Policies & Procedures

General Policies

  1. Every student is entitled to ONE FREE HOUR OF TUTORING PER WEEK.
  2. ALL tutoring sessions MUST be arranged through the Tutoring Coordinator except under the following condition:
  3. There are other ways to receive additional help. These ways include:
    • A student may join another session in the same course already set up. The consent by both tutor and student is necessary to carry out this option.
    • With some of the more technical courses, it may be necessary to contact a specific instructor, coordinator, department head, or peer advisor assigned to a specific curriculum.
    • Coordinators and instructors in the developmental lab areas often schedule open-lab hours for drop-in assistance in reading, study habits, writing, and math skills. In addition, computerized tutorials in some areas are available in the Teaching and Learning Center. The library also has video tapes for some courses. 
    • Student Support Services, a federal grant program on campus, as part of a comprehensive package of services, contracts with The Tutoring Center to provide further tutoring to those who qualify and are accepted into the program. Student Support Services offices are located in the Administrative building.
  4. Students can only get one free hour of tutoring per week. Student Support Services students may receive an additional three hours per week.
  5. If a student is absent without notice from a requested and agreed upon session, the student will be dropped from the tutoring schedule until he/she meets with the Tutoring Coordinator to explain the absence or pay a penalty fee.