Date Posted: May 30, 2024

Deadline: July 30, 2024

Organization: DDSN Whitten Regional Center

Location: Laurens

City: Clinton

Website: View Website

Job Type: Full Time Part Time

Wages/Salary: $35,360.00 - $40,560.00 Annually


A high school diploma or GED. Requires certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant.    

Job Description:

 Works in medically fragile units under direct supervision, responsible for providing assistance to the professional staff. Delivers direct care to persons with intellectual disabilities and special needs in an ICF-IID (Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disability) setting, ensuring consumer comfort and safety. Complies with all written rules and regulations as outlined by SC DDSN policies and procedures. SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Provides basic consumer care under the direction of nursing staff. Performs duties such as feed, bathe, dress, groom, or move individuals, or change linens. May transfer or transport consumers. Ensures safety and care of individuals with disabilities. 

 1. Provides physical support to assist consumers to perform daily living activities, such as transfers, eating, drinking, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, standing, walking, or exercising. Applies durable medical equipment, such as slings, stockings, or support bandages, under the direction of a nurse or physician. Responsible for turning and repositioning individuals. 
 2. Reviews consumer's dining plan to ensure the appropriate consistency/diet is served at all meals. Ensures consumers take nutritional supplements. Measures and records food and liquid intake/output reports changes to medical or nursing staff. Records vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, or respiration rate, as directed by medical or nursing staff. Examines consumers to detect issues requiring medical care, such as wounds, bruises, or blood in the urine. 
 3.Reviews information from nurses and/or physicians about the consumer's condition, behavioral support plan(s), or other appropriate activities. Observes and/or examines consumers to detect symptoms that may require medical attention. Documents or otherwise reports observations of consumer behavior, complaints, or physical symptoms to nurses. 
 4. Cleans and sanitizes consumers' rooms, bathrooms, and common areas. Changes bed linens and/or makes beds. Restocks consumer rooms with personal hygiene items, such as towels, washcloths, soap, or toilet paper. Stocks or issues medical supplies, such as dressing packs or treatment trays. Ensures consumer rooms, closets and dressers are neat and organized. 
 5.Stays up to date on CNA training and facility policy and procedure. Performs other duties as assigned. 

1st shift: 6:45 am - 3:15 pm / 2nd shift: 2:45 pm - 11:15 pm / 3rd shift: 10:45 pm - 7:15 am. This position is eligible to earn overtime according to the Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines. Covered nonexempt employees must receive overtime pay for hours worked over 40 per workweek at a rate not less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay.
Contact Name:
Gwendolyn Harrison
Contact Phone Number: 864-938-3145
Application Process:
Online applications must be submitted at You must include ALL current and previous work history and education.
Employer Address:

28373 Hwy 76E
Clinton, SC 29325
United States

Our organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.