Location: Center Advanced Manufacturing
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    Oct 5 2022 | W | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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SMED (also known as Quick Changeover) began as a technique to reduce die press machines set up time. Today this tool is commonly used to reduce all types of machinery changeover time in any industry. The principles taught in this class will teach participants how to properly collect data of the current changeovers, analyze and prioritize opportunities for improvement, implement solutions, and document the improved process. During the course, participants will learn about the main steps to conducting a SMED event, which include: -Team selection -Measurement of current changeover -Techniques and strategies -Data collection and analysis -Identify internal and external elements -Conversion of possible internal elements to external elements -Eliminate or streamline all elements -Remove useless operations -Simplify fittings, connections and the tightening process -Suppress adjustments and trials -Tool organization -Documentation and implementation Participants will also participate in a hands-on simulation, where they will learn how to apply the tools and methodology to a simulated setup.

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