Date Posted: November 4, 2020

Deadline: May 3, 2016

Organization: STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Department of Transportation-District 2

City: Anderson County

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Wages/Salary: STATE SALARY RANGE: $38,703.00 - $71,608.00 Annually AGENCY HIRING RANGE - MIN: $56,070.00 AGENCY HIRING RANGE - MAX: $71,608.00


A bachelor's degree in engineering and two (2) years of entry-level engineering work experience;
or a bachelor's degree in engineering technology and four (4) years of entry-level engineering
work experience; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human
Resources Regulations.
A valid Motor Vehicle Operator's License.

Job Description:

Supervises Resident Maintenance Foreman and maintenance personnel, including maintenance
repair shop, equipment, and materials on projects and routine daily maintenance operations
involving repair work to ensure a safe roadway for the traveling public in Anderson County.
Interviews, hires, coaches and disciplines employees as necessary. Prepares EPMS for Resident
Maintenance Foreman and acts as reviewing officer on reviews of foreman. Responds to
emergency calls twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. Serves as Assistant Resident
Maintenance Engineer as required. Assists Resident Maintenance Engineer in investigating public
complaints, damage claims and recommends them for payment or denial. Monitors progress of
crews completing work orders in a timely manner. Ensures maintenance work performed meets
Department's Guidelines, Policies and Directives. Assists Resident Maintenance Engineer in
maintenance activities involving complex highway construction work on primary and secondary
roadways to remedy defects, prepares cost estimates, correspondence and reports. Assists with
compilation and preparation of data for resurfacing program, CTC and State ( Federal and Non-
Federal Aid resurfacing) and represents the department at the local County Transportation
Committee Meetings and other public and /or governmental meetings as required. Inspects
conditions of all SCDOT facilities and properties in Anderson county including right-of-way, shop
yards, office buildings, Rest Area buildings and grounds, storage buildings, section sheds and
grounds. Handles necessary repairs immediately by contacting appropriate personnel to correct
deficiencies found on the site. Works with business and private citizens in general to get illegal
signs removed from highway right-of-way. This requires going out and determining which signs
need removing, finding and notifying owner by letter or by phone requesting removal of sign.
Follows up to ensure illegal sign has been removed from right-of-way. Performs other duties as
directed by supervisor. Assists Resident Maintenance Engineer with management review and
progress towards the business plan as it pertains to the goals set by the Director of Maintenance.
Prepares, monitors and updates drainage plan to ensure proposed roadways recommended for
paving are preped before construction moves in to resurface roadway. Prepares , monitors and
updates sign plan to ensure all SCDOT roadways have been up dated with high intensity signs by
2012 and no sign is older than 10 years. Assists Resident Maintenance Engineer with compiling
information necessary to submit maintenance projects. Ensures maintenance personnel submit
complete and accurate monthly mileage reports in a timely manner. Ensures compliance with
environmental guidelines and policies on maintenance projects and shop yard.

Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)
Contact Name:
Wanda Day
Application Process:
Apply online and fully complete all sections of the application. A resume may be provided, but
will not substitute for completing any section of the application. Accurately respond to all
Supplemental Questions since they are part of your official application and are used to initially
screen applicants. Candidates must present documentation of their attainment of college
degree(s) at the time of interview. Documentation must be either an official or unofficial copy of
the college transcript or Letter of Verification of Degree from the Institution's Registrar's Office.
If the candidate selected for the position provided an unofficial copy, it must be replaced with an
official copy no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the effective date of employment.
Failure to provide documentation within the required time frame will result in termination of