Digital Rendering and Gaming Development Certificate

This certificate will offer training and preparation for career opportunities in entry-level positions in the fast-growing Digital Rendering, Game Development, and Multimedia fields.

Industry standard software and equipment will be used to provide exposure to Digital Gaming technology, game design process, animation, computer graphics and multimedia design subjects.

Required Courses

Courses Credit Hours
ARV 110 Computer Graphics I. 3.0
ARV 120 Drawing 3.0
ARV 121 Design 3.0
ARV 123 Composition and Color 3.0
ARV 124 Sequential Drawing 3.0
ARV 125 Drawing for Animators 3.0
ARV 222 Computer Animation 3.0
CPT 160 Digital Vector Graphics I 3.0
CPT 161 Introduction to Digital Raster Graphics II 3.0
CPT 288 Computer Game Development 3.0
Subtotal 30.0
Total Credit Hours 30.0


Program Student Learning Outcomes

Purpose Statement

The student will use current industry standard equipment and software in developing technical skills such as character development, basic animation and drawing techniques, image editing and presentation techniques, and implementation of developing technologies as applies to Gaming Development.

Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Demonstrate the ability to use design techniques in creating various character models in both 2D and 3D environments.

2.  Recognize and describe the design software tools and procedures.

3.  Conceptualize, Design, and Create standalone game design elements as assigned.

4.  Demonstrate the ability to organize, archive, and retrieve data using current computer technologies. 

Advisement Information

Program notes

The best time to start this program is fall, however students can start any semester if they have the required prerequisites for the classes they want to take. Note that even though many ARV classes have no prerequisites, a very good grasp of basic computer use and navigation along with basic verbal, grammar and spelling skills are required for success in this curriculum.

Some level of proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite is highly recommended. 

Students may wish to use this certificate to fulfill requirements for the Associate in Occupational Technology degree, with a major in General Technology.

It is strongly recommended that developmental or transitional classes be taken first.

Students will be responsible for obtaining a quality digital single lens reflex or mirrorless camera, a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products, and access to a color printer. The instructor will provide details as necessary.

Several investments must be made for a future in commercial arts, including a computer, a specialized digital single lens reflex or mirrorless camera, portable external hard drives, jump drives, etc.

Notes about individual classes

No English class is required for completion of this certificate; however, good verbal, grammar and spelling skills are necessary for success in this field.

Graduation Plans

2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021 Semester-by-Semester Graduation Plans

Digital Rendering and Gaming Development Certificate (ARV5) - Fall Start

To obtain a graduation plan for students beginning this program in Spring or Summer semesters, please contact Kendall Adams.


You can find the name of your assigned academic advisor by reviewing Degree Works or your Class Schedule.  To learn more about advising visit the Advising webpage.

The Program Director for this certificate is Kendall Adams.

Please e-mail to submit advising information updates and corrections.

Advisement Information updated/reviewed 4/2020