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    Piedmont Technical College is offering a wide range of courses each summer that can satisfy the general education requirements at your home college. Scroll down to see how you can save big on classes that transfer while still enjoying your summer. 

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Note: Transient students do not qualify for No Cost Tuition.

Summer breaks are important. They’re a time to unwind, have a little fun and focus on more than just school. We get it.

But what if you could still do all of that while working on a few credits to help jumpstart your next academic year? What if you could make your summer count toward your educational goals while still having fun? The good news is, you can. And Piedmont Technical College can help you do it.

You'll not only continue enjoying your summer, you'll save big and take courses that will transfer back to your home college or university.

Term Start Dates:

  • Full Term: May 13-July 29
  • A Term: May 13-June 17
  • Late Term: May 28-July 29
  • B Term: June 18-July 29

Have Questions? Contact Admissions at 864-941-8369 or request information online.

What You Can Expect 

At PTC, we offer a wide range of courses each summer that can satisfy the general education requirements at your home college. And when you take your summer classes with us we provide a lot that you can count on.

Saving on Tuition

Let’s face it, tuition at your college or university is expensive. So, it’s good to know you can save money this summer by taking some of your classes at Piedmont Tech. Tuition starts at under $210 per credit hour.

Tuition and Fees

Courses That Transfer

Summer classes at Piedmont Tech are designed from the ground up to transfer. So, take what you need with us and work with your advisor at your college or university to make sure your courses will transfer.

Courses That Transfer

Classes that Travel

Want to take a trip to the beach, but you have homework? No problem. PTC offers a variety of online courses that can help you get the credits you need while still doing things you love to do in the summer.

Online Course Offerings

Paying for Summer Classes

Tuition varies depending on your county of residence. Students in PTC's service region will pay less than $210 per credit hour.

You may also be able to use financial aid from your home institution. Please contact your home institution’s financial aid office and ask if they participate in consortium agreements. 

What Course Are You Looking For?

Piedmont Technical College offers a host of courses that are designed to transfer back to your college or university. Here are the top 20 courses students like you are taking during the summer at PTC.

View The Top 20 Courses

Course Number


Credit Hours

ACC 101

Accounting Principles I


ACC 102

Accounting Principles II


ART 101

Art History & Appreciation


BIO 101

Biological Science I


ECO 210



ECO 211



ENG 201

American Literature I


MAT 120

Probability and Statistics


MAT 130

Elementary Calculus


MAT 140

Analytical Geometry and Calculus I


MAT 141

Analytical Geometry and Calculus II


MAT 240

Analytical Geometry and Calculus III


MAT 242

Differential Equations


PHY 201

Physics I


PHY 202

Physics II


PSY 201

General Psychology


SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology


SPA 101

Elementary Spanish I


SPA 102

Elementary Spanish II


SPC 205

Public Speaking


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