Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: June 12, 2009

Organization: Prysmian Cables and Systems USA, LLC

City: Abbeville

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Wages/Salary: Wage range: Starting rate $13.10/hr to top rate of $17.45/hr


Ability to utilize SOP's, TI's and CDA's as resource documents
Ability to effectively understand the concept of the CV line operation and produce a quality product
Ability to utilize measuring equipment as necessary (example OD tapes, electronic measuring instruments, tension gauges)
Ability to utilize computer system for various applications as required
Hazardous Waste Training
Ability to read and write demonstrated by the manner in which employee completed the application form.
Demonstrated (on-the-job) mathematical ability to perform necessary calculations and measurements.
Ability to move large reels weighing Min. 50 pounds - Max. 75 pounds
Ability to stand 8 hours per 8/hour shift on concrete floor
Ability to sit operating fork lift 8 hours per 8/hour shift
Ability to bend/stoop to floor level 30 times per 8 hour shift
Ability to read cable identification markings as required
Ability to push/roll reels weighing 100 - 10,000 Lbs. as required
Ability to climb two flights of stairs 4-8 times during a 8/hour shift

Job Description:

Operator is responsible for operation of plastic extrusion equipment via interaction with a computer touch screen. Environment is fast paced and successful candidates possess ability to multi-task monitoring equipment profiles, product quality, and make quick lodical decision based upon available data.

2 positions available - shifts not determined
Contact Name:
Steve Moize
Application Process:
Acceptable application methods; Preferred - apply at local SC Unemployment One Stop locations. Acceptable - mailed resumes to address above or e-mail resumes to e-mail above (reference Piedmont Tech as information source)