Earn College Credit Before You Finish High School

Transferable credits earned by Dual Enrollment students can add up to thousands of dollars in savings and shorten the time it takes for you to complete your degree after high school. With zero dollar tuition, now is the best time to get started.

Why Dual Enrollment?

Whether you’re taking classes at your high school or on a Piedmont Technical College campus, you’ll get both high school and college credit in PTC’s Dual Enrollment classes. Unlike other advanced credit programs in which your college credits depend on how well you take a test, Dual Enrollment students can be sure their work will count toward their studies when they’re ready to apply to college.

Depending on the path you choose for Dual Enrollment, there are even more benefits beyond getting a head start on your bachelor's degree. 

Cost savings

College tuition is getting more and more expensive these days. For the freshman and sophomore years, the costs at some of South Carolina's public colleges and universities can be over $20,000—just for tuition and fees. And that doesn't include room and board, spending money or any of the other costs associated with attending college.

So it's good to know there are options to make it more affordable. PTC Dual Enrollment students can now take classes tuition-free

Start Training for a Career

Get started on the path to a great career now. Your school district and Piedmont Technical College are working together with businesses in the area to give you a jump start on a rewarding career. The courses offered through our Career Quick Start  program will prepare you for work in a critical workforce area of your choice.

Through our program, you can take the first steps and, in several cases, complete industry-recognized credentials while you’re still in high school. Plus, your coursework will easily transfer into related majors if you attend Piedmont Tech after graduating from high school.  

Build your academic profile

Admissions requirements get more and more competitive every year. Taking college courses while still in high school can show admissions officers how serious you are about your studies. Plus, if you choose to participate in our OnDECK program, you'll get the experience of taking classes on campus in a collegiate environment. So, you'll be more prepared to succeed at the college level when you enroll.

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Class Formats

There are four key ways to get ahead with Dual Enrollment at PTC.

Traditional Dual Enrollment Classes

Typical Dual Enrollment courses are taken at your high school with a high school instructor. Students may earn high school Carnegie Units and college credit, too. 

OnDECK classes

OnDECK classes are designed for students to earn high school Carnegie Units and college credit at the same time but are offered on a PTC campus. These classes are available to students in public, private or home school associations. 

Middle College

Our Middle College program is a partnership between PTC and certain school districts that allows high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn 48+ college credit hours over the course of their high school career. Students should check with their high school regarding the availability and details of this special program.

Early Admission

Early admission is available for students looking to earn credit through PTC but not through their high school. 

Tuition and Fees

Dual Enrollment at Piedmont Technical College is designed to be affordable to all students.

  • South Carolina residents taking at least 6 credit hours in a semester (generally at least two classes), at their high school, on our campus, or online, will attend tuition-free.
  • Students taking less than 6 credit hours on a PTC campus or online will attend at a standard tuition rate of $150/credit hour.

Those students who are taking less than 6 credit hours at their high school or career center taught by a district employee will attend at $50/credit hour.

Note: The above rates are subject to the availability of Lottery Tuition Assistance funds for those students who qualify. PTC is able to pass along these savings to students due to the availability of State financial aid.

Ready to get started?

Talk with your high school guidance counselor and complete the online application process. For more information, you can also contact PTC's Dual Enrollment Office at (864) 941-8315.

“They were challenging classes, but the hands-on training was doing exactly what I’m going to do on the job."

Austin Francis
Dual Enrollment, Mechatronics, Clinton High School

“I decided to take dual enrollment classes because I wanted to get the college experience and get credit while I’m in it.”

Hector Ortiz
Dual Enrollment, Saluda High School