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In addition to the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science, Piedmont Technical College offers a very wide range of transfer options to students who'd like to pursue a bachelor's degree, including Bridge Programs, specific transfer paths for career-related associate degrees and more.

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Zenovia Rayford

Bridge Programs Major
Graduation Date: May 2010

Rayford encourages students looking to earn a bachelor’s degree to begin small. “There is so much you need to know before you enter college,” she said. “By starting at Piedmont Tech, you get your foot in the door and gain that experience that will help make you successful at a larger school.”

Bridge Programs at PTC:

What are the Benefits?

Starting coursework at Piedmont Tech can be beneficial for students who ultimately want to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university for a variety of reasons. PTC’s bridge agreements are designed to make your transition from PTC to a four-year college as seamless as possible and to increase your likelihood of success once you’re enrolled at your chosen institution.

Seamless Transfer Experience

Most Bridge Programs involve an array of services offered by the destination school while you're still taking classes at PTC. These services are designed to improve your transition when you transfer. Some of these services include:

  • Admissions counseling
  • Financial-aid education
  • Major and career counseling
  • Assistance from student mentors
  • Priority registration for some residence halls
  • Invitations to special events

Cost Savings and Convenience

If you complete a portion of your education here, you'll save thousands in tuition costs and fees. And with lots of financial aid options and a tuition payment plan, we work to make higher education affordable for everyone.

Plus, with seven locations, chances are that you'll be able to take many of your courses close to home to save on housing and commuting costs. Our extensive selection of online courses make getting your start at Piedmont Tech even more convenient.