if they’re at home for the summer.

“Students can save money this summer by taking some of their classes close to home at Piedmont Tech,” Wilbanks said. “PTC offers more than 80 courses that transfer to any public college or university in South Carolina.”

Summer classes begin May 19. To become a Piedmont Tech VIP, register in the month of April by visiting the campus closest to you or call the Admissions Office at (864) 941-8369.