Student Employment Services

The mission of Student Employment Services is to provide opportunities for connections between students who are seeking jobs and companies that are seeking employees. 

All current and former PTC students can take advantage of these services, although current students in their final semesters and recent graduates are given top priority. Sessions on how to begin the job search are available by calling (864) 941-8377.

The Job Search Process

Step # 1:  Getting started

Professional counselors and computerized assistance are available free of charge to help students analyze their skills, interests, values, personality traits and needs.

Step # 2:  Exploring different careers

Once you know your strengths, you need to find a career path that matches with the personal strengths that you discovered in step one and research the availability of jobs in that field.

Step # 3:  Getting experience

Sometimes a diploma is not enough to land the job of your dreams.  Experience gained from student activities, volunteering, part-time jobs and internships can give you a competitive edge.

Step # 4:  Preparing to make a good impression

You form a first impression before you even meet the person who has the power to give you the job you want.  Make sure that your resume and other job search documents are polished and professional.  Thorough preparation is also the best way to calm your nerves and ace your job interview.

Step # 5:  Finding employers who are hiring

Everyone knows about the “Help Wanted” section of the local newspaper’s classified advertisements.  However, there are many other ways to find jobs that are perhaps more efficient. If you submit a completed application for employment services, the counselors at the Student Success Center may be able to notify you about positions that are not published at Jobs at a Glance.

Step # 6:  Continuing your education

Perhaps you plan to transfer to a four-year institution after completing your degree at Piedmont Technical College.  This link will help you make sure you are ready to tackle the second stage of your education as soon as you have your diploma from PTC.

Step # 7:  Keeping in touch with Piedmont Technical College

Not only do we like to hear from our former students, we must complete a graduate outcome report for the state government each year.  So, find that exciting new job or enroll in a new school, and then let us know about it!  This form will only take a couple minutes to complete.