Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: July 30, 2016

Organization: MRT Recruiters

City: South Carolina

Website: View Website

Wages/Salary: Depends on experience


Job Requirements:
? Ability as a machinist/toolmaker ? both manual and CNC Machine Tools.
? Set up and operate of various vertical mills 4 & 5 axles to manufacture parts for the Die Casting Industry
? Knowledge of current cutting tool technology, limitations and effective application.
? Have the ability to problem solve.
? Must be able to communicate with team members effectively.
? Strong interpersonal skills.
? Ability to work with minimal supervision.
? Desire to learn and advance as the shop requires
? Ability to read, understand and interpret Blueprints, etc.
? Understanding of part/print tolerances how best to achieve
? Effects of heat treat and other processes, ability to plan part process for effective execution and highest quality
? CNC Machine Specific ability to include:
? Assembly and setup tooling required
? Select and install work-holding, vises, etc.
? Set Work Offsets, Tool Offsets, Etc...
? Understanding of G-Code program to a high level, ability to write, edit, load programs, etc.
? Inspect parts produced to verify accuracy, etc.
? Ability to set target goals for time to produce a part, operation, etc.
? Strive to meet or exceed targets.

Job Description:

This position requires a minimum of 5 years in the machining industry with varied experience. Must be a proficient machinist on Manual and CNC machines in the tool shop. Must have efficient skills and techniques and be open to in-house methods and processes. Master CAM knowledge is helpful, and must be able to self-educate when necessary. Must have excellent print reading along with good organizational skills, with some office/computer skills. The environment is fast paced, due to short lead times and multiple product/projects with parallel time lines. The Machinist would report to the Shop Lead. The Shop Lead trains all incoming employees and monitors their progress.

Depends on the Company
Contact Name:
Jason Pollock
Application Process:
Emailed resume