In today’s global business environment, opportunities are limitless for those with the right mix of leadership, organizational and teambuilding skills. If you’re a good communicator who enjoys solving problems, a career in business might be right for you.

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Anita Murphy

Anita Murphy

Business Major
Graduation Date: May 2002

Anita Murphy enrolled at Piedmont Tech with the intention of pursuing a degree in computers. But an accounting class changed her life.

Accounting and management are just a few of the many areas that a business major at Piedmont Tech will prepare you to pursue. By carefully selecting appropriate electives, Piedmont Technical College’s business students can tailor their education to a specific area of business, or cross-train in multiple disciplines for a fuller understanding. 

Career Information

Career Tracks

Opportunities in the field of business are good, from sales, to accounting, to office management. PTC offers several different concentrations for business majors.

Entry-level Positions

  • Office manager
  • Assistant office manager
  • General office worker
  • Sales Representative
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Office Manager
  • Typist
  • Office Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative

For more information about careers, visit Career Onestop for an overview of South Carolina and National earnings statistics, and Piedmont Technical College's Career Tracks page for more in-depth information about this program.

Additional Program Information

Transfer Opportunities

Transfer opportunities, through both our general transfer curriculum or specific agreements, exist for those who’d like to continue their studies with a bachelor’s degree.

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Phi Beta Lambda